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Sorry the captains are late, it’s obviously a bit hectic around this time of year! We do however have 3 gameweeks within the next 6 days, yes you heard me correctly. Now is the time to make up huge ground! We also have the transfer window and a January wildcard to look forward to, but never mind that. We need a captain this week!

The Contenders:

Costa – Based on form alone, there’s no way I can justify captaining Costa aside from blind faith. At the start of the season I had big questions about his lack of assist work, plus his poor bonus pint record. These issues were forgotten after 5 goals in 2 weeks, however those 2 solitary weeks aside it’s all come true. He is yet to register a single assist this season, compared to Pelle’s 4, Aguero 3, Austin 3, Rooney 3, Sakho 3… You get the point. In fact of all the popular forwards, he is the only player to have not registered at least 2 assists. This makes a difference. Of his 7 goals in the fixtures outside of that huge 2 weeks, he’s accrued a mass total of 3 bonus, failing to register a single bp in 5 of those 7 games he scored in. Basically, goals aren’t everything when it comes to fpl. I think it’s almost time for him to go.

Rooney – He has dropped back into midfield over the past couple of weeks, and I can see it staying that way. Van Gaal loves his flexibility, unfortunately for us fpl mangers. I’m not sure he justifies his price tag anymore, however one of his team mates might. Definitely not a player I’d be captaining.

Silva/Toure – This was a tough call. With Aguero out, it is these 2 guys that look most likely to get the business done for City. However captaining either with a tough trip to West Brom is a big call, considering City still don’t have a recognised striker. It worked out beautifully last week, but they don’t have home comforts this time. Either are a solid shout and it could pay off handsomely, I’m just choosing to side with those players facing an easier fixture this week.

I’m not particularly interested in any other options this week, seeing as the premiums have such great fixtures I don’t think it would be a wise choice to go for a cheapo captain!

Top 3:

1. Sanchez – I think I may have fired a week early on Sanchez, but surely this is the week he can do it for us. As I’ve mentioned previously, QPR’s away form is nothing short of disgraceful. They have lost every away fixture, conceding 2 or more in 7 of those 8 occasions. They even conceded 3 to Everton! Basically, this should be a comfortable Arsenal win, and Sanchez must surely be keen for a goal. As a midfielder it will only take one for him to be producing a great captaincy score, and I’ll be backing him in to do so. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get rested, that’s a scenario you just can’t plan for!

2. Van Persie – I will justify this just as I do other weeks. Firstly, he is a man in form, notching double figures in 3 of his past 5 appearances. Secondly, United are boxing day specialists, having won 17 of their last 20 matches on the 26th, losing only 1. Finally, he costs you 12.6 mil. You have to be backing him in!

3. Hazard – He would have been higher if not for his injury cloud. In fact, I’m very concerned he may not feature at all this week with such a hectic schedule to come. A home game against West Ham, as solid as they have been, is not the time to be risking your best player. Away fixtures to Southampton and Tottenham might be. I’d include Fabregas in his place, but Hazard’s home record is too good to ignore. Plus I’m still not convinced by Cesc as a captaincy option. If Hazard starts he will be a great pick, having scored in his last 5 home games! If he doesn’t play then just make sure you have a good vice. If he comes off the bench, well that’s the risk you’re taking.

The Punt:

Falcao – This weeks punt is the forgotten man. After generating much discussion at the start of the season, Falcao has faded off the face of the Earth after a niggling knee injury. Now what we have is one of Europe’s top strikers, proven at the highest level over a number of seasons, playing in an in-form squad with reasonable fixtures, priced at 10.5 and ready to explode. It’s a recipe for success, or disaster whichever way you look at it. Van Gaal has encouraged his squad to feed Falcao, saying if they give him the service he will score goals. It looks as if he has finally reached full match fitness, and Van Gaal is keen to get the best out of him. After all, they are paying him almost 300k a week! Basically, I’m bringing him in and it would be selfish of me not to share the reasons why! With regards to this week, he has stated that Boxing Day is a massive occasion, and he’s desperate to continue his goal scoring run. That’s good enough for me, a worthy punt if you’re feeling ambitious.

There you have it! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas, put your feet up today and look forward to some great football tonight! Good luck to all this gameweek, let’s make it a high scoring one.

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  1. theultimateandy

    Kept the armband on Hazard, and he’s starting thank fook!!

    Lets just hope he keeps to form and hits double digits at home!

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