Festive Discussion

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As the gameweeks continue to roll in with such short notice, feel free to keep the transfer discussion going right here. Keep in mind that January wildcard!

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  1. Ted Ted tED

    Azpilicueta on the bench… but Chelsea have conceded and I have Dummett on the bench. Could Newcastle keep a clean sheet against Everton?

  2. Josh Cowell

    In short Ted; yes, they can as we are in diabolical form.

    In other news, Baysie – have you seen that Baines is potentially playing OOP on a wing! Whaaaaaaaat? Garbutt and Bainesy in the starting eleven – this will be interesting if nothing else! AND Koné starting (though admittedly it could be more of a fixture-related-rotation related.

    • baysietoff

      Can’t see it lasting mate… Mirallas has been getting smashed recently, Barkley has been average and Naismith was suspended. Good to see Garbutt getting some minutes!

      • Josh

        its all very doom and gloom on the fan sites at the mo 🙁 I think the Garbutt/Baines experiment was a success – Garbutt made some silly mistakes/poor decisions at times but was otherwise okay and I think Bainesy could be a real asset on the wing… BUT surely that is Pienaar done 🙁 Kone is competition for Lukaku at present and will at least continue to pressure him. I’m lost for where our biggest transfer need is – but with the amount of goals conceded – surely it is in defence; I think a good, comfortable with the ball at his feet, central defender has to be the priority, doesn’t it?

        • baysietoff

          Yeah Garbutt could have a future! You gotta say he’s learning from one of the best haha. We got Stones to play that ball playing defender role, Jags next to him is alright with me for the time being. And Pienaar has been cooked for a while. I can count on one hand how many good games he’s played since he came back with his tail between his legs from Spurs… Imho, Barry is the weak link though. Last season he tracked back a lot and played largely as a 3rd central defender which let Baines and Coleman do whatever they wanted. Not sure what’s wrong but he’s not performing like before and he’s leaving us exposed. If he can put in a shift until the end of the season Besic might be ready by then. Or, play Baines there? He’s got all the tools and it might help prolong his career. He can’t keep putting in those miles on the wing every game… What we need to get the cheque book out for is a decent right winger, preferably Deulofeu!!! Or someone consistently creative like him… Heard Ayew or Januzaj being linked too which would be great.

  3. templetontherat

    Utterly diabolical round for me, maybe Baines will do something in the second half. Sold Welbeck for Austin and of course Welbeck scores lololol. Sigurdsson will come off my bench to play, hoping he does something tomorrow and Williams doesn’t (so I can survive in the fantasy cup).

  4. Who?

    None of my on-field players scored above 4 this round. To make it worse, two of my bench players scored 6 or above. Ugh 🙁

  5. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    30 with three to play.
    Guzan doing some sort of a job for me, but its time to get a second playing keeper, Manone to Pantilly probably
    Also gotta start playing that guy Boyd! If Siggy or Bony come out late I wont be that mad.

  6. Rakshit

    40 from 9 players. Got in Pieters just before the deadline for Clyne and he fetched me a massive 11 points! Sterling and hopefully Bartley left to play.

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