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If you haven’t yet checked it out, be sure to scroll down and read my mid season analysis. That aside, we have a gameweek coming up this evening! That can mean only one thing, sorting out a captain. I’ll admit it’s been a dry spell lately, and things don’t look much easier this week. Let’s try and get back on track…

The Contenders:

Hazard/Costa – The Blues strike partners must always be considered as captaincy options, this week facing an away trip to Swansea. Whilst I can see them getting a result, I’m not totally confident in captaining either of these two. Costa is usually a safe 5-6 points, but unlikely to be much more. The reward doesn’t pay off the risk. Hazard is a much more tempting option, but after his failure last week I’m a little hesitant.

Sanchez – As brilliant as he’s been this season, he has been doing most of his dirty work at home. It is fair to say he hasn’t stepped up as of yet against the top sides, his brilliant goal against Man City aside. Arsenal will be on the back foot and as such he won’t come into my recommendations this week.

Rooney/Falcao – If only United could stop changing and chopping formations. Falcao’s form has been poor, but with RVP ruled out he has a chance to get the ball rolling properly. Rooney on the other hand has dropped deeper, having said that I can see him getting amongst the points against a struggling QPR side. It’s a big risk.

Eriksen – Eriksen seems to have taken a back seat since Kane’s emergence. He is a great differential to own this week, but captaining him might be a step too far.

Baines – Mmmmmmm. Na.

Top 3:

1. Silva – As an Arsenal fan, I can vouch for the fact that we can be hopeless against the top teams, especially away from home. I know there’s been plenty of Spurs hype, but an in-form Silva against an Arsenal side with no senior defensive midfielder is an opportunity I can’t pass up. I don’t see how we will be able to stop him controlling the channels and eventually finding a way through our dismal defence. He looks to be a great chance for a big return this weekend, and will no doubt get my armband.

2. Kane – I backed in a midpricer once this season, and I’m not sure I will ever do it again. Sure, Kane is probably the in-form striker in the league right now. But let’s not get carried away, Sunderland will be no pushovers. Spurs are playing well, but they’re not exactly winning convincingly. Kane’s incredible conversion rate has inflated his form which is clearly not sustainable. A great option, but still has its risks. Sunderland will be solid defensively and I can see this being a tight contest. Not for me.

3. Chadli – Due to the lack of alternatives this week, I think Chadli is worthy of a shout. As consistent he is, I have concerns about his captaincy potential. Just 3 double figure returns all season suggest he is a great player to own, but perhaps not the most likely of captains. Having said that, he is a great chance for more returns this weekend and should be considered an decent option nonetheless.

The Punt:

Aguero – Kun is back! Or is he? He looked understandably rusty last week, so it will be a big ask for him to come out and destroy Arsenal. There are multiple risks attached to transfer him in, let alone captaining him. The last thing City would want is to rush him back and lose him for the rest of the season. Having said that I can’t see Jovetic being trusted, so he should start. Should. Regardless he will play a big part in this game and is a great chance to score, at the same time he’s a huge punt!

There we have it! Hopefully Silva can do it for the premiums, or will this be the week of the midpricers? I’m very interested to see who people are captaining! Good luck to everyone this weekend, let’s make it a high scoring one.

19 comments on “The Captains – GW22

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Nice option. Missed him when evaluating them, not a bad punt if you don’t trust others. Strangely he only has 1 goal and 3 assists at home, compared to 3 goals and 4 assists away. He has also accrued 15 of his 21 bonus points away from home, averaging 6.6 ppg away compared to 4.2 at home. Hopefully he performs tonight!

  1. templetontherat

    One week late and I’ve done the transfers I missed out on. Yaya Toure to Silva (captain this week) and Azpi to England’s Brave John Terry. Shame I didn’t do it last week or I might still be in the fantasy cup grrrrr!

  2. Ryan

    As I’m going to use my wildcard next week I’ve traded in Carroll and gave him the captaincy, because I think he’ll have the best game out of all the forwards this weekend

  3. Bailey

    Should I trade:
    Zabaleta for Baines
    Austin for Ings /Sanogo
    RVP for Aguero

    I would be taking a -8 in official and -3 hit in fox. I could keep Zabaleta and Austin and just trade RVP for Aguero? Thoughts?

  4. george021

    Costa and Chelsea are on fire at the moment in the first half!! Opted for Hazard as Captain even after remembering that Costa got his 1st hat trick against Swansea early in the season. Damn.

  5. Colin - Tucana111548

    At work. Nightshift. Streaming the game on Foxtel Go. I predict a 3-3 draw with hat-tricks for both Sanchez and Aguero.

  6. Rakshit

    I have had an absolute shocker! Worst gameweek of my life. No Costa. Rooney, Austin, Kane, Hazard, Sanchez, Sterling, Di Maria, Hart all bombed!! sitting on 23 at the moment. Have fallen from 13k to 42k. Only hope– Baines (c). Please Lord! Please!

  7. kingcolesy

    What the flying fuck at Mirallas. He steals the ball to take the penalty and proceeds to miss the target.

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