The Captains – GW19

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And we’re straight back into the swing of things! I will be eading away for the next few days, so this will be a briefer article than usual. We only really care about the important stuff anyway! Let’s waste no further time…

The Contenders:

Safe captaincy options are thin on the ground this gameweek, so if you were to ever risk going after a POD with your captain, this might be the chance. Benteke is a reasonable shout, but I’d say that owning him is enough of a POD already, there’s no need to double the risk! Costa and Hazard face a tough trip to Southampton with the concern of a rest hanging over both their heads. I’d avoid both.

Downing is a potential option, but then again… It’s Stewart Downing playing against Arsenal. It does make reasonable sense though. Arsenal tend to have a weakness with their full back areas, and West Ham will cause them serious troubles in the air, especially without Giroud to help on set pieces. Downing could take full advantage, keep him in mind!

Elsewhere, nothing really stands out.

Top 3:

1. Austin – Guys I’ve done it. It’s about time I give Austin the respect he deserves, so here it is. I’ll sum this up quickly. Am I an idiot? Quite possibly. But these stats don’t lie. QPR can’t defend at the best of times, so their best form of defence is attack. They are brilliant at home, scoring 2 or more in every home game since August! They also rely on Austin for more than 70% of their goals. What does this mean? He is odds on to score! But it gets better. He has 8 goals and 2 assist in his last 5 home games, yes you heard me correctly. Need I say anymore? He is facing a managerless Crystal Palace (18th) at his own house of pain. Fuck it, I’m in. Who’s with me? No? Fair enough, read on then…

2. Silva/Toure – I’ve finally convinced my self that City can perform without a recognised striker, and if anything it seems to be benefiting the likes of Silva and Toure. Both are bang in-form (Silva especially) and if you have either in your squad then they’re a great shout. If you have both, I’d side with Toure. He is less likely to be subbed early, and penalty duties always help. With regards to Silva, my one concern is his past troubles in these kind of games, I’m sure a few of you have captained him at some point and been left with nothing but regret (last week aside)! Can he do it 3 weeks in a row? There’s no reason why not, but it still makes me think twice! Neither should be rested after Pellegrini confirmed both were subbed early to be ready for Sunday. You should feel confident with the armband next to either.

3. Rooney/Falcao/RVP – I’ve had a large degree of success in the past captaining strikers against Spurs, there’s nothing more satisfying really. That is largely irrelevant, but United’s form isn’t. They have scored over 2 goals in 6 of their past 7 games, boasting one of the finest attacks in the League. Spurs love a big game, so this may be a tough one… Hang on a minute. They conceded 3 against Chelsea and Liverpool, and gifted 4 to Aguero. We all know how White Hart Lane is basically an away crowd for them, so if United get on top it could get ugly. Bias aside, I can see plenty of goals in this game. If you have either of the 3 strikers, have them right up there in your captain considerations. If I had to order them, it would be Falcao, Rooney, RVP. I can sense a rest for Vanners in the near future, plus Falcao was subbed early on Boxing Day. The goals will come for him!

The Punt:

Sanchez – The stress is too much for me this week, I have a player priced just above 6 at number one, now I’m supposed to find a punt! I guess Sanchez isn’t exactly a punt, but there are positives and negatives. The positives? He seems to thrive without Giroud, he moved more central after his sending off and could have scored another couple. He looked brilliant on Boxing day, and Arsenal will be relying on him to make the difference against West Ham. The negatives? He ran around like a man mad for 90 minutes 46 hours prior to this kock-off, plus he is due a rest. Beware the possible carnage this week!

There you have it! Hopefully this has helped, I’ll be keeping an eye on QPR with one eye open. If shit does hit the fan, you can find me in my back shed. It would be no use though, you can’t unstrangle someone. A little extreme perhaps, but I take my advice seriously! In all seriousness good luck for this weekend, may it be another high scorer!

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