Studs Up – GW20

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So that’s that then! Christmas – New Year is over for another year, and we’ve got what feels like an eternity until the next game! And… Wildcard’s available!!! Just a quickie this round.


* #Kane4England *


Tottenham… Don’t like doing this but I will… Q&A GW13.

“…a surprise package could be Spurs. Bear with me here… They’ve got a couple of easier games that they can gain some momentum from for United home and a tough local game against a potentially tired, and strikerless Chelsea. They have to get it together.”

Yeah ok, Chelsea still have strikers but Spurs have been one of the form teams since that was written. They’ve only been beaten once, by Chelsea back on GW14, but they more than made up for that last night! A normally rock solid defence was smashed to the tune of 5 goals. For Chelsea that will be a once off (it’s the first time an Jose inspired Chelsea team has let in more than 4 goals in a game) but for Spurs it marks their arrival under Pochettino and the arrival as a quality striker in Kane. Whether the kid can continue to be the main man until the end of the season has a question mark next to it, but one things for sure. He’s going to give everything he has for the shirt. 5 goals, 3 assists, 48 points in 5 games is a huge return. For the gaffer it’s redemption that his style just works. Yes you need the cattle, but everyone knew this Spurs outfit had the players. They just needed someone to inspire and lead them. They have a reasonably easy 3 games coming up, but the kicker here is that 2 of the teams they are playing have new managers so the form book could go out the window.

Honourable mentions. Stevie G turning back the clock in his last season. Jovetic back. Clichy making life hard for us.


* Have you seen my baseball? *


Refereeing. It’s hard to find a way to bring negativity into an otherwise happy time of year but I’ll try. There’s been some major clangers this festive season. Cisse’s elbow last game, Cahill’s kicking and stomping this one? Missed penalties, incorrectly given penalties… Sometimes gaffer’s get their rampage on to deflect attention, sometimes it’s deserved.

Honourable mentions. Lack of striker BPs!

Ryan Bennett Award – James Okore. Good kid! Could be a great defender in time. Villa are reasonably tight at the back. Better options at the price right now.

Jonjo Shelvey Award – Ahmed Elmohamady. Has played over 5000 minutes of EPL footy these past 2 seasons for 3 goals and 5 assists. Won’t ever come into FPL calculations.

Jamie Vardy Award – David Nugent. He scored! Unbelievable… Unbelievable that there was any sort of FPL related discussion on this guy preseason.

So… Wildcard eh… Who’s pulling trigger?

54 comments on “Studs Up – GW20

  1. boges11

    Great article.
    “Honourable mentions. Lack of striker BPs!” What about a keeper that makes 9 saves?
    Kane or Austin? That is the question now.

  2. tigermania78

    Great article. No wildcard this week for me. Yeah Clichy, you never know when he is going to play. I benched him this week of course. And the toffees…… nahhhh let’s not go there.

  3. thokash

    Kane on the bench…basically outscored my whole midfield and forward line himself! How did Eriksen not get involved in 5 goals? Jeez!

    Time to jump back on Southampton defense with Bertrand? Or wait a week until after they play Man Utd and Clyne is potentially back? It’s time to go Baines! You can’t let bloody Hull score twice.

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Southampton do look like getting back to their best… I’d wait until after United and then it’ll be personal choice who you pick up I reckon.

  4. templetontherat

    Sat Eriksen and not Kane and thank goodness I did that! Finished with 55 points! Got Janmaat in thinking the Toon would keep a clean sheet against Burnley. Oops. Kane and Hazard (c) saved my round this week and kept me alive in the fantasy cup. No wildcard for me as I think I have 2 transfers. Thinking of shifting Baines and Austin who hasn’t scored since I traded him in.

  5. omorsy

    Wildcard team (work in progress):
    Pantillimon, Heaton; Trippier, Terry, Chambers, Jones, Cresswell; Eriksen, Sanchez, Fabregas, Hazard, Colback; Kane, Falcao, Barnes


    PS: with £0.3m to spare, I can ‘upgrade’ Falcao to Rooney. Should I?

    • Harrison White

      I think Falcao is actually better shout for points than rooney. Apart from the one game against Newcastle ever since he has been pushed back to midfield it has become evident be isn’t going to be racking up as many points this season. Falcao is starting to show glimpses of what he can be.
      Use the cash to upgrade chambers to debuchy.

  6. pryose

    need a hell of a lot of help here please guys

    Mignolet, Mannone
    Azpil, Wisdom, Duff, Chambers, Moreno
    Cazorla, Silva, Milner, Siggy, Fab
    Welbeck, Austin, RVP

    should i just change the whole team?

      • omorsy

        What? Burnley have an awesome run of fixtures, he should change Mannone for Heaton now. The WC can wait though, like you said. I used mine because the past 3 gameweeks killed me; I need to bounce back immediately.

    • baysietoff Post Author

      It’s not that bad pryose!

      A plan could be to downgrade Milner when City have their strikers back, then use that $ to upgrade Welbeck. Or vice versa, downgrade Welbeck and upgrade Milner… Moreno probably needs to go too.

  7. Bio Eden Hazard

    Would anyone consider bringing Di Maria in until the end of January (I will keep my wildcard for that moment…)?

  8. rakers777

    Assuming it’s time to get rid of Toure. I’m loading up on Che and MAC, looking at Matic (Che) and Nasri (MAC) thoughts?

    Think Silva is over priced

    Will Milner continue to get a run?

    My current side
    GK Hart (Fabian)
    DEF Ivan, Terry, Mert, Chamb (Mang)
    MID Haz, Fab, Milner, Fern (Toure)
    FWD Sanch, Costa (Roon)

    • daidawg

      Obviously you’re not playing the standard fantasy premier league since you have 5 Chelsea players and Sanchez as fwd… Pretty hard to give advice on that

  9. brandonpietie


    Im thinkng of holding WC till after AFCON.
    Team sitting as follows:
    Green (Foster)
    Ivanovic, Moreno, Taylor (Duff, Moore)
    Sterling, Carzola, Hazard, Silva (Downing)
    Rooney, Kane, Benteke


  10. Philip

    Thoughts on Mata? Do you think he continues to stay in the first team even when Di Maria and some of the others return for ManU?

    • baysietoff Post Author

      I reckon only the gaffer knows that! He’s had some great games, but also some where he goes missing… If I was a betting man I would say he may not fit the future LVG team.

      • Philip

        Yeah that was my thought likewise. I know Di Maria isn’t a one for one replacement for Mata but I think when he returns, Mata may not hold his spot consistently. Thanks for your opinion!

  11. nburk53

    Great stuff Baysie! Who’s our best Roondog replacement do we reckon? Not particularly liking this central midfield role… Unless it gets him listed as a midfielder next year 😛

  12. viper086

    I’m taking a risk and trading rvp out for falcao this week. Similar output for much cheaper price. United’s run after this week is very good and I reckon falcao is not far away from a big haul. He has looked better than what his scores suggest. Other two are safer but vanilla picks

      • viper086

        couldn’t agree more. also think it is time for downing to go, got 8.7 in the bank who looks the safest bet? currently tossing up between Sterling, Eriksen, Gerrard, Mata or Oscar

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