In Round Discussion (Fuck This Game Edition)

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*I looked a whole lot worse*

Yep. I hate this game. Rage away in the comments, I’m going to cower in a corner for the next week. Happy festive season!

Me looking at my team this week – 2 red cards, 5 red flags, 13 points from 8 players.

47 comments on “In Round Discussion (Fuck This Game Edition)

  1. templetontherat

    Chambers sent off, Aguero subbed, this round is starting off great. Hazard and Azpilcueta did stuff all as well. Going to be tumbling down this week I am afraid

  2. Hero

    It can turn to shit terribly quickly. On 28 with 2 to play. My brief stay In the top 10k looks like it ended after not even a week lol

  3. MattyZach

    Holy crap.. Austin, Chambers, Fabregas. Steven Taylor, Neil Taylor (carry over from last week) all suspended. Plus Aguero in my side. Wow how fickle it is. I was up and flying till this week.

  4. toasted1961

    17 points from 6. I don’t feel that bad now. We need a good discussion about Aguero. I dont have Costa so that makes it easier. What other options are there? I have Austin as well but I will bench him for one week. Same with Chambers. Good thing I have 2 FTs.

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Honestly, I am not interested in a single option available. Rooney, meh. Lukaku, no. Cheap forward, no. Yaya Toure… Eugh. I’m praying it’s not serious, but I’m holding onto faint hope. I’ll probably do an analysis midweek.

      • Shaun Curnow

        Yaya mate get on! He’s back!!

        Agree wouldn’t touch Rooney, same as Costa don’t touch him. He’s so overpriced it’s not funny. Look at his last 8 weeks, horrible. The “premium” forwards are waste of money.

          • Shaun Curnow

            Over last 4 weeks they are pretty impressive though! I reckon we had this debate over him all last season aswell haha 🙂

  5. Tom

    23 from 8 – could be worse…

    On another note I’m struggling to decide on how to approach the Aguero conundrum, what to do with all the spare money?!

  6. HeavyMen

    I feel the pain!

    11 from 6 with Pelle, Benteke, Sigi, Cressie & Bertrand to come

    Forster a somewhat fortunate 6 pts, Chambers -2, Chadli 1, Hazard 2, Aguero (c) 2 & Byod 2

    What an complete & utter cluster fuck!

  7. Rohan K

    i took a huge risk in captaining austin. though it paid off when it seemed he will take 4+3+2+ 3 bonus and I will jump up with captain scoring 24. but not to be red card and no bonus 🙁

  8. Bio Eden Hazard

    So guys are we holding on to Aguero or selling before his price decreases…I wouldn’t mind having Rooney in my team. Also is Gibbs really nailed on for Arsenal? Gotta get rid of Chambers…

  9. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    9 from 5, of course Dawson had to choose the week I play him and West Brom keep a clean sheet all in the same week he doesnt play :/

  10. Bill kelly

    I was the special one last week this week Kenny fecking Jackett 2 sent off captain leaves the field after 2 mins

  11. Bio Eden Hazard

    40 final score. I guess I got lucky with Hutton scoring a sneaky goal…Traded Aguero and Chambers for Roonpig and Clichy…

  12. Dan

    Only my 3rd yr playing, but by far the most carnage I’ve witnessed in one GW. Im on 28(-4) with just Bertrand to come. Most annoyingly have Yun and Ameobi in first 2 bench spots with 6 pts each (which would be my equal top scorers)

    Now have to deal with Fabianski, Chambers, Austin with RCs and of course Aguero. Plus also have Duff who will probably miss again and still have Krul. Am thinking Fabianski>Pantilimon and then Aguero>either Rooney or Benteke…though depending on he goes tonight I may consider RVP as a differential.

  13. brandonpietie

    Sad statistic… Almost ALL players got more points than Aguero and Costa combined lol. Im on 23 with 2 to play.. Come on Rooooooondog and Wanyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama. Hoping for like a 14-13 game tonight lol

  14. kingcolesy

    I usually like to choose players with easiest fixtures(to aid their shitty performances) so that looks like Lukaku is his replacement for me T_T otherwise Bony is a hot contender who is bringing in the points, then theres the spill money option of Rooney.

  15. Who?

    Which Belgian striker – Lukaku or Benteke? I already have Rooney and Costa and I have three Swansea players already, so no Bony. Any other options?

  16. Josh

    I got lucky this week and scored 40 (literally brought in Hutton this week – THANK GOD!!!) but still had a horror with Aguero among others flopping harder than an erection at Oktoberfest.

    So…. Is it time for a “when to play the wildcard” article because I’ll be honest, I’m feeling fairly trigger happy on the idea right now.

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