Studs Up – GW18 & 19

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Hope you all had a great Christmas and got a few pressies. It’s been a strange couple of GWs hasn’t it? There’s been a lot of point scoring going on amongst the players, but so few are FPL relevant it’s left a lot of us with some ordinary scores. Not to mention the dreaded rotation donut…


* Boom *


Chelsea. Daaaamn. West Ham might take a bit of time to recover from that absolute smashing. Probably one of the best team performances I’ve seen this season, they just couldn’t get the ball in the net as many times as they deserved. When you see a team click together like they did in that game it’s great to watch. Couldn’t get the job done against a Southampton team “getting back to basics” (watch them) but that result could be put down to one thing. Azpi not playing. Maybe not but Azpi is now too risky to keep for those who have him, an upgrade to Cahill or Terry would be a safer option.

David Silva. This paragraph was written a little differently prior to the Burnley game. It went along the lines of City being able to cover the absence of their strikers exceptionally well, and that perhaps they were doing better than if they had Dzeko or Jovetic fit. Then they dropped 2 goals at home to Burnley throwing away a win in the process… Start again. Still, the main reason for this section did it yet again! Little Davey Silva has filled the striker hole in pure Aguero fashion belting 4 goals in 3 to make those who traded him in fairly happy! He’s basically saved my season…

Relegation battle. Could be a good one this year? No one team is playing particularly badly enough to be singled out which will make it as cut throat as ever. There’s a school of thought that the relegation 6-pointers are tight affairs and the stats back that up. Of the 15 games played between teams in the bottom 6 (QPR, West Brom, Hull, Palace, Burnley and Leicester), there have been 14 clean sheets, 8 home and 6 away. Following that school of thought, one could do a little work on teams that have these sorts of games coming up and load up ‘n rotate 3 or 4 of your defensive positions with these guys? They’ll be cheap and will let you spend elsewhere. Just an idea.

Honourable mentions. Roondog an FPL midfielder next season? Costa getting both an assist and BPs v West Ham! Kane.


* Gorn *


EPL Chairmen. You have to question what was going through the minds of Palace and West Brom’s big wigs when they hired Warnock and Irvine. Do they understand this is the English Premier League? There’s millions, billions of pounds riding on what their teams do on the pitch? One of them hires a 66 year old with a terrible record in the EPL and a weak stomach. He took Sheffield United up, and then straight back down. He “quit” from his first spell in charge of Palace because he didn’t have the stomach to help fight to save the club during a bad period. His last spell in the EPL was with QPR when he was sacked 2 days into New Year 2012… The other’s only claim to fame, post-playing, was being a successful academy director at Newcastle and doing something similar at Everton. His management career consists of being sacked by Preston North End and Sheffield Wednesday, and now West Brom. Seriously. If Palace had’ve put up more of a fight to keep Pulis they’d be sweet right now, maybe even top 10! West Brom though, they have previous. Pepe Mel, Steve Clarke, Woy Hodgson… While we’re here. Manager’s complaining about these short turnaround games like they were a surprise?!? If you’d won we wouldn’t have heard a thing about it.

Alan Pardew. Whilst we’re on the subject of managers… What’s going on here? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a manager quit a “big” club to take charge of a “smaller” one in a relegation fight before. Could easily have been a like due to the old “ex-player homecoming” thing but the reality is there is a very good chance Palace go down. Pardew has turned around Newcastle to such a degree that European footy is not a bad shout so I’m sure the temptation would be to keep going until the end of the season. But the fact he had to turn them around at all is a worry for prospective managerial positions… Mike Ashley could be that horrible of a boss? If you ask Tony Pulis, Steve Parish ain’t much better. Maybe he’s sick of learning French? Either way, keep an eye on Newcastle if Bruce goes there. He has the ability to tighten them up at the back enough to make them FPL relevant.

Honourable mentions. Cisse’s elbow.

Ryan Bennett Award – Erik Pieters. Stoke used to be the gun defensive team a couple of years back. Remember that? They’re a long way from being that now and this week was only their 3rd and 4th clean sheets of the season. Decent form? But is it games against United and Arsenal form?

Jonjo Shelvey Award – Gaston Ramirez… First goal of the season. First assist. First BPs. Hasn’t played much though… Hull are due a form run. He did cost a lot and looked pretty good in his first season at Southampton. Ahhh you nearly got me there FPL gods. His goal was a fluke and his assist was from a corner…

Jamie Vardy Award – Mame Biram Diouf. Probably should be scoring more than he does… A heap more.

Looking forward to the New Years Day games! A seemingly rejuvenated Southampton at home to a similarly form team in Arsenal stand out for me, with Spurs v Chelsea not far behind. Hull would be looking forward to their game….

Trades anyone?

21 comments on “Studs Up – GW18 & 19

  1. Bio Eden Hazard

    Good points Baysie! Silva finally delivering the goods after so many failed attempts!

    I’m getting worried about Azpi getting rotated for sure. I thought he was Mourinho’s man though, will Jose really rotate him? With already Clichy in my team I need a nailed on premium. By the way who would be the most nailed on man city defender for GW20 and beyond

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Thanks mate. Well he’s been rotated twice so far? That’s twice too many times! I reckon Mangala might might be the most likely City to play consistently. Traded him in last week. Kompany too injury prone.

  2. brandonpietie

    Great article. I’m thinking of 2 trades this week but need help. I need to drop Baines and want to drop Yaya but what are my teams to focus my trades on? Pool has a nice little run so is Skrtl a good shout? And Silva for Yaya? Or look somewhere else?

    Current team:
    Green (Foster)
    Baines, Ivano, Taylor (Moore, Duff)
    Carzola, Yaya, Hazard, Downing (Wanyama)
    Rooney, Benteke, Austin

  3. viper086

    i actually dont know what to do this week. First time i have had a free transfer and not sure how best to utilise it. At the moment thinking of trading out Krul for fabianski just for the sake of it and it means i can keep a FT for next week. Also not sure what to do with Clichy, is he just being managed over the busy period or is he cooked. Interested to hear what you guys think…

    Guzan (Krul)
    Clichy, Azpi, Hutton, (Dummett, Yun)
    Hazard, Sanchez, Silva, Downing (Ameobi)
    RVP, Costa, Kane

    0.9 in the bank!

    • baysietoff Post Author

      The Clichy/Kolarov rotation is back now the latter is fit again… Kolarov seems to be the choice at home while Clichy plays away as he’s better defensively. Krul will be back soon anyway. Clichy would be who I would dump.

  4. templetontherat

    Looking at Azpilicueta, Chambers and Yaya Toure for possible trades, I see a lot of folks talking about Yaya to Silva. I have 2 transfers so which way should I go with my two defenders.

  5. arm

    What do you guys think of Walcott’s chances of starting tomorrow? Both Welbeck and Giroud are out, could that open up a starting spot fot Wally?

  6. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    I agree wholeheartedly Baysie! Stupid Parish, have absolutely know idea what the idiot was doing when he refused to give Pulis -the man who had literally carried us out of the relegation zone into midtable- some extra money that he could deservedly spend. And yes, i do believe we could be inside the top 10 with Pulis still in charge. I think Pardew left Newcastle because the fans basically dont like him, if they win its mehh but if they lose its always ‘Pardew out’ etc, he could work well at Palace and the fans will appreciate him!

    Also thinking of replacing Bony, one more chance this week against QPR and if he fails then he’s out, options? (Got Rooney and Austin)

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