The Captains – GW16

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Sorry for the late post, the cricket has been too good! Here are this weeks captaincy options, we’ve got some tough decisions to make with the loss of Aguero…

The Contenders:

If Everton was in top form, I’d be lining them up for the armband this week. QPR’s away form is nothing short of horrific, they are yet to even take a single point on the road!!! 7 away fixtures, 2 goals and 0 points. Baines must be considered seeing as QPR have failed to score in 5 of those 7 games, if you were to ever gamble captaining a defender this would be the one. Lukaku is a fair shout as well, but he is yet to score more than 1 in a game this season. I’m not sure the rewards are worth the risk.

I know we’re desperate for options this week, but I’d try to avoid midpricers like Bony, Benteke, Sakho and co. Stick with the premiums! Andy Carroll is probably the best shout of those guys, but we shouldn’t get carried away after 1 massive game. The red card helped, I’d be contempt with owning him as a POD. Pelle might also get a mention, but his form doesn’t warrant the armband.

Alexis Sanchez has lost his way over the past month, and will be hoping to rediscover his form at home to Newcastle. Pardew’s men have been extremely solid at the back, I can see this game being a tight contest. His form is the only thing stopping me from giving him the armband, if there was a top 5 he would be number 4.

Top 3:

1. Rooney/RVP – Just like last season, I will be splitting the pair as I’m sure nobody will own both. Man United come up against Liverpool at Old Trafford where they got smashed last season. I can see this game being the polar opposite. I am quite concerned that United’s form isn’t as good as their results show, but this game means a lot to them. If you’re going to pay 12.4 to get RVP in, you back him in. Simple as that. In Rooney’s case, I think he’s about as safe as anybody to gain some kind of attacking returns this week. He steps up in these big games and with his hot form, he’s a great option.

2. Costa – I have been putting blind faith in Costa recently, but his form is quite concerning. It’s hard to tell if he’s returned from those injury concerns at peak fitness, but Mourinho continues to back him in. The concerning part is his lack of assist work, and a constant struggle for bonus points. Having said that, Chelsea host an out of form Hull at Stamford Bridge. You’d be a brave soul to deny him at least a goal this weekend, he could go huge. I usually like to captain on form, but I think Costa deserves one more chance.

3. Toure – If you don’t feel comfortable with either of the above options, look no further than this man. I get the feeling he will step up for City with Aguero missing, surely they will have too much firepower for a struggling Leicester. if he scores, he is almost guaranteed full bonus points and double figures. He is a perfect example of the reward matching the risk, and you get the feeling it could pay off this week.

The Punt:

Hazard – If you want a Chelsea captain and Costa isn’t the man for you, look no further. He will taunt Hull all day and it’s hard not to see him returning some kind of attacking returns. What concerns me is he is blanking far too much this season to be considered a safe captaincy option, however he is definitely worth a punt.

So there you have it! It’s going to be an extremely tough call this week, picking a solid captain will be crucial. Let’s just hope for a high scoring gameweek, good luck to all!

37 comments on “The Captains – GW16

  1. Jace

    I was thinking of taking a risk and going baines as captain but can’t do it,
    Iv’e decided to go for hazard instead.

  2. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Rooney it is!
    Also, anyone know why Dawson isnt getting any game time? Havent heard of anything worng w8th his health and his form was ok and he just scored a goal in his last game prioe to beind dropped….?

  3. kingcolesy

    Well played clichy(bio), and it’s looking like a good night.

    Can I boast that Hazard has never left my squad this season?

    Boo for azp but was expected. Go wisdom!!

  4. Bio Eden Hazard

    For me it was either Hazard or Rooney…and I picked Rooney, because I know he hates Liverpool so much. By the way why did Azpi not play?

  5. Rakshit

    THE CRICKET OF COURSE!! Im an Indian and Im absolutely devastated by India’s defeat :/. If only Kohli wouldve lasted longer. *sigh*

    Anywez, I went for the punt Hazard and it paid off big time! Cheers!

  6. Bailey

    I’m strongly considering trading Costa out for Van Persie. RVP hitting form and I’m sick of the yellow cards from Costa, he could also be rested in the festive period. So, should I:
    Trade Costa to RVP until the January wildcard is available
    Trade Clyne to Taylor/Jenkinson/B Davies

    Or I could:
    Trade either Sanchez/Hazard for Downing which is ridiculous
    Trade Bony to RVP

    • Bailey

      What are your thoughts guys? I like the look of RVP also because they play Villa, Newcastle and Spurs up until the new year when they play Stoke

      • Bio Eden Hazard

        RVP is definitely in form. I just brought in Rooney cause I couldn’t stomach the price of RVP (although I have the cash?!) but I’m regretting it now…

    • Shaun Curnow

      Get rid of Costa mate, for his price you want him to score more then 2-5 points every week. You aren’t getting value for his ridiculous price tag

      • Hero

        I agree what your saying but it’s the consistency after. I don’t like having someone in that price tag that’s not captain week in week out but I’m frustrated by the mid price forwards blanking when I need them most

        • Bailey

          Thanks guys. I think I’m going to do the trades. Do u guys think B Davies is a good pick for this week and might trade him next week. Depends on fixture coming up. He’s is only 4.4m

        • Shaun Curnow

          i hear ya but alot of the cheaper options are just as (if not more) consistent then Costa. You can then use spare cash elsewhere and make up even more points. Better off getting Rooney I reckon or even look at Giroud now that he’s back.

  7. templetontherat

    Went Rooney although disappointed because I had Hazard. Even still, it’s been a good round so far 61 points plus Wisdom because Azpilcueta was benched! And Baines tomorrow night! Mon a clean sheet and a pen for Baines to stick away!

      • templetontherat

        Looking forward to that, just wish I had seen the captaincy article where they had Hazard as the punt. At least I was steered away from captaining Yaya towards Rooney!

  8. Bailey

    Matt, what are your thoughts?
    Should I trade Costa for RVP- good fixtures coming up as well as he’s inform
    Trade Clyne to either
    B Davies/Jenkinson/Debuchy/N Taylor

    If I am to get RVP I would have a good captaincy option this week

  9. Bio Eden Hazard

    Mates, my frontline is Rooney/ Costa/ Bony….I’ve got the cash to do Costa to RVP, should I do it even though I already have Rooney? (and also got Costa at the beginning of the season so it’s gonna be hard to get him back)
    Other possible trades are Foster to De Gea or Siggy to Eriksen

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