Studs Up – GW14/15

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One of the problems with us all rising as one is that when it goes pear shaped we all fall too! I picked a great week to combine a Studs Up because it really was a complete contrast of fortunes. After the midweek GW14 we were all pretty chipper about our FPL lives, but after GW15 there are some looking at the delete button! Just sit tight, don’t do anything crazy… There’s still a long way to go. The January Wildcard would be handy right about now however!


* Brenda’s been playing FPL too by the looks *


Crisitunity! Ok, so it’s happened. No use crying over it. Aguero is out for a spell. In all fairness we’ve been fortunate he hasn’t missed any games thus far with his injury record. It does however open up some options for us over at City in the mid priced striker options… You would think Dzeko walks into the team but Jovetic is also a shout and at 8.1m and 7.8m respectively we have some value to play with. But, Dzeko has only just come back from a decent injury layoff, and Jovetic missed this week with a minor leg injury. And they have a do or die Champions League game midweek to get injured in. But… They have Leicester (a), Palace (h), West Brom (a), Burnley (h) and Sunderland (h) in the next 5 which has heaps of goal potential. So many factors to consider… This is where the top managers come out to play and make the right decisions. I still don’t know what I’m doing so don’t bother asking me!

GW14. Remember back in the good old days when Aguero was our captain pumping out 32 point games? Azpi knocked off 12? Hazard, Sanchez 9. Chambers 8. We were all posting scores like 70, 80, or even some 90s? Yeah that was less than a week ago. A heap of us rocketed up the rankings last week and I guess we need to keep in mind one thing… Those sort of weeks should be treasured because the FPL gods are a bunch of arseholes.

Defence! Not really a sexy topic but one that has to be discussed occasionally. GW15 saw an unprecedented (for this season anyway) 8 cleansheets. Not many of them were down to good defending, more so poor finishing so trends are still hard to pin down this season. Good example is the Spurs Palace game having 30 shots on goal… If we were to stretch for some trends, Liverpool actually pop up with some green lights. 3 cleansheets from their last 4 home games and a decent defensive effort this week against Sunderland had me putting a little thought into them. Until I saw their upcoming fixtures… Arsenal threw away all their good work of recent games with Stoke putting three past them. Chelsea looked a little off their game at the back, although much could be put down to a missing Matic, and they should bounce back to their tight ways this week. Newcastle, as suspected, have fallen off in their defensive efforts which directly coincided with the loss of Krul. If I’ve learnt anything so far, is that there’s nothing to learn. There are no regularly good defences. Outside of maybe Chelsea and up until recently Southampton, most teams will go on a short, unsustainable run of cleansheets then go back leaking.

Honourable mentions. My rapidly developing football crush on Yannick Bolasie. Jon Walters smashing it off the radar. Joey Barton trying prevent his opposite number getting a yellow card. Ramsey warming up to his old form?


* Noooooooo *


Tales of woe. We’ve all got a story to tell of GW15… Here’s mine. Aguero, obviously. But also Rob Elliot went off injured too, meaning the Krul/Elliot keeper choice was a poor one, albeit slightly unlucky. How often does a club’s top two keepers go down injured!?! Then Chambers getting redded to provide a helpful score of -2. Potential replacement in my team, Steven Taylor also gets redded and scored -1. Other potential replacement is Duff who’s still injured. So, two available defenders for next week, and no keepers! Nice.

It was all yellow… The yellow cards are starting to mount up with Fabregas the latest FPL relevant player set to miss. Might be time to visit what the rules actually are, because the last thing you want to do is trade in a player who then gets rubbed out. It’s well known that 5 yellows means an immediate 1 game ban, some may not know that once the calendar ticks over to January 1 that goes out the window and they can afford to get up to 10 by mid-April. So who is in the firing line? For those on 4 cards, it’s not actually too bad. There’s quite a few teams with Naismith, Kompany, Schneiderlin, Janmaat and Shawcross who will miss soon. Plus potential trades Yaya and maybe Skrtel are in that boat too. Looking ahead to those on 3 cards; Hutton, Boyd, Ivanovic, Jedinak, Sterling, Clyne, Wanyama, Dier, Eriksen and Williams might miss a game before 2014 is out.

Relevant reds. Austin. Chambers. Taylor. Fabianski. All were stupid and unprofessional… And highly fantasy relevant.

Honourable mentions. We’re all pretty down at the moment so I’ll leave it there.

Ryan Bennett Award – Mauricio Isla. Had this bloke in my team for big chunks of the preaseason, and have really no idea why. This was one of those lucky cleansheets. It’s really a mystery how Burnley didn’t score. Trips to Everton and Arsenal in the next three won’t be as clean. One of the slowest defences in the EPL may get torn a new one, or two.

Jonjo Shelvey Award – Leroy Fer. Keep an eye on Fer. He’s got all the tools to be a really good player… Not top, top but just really good. He will at some stage put it together and turn into something similar to a poor man’s Yaya Toure. I just don’t think it will be at QPR.

