The Captains/Discussion – GW20

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Apologies for the late article, I haven’t had much spare time since last gameweek. The hangover is also real. Here is a short summary of this weeks captaincy options…

Top 3:

1. Silva – Based on form alone he has to take the top spot this gameweek. Man City have struggled in the past against Sunderland, which does force me to think twice. It really comes down to the lack of alternatives with decent fixtures. We learnt a valuable lesson with Austin last week, captaining cheaper players is a huge risk. You can feel safe having Silva locked in with the big C. Toure is also a great option.

2. Rooney – I get the feeling United can put a few past Stoke, so guys like Rooney, Falcao and Van Persie have to be strongly considered. He has looked good in his deeper role, however it does come with its downfalls. If you have a Man United striker, you’re in a strong position.

3. Hazard – The only reason he’s not number 1 is his rotation risk. I was shocked to see him play a full 90 minutes just 2 days after Chelsea’s previous game, I’m not sure if it makes sense to rest him now in such a big game. He has scored or assisted in his last 4 appearances and you’d have to back in Chelsea against the big game battlers Spurs. Solid option.

The Punt:

Austin – If you’re after some reasons to captain Austin, go read the last captains article. Swansea will be a tough game for QPR, however if you’re after a differential then you could certainly do a lot worse. He could be a great punt.

As far as the other big names go, Sanchez faces a tough away trip to Southampton. That being said, if Arsenal are to get anything out of the game you’d expect him to be involved. Not the worst option.

Hopefully this has helped with a few line ball calls, it’s a tough week to pick them. Enjoy the New Years Day footy, good luck!

*Feel free to keep the discussion going in the comments!

11 comments on “The Captains/Discussion – GW20

  1. kingcolesy

    Nice stuff matt. Capped off New Years with the perth cup today. I just seen shawcross scored and it’s funny I was flirting with him in for chambers. Dang it but I probably wouldn’t of played shawcross vs Man U anyway. Got Hutton.

  2. tigermania78

    Pellegrini rotations, you can’t pick them. Hart having a rest this time. You’d be a little annoyed if you have him with no back up.

  3. george021

    Lampard strikes for city again :'(
    Good on him though for now moving to outright 4th for the all time total premier league goals with 176 goals.

  4. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Matts first ever blank?
    Dont worry, more pressing issues this week like Chelseas horror!???!!
    And George fucking Boyd………. bench again :/ Baines also gone this week, was planning for Terry but i honestly dont know now :/

  5. kingcolesy

    2 biggest pleb weeks in a row now. Past two have been 2mil plus gw ranks in a row now, only thing holding me high is that they have been low scoring weeks!

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