The Captains – GW21

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I hope everybody has enjoyed their break over New Year! It’s about time we switched our attention back towards fpl, and there’s no better way to do that than finding a captain!

The Contenders:

Honestly, aside from the top 2 nothing really interests me this week. Kane has not yet earned his place as a captaincy option in my books so I wouldn’t go there, especially away from home. QPR away are a mess and Austin has dropped off recently. Silva could be an option away to a struggling Everton, but that would be a ballsy move. Man United will face a stern test at home to Southampton and to be honest, I can’t pick one of their attacking quartet who will do the damage. It could be Falcao, but he’s playing dead average. Rooney has dropped deeper, whilst RVP goes missing for 90% of the game. Di Maria is in line for a return, but don’t go there yet. The one captaincy differential this week could be Sigurdsson. Swansea face West Ham at home which will be a tight contest, but I can see goals in it. That being said, he doesn’t go close to the premium options. I was going to make Fabregas the punt, but really it would be for the sake of it. He has scored over 6 just 4 times compared to Hazard’s 10, Sanchez’s 8, even Silva has done it 5 times after missing a quarter of the season! Take a gamble at your own risk!

Top 3:

1. Hazard – Splitting the top 2 was a tough ask, however it’s too hard to ignore Hazard’s form. The Belgian has scored or assisted in his last 5 games, averaging 9 points per game in the process. In fact he averages an incredible 10.1 points per game at Stamford Bridge since September. Chelsea should hold nothing back after City have leveled them on points and goal difference, plus they will be keen for revenge after losing to Newcastle on Tyneside. Hazard was rested for the FA Cup and should return fresh, there isn’t much of a downside. If you also consider that Pardew has left Newcastle in crisis, he seems the perfect captaincy option this week.

2. Sanchez – If you don’t own or aren’t convinced by Hazard then you can be very confident in giving Sanchez the armband. Sanchez is in hot form on the back of another goal in the FA Cup, and you can be sure he will be hungry for more on the weekend. There is no denying he enjoys his Emirates comforts, scoring 3 and assisting 3 in his past 4 home clashes. He is central to almost everything Arsenal create and should be a great option once again this weekend.

3. Costa – He hasn’t convinced me recently, but he warrants a spot in the top 3 nonetheless. It’s more a case of nobody else wanting it to be honest, but when you have 15 goals to your name in just 20 games you deserve consideration. His lack of big scores suggest there’s better options out there, but with options thin on the ground you could do a lot worse. We’ve seen what he’s capable of, it’s just a case of can he deliver again. I believe it’s a matter of when, not if.

There you have it! I can only justify it as a two man battle for the armband, but if you see any other potential let me know in the comments. I’m hoping to get a wildcard article written up over the next week, if anyone is contemplating using it now I’d suggest you hold off. Let’s hope the transfer window starts to pick up… Good luck for the weekend, let’s make it a high scoring one!

22 comments on “The Captains – GW21

  1. Marty White

    Totally OT but are you the ‘Mr Craig’ who writes player profiles on fan footy? And if so, do you think Ryder will cause Wingard to get more midfield time and finally break big?

    Oh and back on topic- Falcao major captain punt this week for me…

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Nope, but I’m not sure Ryder will affect Wingard at all. Maybe free up the Hoff. wingard will naturally progress into the mids. Decent punt, only thing putting me off is his form!

      • Marty White

        Yeah I’m hoping Wingard finally goes huge but there is Bonts, Adams, Kelly, Tom Lynch x 2, Petracca, Thomas, Lycett and Bennell to consider at similar prices. Gonna be tough this year…

          • Marty White

            Even as a Freo supporter I am surprised by all the Walters backers. Think he is 85 average at best a la Jamie Elliott while Kelly, Bonts and Adams could go 95+. Lachie Neale is the Freo breakout this year.

          • baysietoff

            Freo fan here too! 🙂 And I don’t big up my own lightly… Season before last he looked like it was just about to click in a BIG way and just needed one more preseason to make that jump… Injured. He wasn’t fully fit when he got back last season but looked a gun in patches. Add to that an increased outside midfield time (in place of bloody Danyle effing Pearce please). Absolute worst case scenario he averages your 85 and makes you a heap of money from his current 70 point price to upgrade to whoever. I’m backing him over Kelly, Bontempelli and Adams.

          • Marty White

            Hmmm, now you mention outside midfield time then maybe he can push 90. What do you think to either of the Tom Lynch’s as a mid-price POD? I think with the tight budget this year, the guys with expensive premos and throwaway rookies will get left in the dust. Picking good players in the 200-450k bracket and getting the breakouts right will be key imo.

  2. theultimateandy

    And Aguero is no longer ‘doubtful’. He’s turned full blue again… I’ve wildcarded so I’m gonna pick him up now before his price goes up/

    • Psycho.You.Reds

      I’m going ADM when I jump on Aguero next week, as I only had Silva for Man City cover. You think Aguero will play a full game though? I was hesitant to get him in.

      • theultimateandy

        No man I doubt it tbh. I’m grabbing him now as he’ll no doubt go up in price by next week.

        Plus he’s scored both time he’s come off the bench this season. So even if he gets 10mins, he could easily score. It’s a risk to be sure.

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