Jamie Vardy Award – Peter Crouch. In hindsight this award should really have been called the Peter Crouch Award. Enough said.

Go on, it’s your turn now… Make some of us feel a little better and tell us your own tales of woe below? And obviously what are we to do with Kun…

45 comments on “Studs Up – GW14/15

  1. viper086

    Likes: Hutton – Cracking run and cracking goal from a defender. Saved me from a a bad score being a really bad score!

    Dislike: Pelle – Of course the week i trade him out he bangs one in after not getting near it for 5 weeks!

    What to do with aguero will be the big question for the week. RVP has popped up as an option and a serious POD, he looked really good this morning and seems to be playing for his life with Falcao waiting on the pine. So many mid price options with Bony, Benteke, Dzeko, Jovetic all putting their hands up

  2. James Ford

    courtois -6, chambers -5 from early matches in the yahoo format, mirallas 3, rooney 1 in the later matches. fortunate for fabregas, costa, toure, benteke for not making me waive the white flag. still 2nd in my friends league somehow. any updates on walcott’s return, silva’s return, kompany’s return, w city’s run and schedule i may stack them! also how does chambers fit in w debuchy back? lastly, rest of season back up, szczesny or howard? ramsey or erikson? cabella or lamela? (yahoo) any and all help! you guys have the best write ups and have guided me to 2nd in my first year playing, but i still have work to do! thanks.

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Thanks James!!!

      I’m not across any of those injuries unfortunately, that’s why we employ Nick!

      I would hasten to say Chambers’ minutes might be scaled back when Debuchy is fit. He has been playing some big game time for a 19 year old… Long term, Szczesny, Ramsey and Lamela.

  3. nburk53

    Great stuff Baysie! With all this carnage I’m absolutely stoked I held my transfer last week and I’ve got two free ones this week! Too bad I’ve already used them plus another for a -4! Haha – oh the carnage

  4. Jack

    Great article. I had an absolute Barry Crocker this week, was inside the top 3k but dropped to just outside the top 6- only players who got over 3pts were Alexis and Pelle. Had Aguero (C) but Sigurdsson, Chambers, Welbeck and others just didn’t deliver (plus I had Hutton on the bench which added insult to injury).

    Lucky I’ve got 2 FT’s this week so looking to either go Aguero/Barkley(Don’t ask) to Bony/Hazard or Rooney/Oscar. Thoughts on which one you prefer? Also what are your feelings on Dzeko?

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Thanks Jack!

      Don’t worry I had Barkley up until last week… Bony/Hazard would be better but it’s 100% vanilla.

      I don’t mind Dzeko, he’ll be fed a decent amount of chances but is a little erratic. If Jovetic is fit I’d nearly prefer him…

  5. bill2k

    39, wow…………..

    Could of been worse, I played Chester this week to save a trade and his 8 saved some face along with old mate Downing.

    So Fabianski, Fábregas, Krul, Duff and Agüero all out and i really have no idea what to do.
    So current team is as follows

    Fabianski (Krul)
    Clyne, Cahill, Taylor (Swansea) (Duff, Chester)
    Fabregas, Barkley, Sigurdsson, Downing (Boyd)
    Pelle, Aguero, Rooney

    I have 2 trades with 1.4 in the bank.
    Was thinking play Boyd for Fab,bring in Costa and Foster for Fabianski and Aguero. Thoughts?

    • baysietoff Post Author

      39! Lucky bugger haha.

      Boyd has been pretty really well the past few so it’s a reasonably safe short term pick. Some ideas for the other two… Foster is ok, Pantilimon is another option (3 cleanies in 4 games with fair fixtures) and cheaper. Costa is a tough one though. He hasn’t been playing particularly well for a while. You’re taking a punt on him turning it all around this week… I have him, and think he will for the record. An option could be going down a level to a striker around 8m and upgrading someone like Barkley.

      • bill2k

        Yeah Costa is a tough one but I can just him smacking in 2 or 3 against Hull and if I don’t pick him up I may regret it.

        Barkley is a funny one, in the last few weeks he has been involved in every good bit of build up play but its just not converting to points.

        I’m worries if i downgrade Aguero i will end up using his cash and unable to get him back (happens to me every season lol)

        Other option in to bring in Sanchez for Fab, play Boyd and just go with the 2 strikers. This game really does shit me lol

        • Bio Eden Hazard

          As far as your goalkeeper is concerned I would say Guzan and Pantilimon are good shouts. I would get Costa or Bony to replace Aguero…I tend to play safe so probably Costa even though Bony is in good form (have both at the moment)

        • baysietoff Post Author

          Barkley is definitely a strange case. I did a paragraph several weeks ago raising concerns he was an “assist to the assister” type of player who creates the chance for someone else to create a chance. Bit like Wilshere when he plays up the pitch… The hope was that he actually learns to start playing the final ball, or get his shots on target. Seems he’s done neither well enough! Yet… He does connect well with Lukaku though.

  6. Bio Eden Hazard

    Let’s not panic guys! Everybody’s suffering from red cards/injuries plus Aguero’s absence actually opens up a lot of opportunities for differentials! I played “safe” (= expensive option) and went for Rooney. Also got Clichy as a Chambers replacement, City’s fixtures are just too good

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Excellent post.

      There really are heaps of options out there for those who want to play the non-safe, POD way… Personally I’m really putting time into Carroll. I waited a few games last season for him to get into form and he paid off (until he got injured again). If he stays safe he can dominate some more games like Sunday (Sunderland and Leicester coming). Or waiting for the City CL game to see what happens to Dzeko and Jovetic.

      • Bio Eden Hazard

        Cheers Baysie! Jovetic had a few great games at the beginning of the season and made me a lot of points. I think he’s an interesting punt if fit!

        • viper086

          i went chambers to clichy also. They have an amazing run coming up. My aguero trade will be for Dzeko or Jovetic. Leaning Jovetic at the moment but i seem to remember Dzeko banging a fair few in last season when aguero didn’t play. Anyone got the stats on who scores when aguero is out? really want to get yaya in the mixer as well but simply dont have enough trades or a wildcard!!!

          • Bio Eden Hazard

            From what I remember, Jovetic had a spectacular beginning of the season when Aguero wasn’t there

  7. Bailey

    Carnage galore for me! (Same as everyone). Now I have to trade Aguero, as everyone, I have Bony and Austin at the moment. I am thinking of getting Carroll, Sakho or Cisse for Austin, which one? And I don’t have Costa but am thinking of getting RVP as a POD, United have some good fixtures to come. And my other trade was going to be trade Chadli to Mirallas. Or I can trade Sanchez, who apparently has a groin problem because he’s not playing tomorrow morning, for Downing, and then trade Austin for Costa. So it comes down to which team you guys think is better:

    Option 1
    De Gea
    Clyne Hutton Baines
    Sigurdsson Sanchez Mirallas Hazard
    Bony Carroll/Sakho/Cisse Costa/RVP

    Krul Wanyama Dummett Chambers

    Option 2
    De Gea
    Clyne Hutton Baines
    Sigurdsson Walters/Bolasie Mirallas Hazard
    Bony Costa RVP

    Same bench.

    What are your thoughts guys? Really need help and it would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  8. Philip

    Like everyone else, I’ve got to replace Aguero this week. If salary is no object, who is preferred among RVP, Bony, Lukaku, and Dzeko? All have pretty good fixtures going forward. I can’t decide.

  9. mattcraigdt

    Brilliant of course Baysie. I’m avoiding midprice strikers like the plague, just tossing up between Rooney and Yaya Toure. It would be nice if we could get an exact date that players are leaving for the ACON!

  10. Dan

    Have done Aguero>RVP and Fabianski>Hart.
    Absolutely no bench this week so hopefully no one else goes down before the weekend

      • Dan

        Yeah I already have Costa. If I didn’t I’d probably pick him ahead of RVP given he’s a fair bit cheaper too. Take any advice from me with a grain of salt though, I scored 28 last GW 😉

  11. brandonpietie

    I have Costa, I have Rooney… Who is my Aguero replacement?
    Im thinking of doing Aguero > Dzeko and Brunt > Hazard or a City mid (But who?) Thoughts?

    • Bailey

      Walters could be a good option. Been pretty good the last few game weeks. You could also look at Jedinak, Milner, Fer or Bolasie. Or if u can afford Downing or Henderson. If you have 7m or so you could get Mirallas.

      • Bailey

        Oh no, the expensive options. If it were me I would get Ramsey. You could also look at Sanchez, Toure with penalty duties, Oscar, Silva when he returns from injury or you could get Mirallas as a cheaper option.

  12. theultimateandy

    So this is when we separate the men from the boys! Half the BPL is injured or suspended, including my hero and best buddy Kun! But at least Aguero frees up a lot of funds.

    Thinking of Aguero + one of my really shit defenders to Lukkaku or Bony / Clyne. Just can’t bring myself to bring in a SECOND mid priced striker alongside Benteke.

    I have Roondog, so theres space for Costa but City have a juicy run on the horizon. So possibly swap a mid for Yaya, but he’s been fairly shite so far this season, Dzeko’s had no game time. Jovetic and Silva are injured, so who’s left?? Milner?? Who the shit is Milner???

    We’re all doomed!!

  13. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Great stuff Baysie!
    I dont seem to have too many down and out, only Aguero and Chambers so Ill ride whatever luck I can get (pretty minimal keeping in mind my score this week… :/).

    Also, my soncerest apologies to you all. I traded and two GWs later he is out for 4 weeks! Soz :/ lol 🙂

  14. Maddog in the USA

    Why so Serious? Good write up baysie…..I see you took some of the bite out of it though, i was looking forward to it. Your sharp wit and relevancy made for a good coffee spewing morning. For kun i think I am going Mid price foward and bump up my back row.

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