Studs Up – GW22

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Bit of a meh round that one wasn’t it? Looking at the FPLaddicts league there were a lot of scores in the 40-50s which isn’t huge, but not too ordinary either. Man City definitely helped with that feeling by failing to to ANYTHING at Arsenal, and those early Aguero jumpers would’ve felt pretty disappointed. They (read “we”) did save some money on the future jumpers though?


* Buyer beware – for now *


Chelsea. That was something special now wasn’t it? That first half was pretty close to immaculate… It’s always fun seeing great individual performances but when you see a whole team click there’s something a little more joyful about it. Swansea didn’t exactly help themselves however, I don’t think Siggy will play as a defensive midfielder again and Bony is going to be a massive hole to fill. Gomis has done nothing to convince me he’s up to the job, but may need some regular games I guess? Not only were Chelsea good going forward but they were able to successfully stifle Swansea’s noted game style having 55% of the ball. Away from home… In isolation that’s some performance. They were also fantastic in limiting them to poor shots on goal; zero shots on target, 91% of all shots were outside the box. The best thing about this performance? Mind games. They play City next for what could be an early title decider in 2 weeks! That’s 2 weeks for them to scout this game… There might be some sleepless nights up in Manchester!

Southampton. Credit. So much credit for this club. Bordering on man love credit. What they’ve done this season is near on astounding. After a sensational start, GW12 through 16 they went through an anticipated tough patch. They even lost points they probably shouldn’t have but losses against United, City and Arsenal were expected by nearly all here. What was a little unexpected was how hard they have bounced back. They started with a big win over my boys Everton, then vengeance wins over United (away!) and Arsenal. An often tough trip to Newcastle was dealt with this week too… It’s not like their next chunk of games are easy, but this team can do anything right now. Just a word on Elia. Please exercise a degree of caution…  A brief perusal of any career bio on him will show a career punctuated with excellent runs of form, and slightly non-desirable issues with authority. The main issue I have is this. Over his whole career he’s averaged a goal every ~10 games… He’s scored 12 goals in his last 136 games prior to joining Southampton… On the flip side. Maybe he is feeling the love from the big Dutchman? Maybe the tactics suit his exact style of play? His biggest goalscoring season to date was 08/09 putting away 13 in 43 under McClaren, could he recreate that? 5.5m is decent value if he can but I’m going to need a little more before I break my team structure to bring him in.

Honourable mentions. Palace’s resurgence. Costa’s huge game v EBJT’s form? The Pulis machine warms up…


* Your god/s aren’t helping *


Villa. For every Chelsea and Southampton there has to be an Aston Villa… Unfortunately this Villa absolutely stinks. They’ve scored 1 goal in 7 games. Let that simmer… 1 in 7. 630 minutes, give or take, and 1 solitary goal. In fact, of the 22 games they’ve turned up for this season they’ve been kept to 11 cleanies. How they aren’t in the bottom 3 is a complete mystery but you have to think if they don’t turn this around soon they’re stuffed. Benteke is still finding his way back from a nasty injury, but far too much rests on his ability to get back to his best. He’s shown glimpses but not enough to carry this mob. Something will break soon. Money needs spending or gaffers need sacking as the status quo will end in tears for one of the longest serving top flight clubs. Note; They have Arsenal and Chelsea on the horizon…

Kevin Mirallas… Nah, not having that. I’ve been one of Kev’s biggest supporters over the years but that’s done it for me. One of the main reasons for Everton’s rise up the table, and staying there, was team spirit. Garbage like that has the ability to put massive dents in that and worst case ruin it. They are pros so they should move on from that, but will Mirallas be a part of it? He WAS negotiating a new contract. And he WAS my gun wildcard POD!!! -1. Selfish, arrogant, twat. That’s my stance until he apologises… A personal apology might be asking too much?

Honourable mentions. Vertonghen’s “offside” goal.

Ryan Bennett Award – Ben Mee. That was Mee’s second goal. Ever. As a pro… He might have scored in juniors? You’d like to think when picking your FPL defenders that they’re at least in with a shout of scoring a goal. Ben Mee is not in with a shout of scoring goals.

Jonjo Shelvey Award – Eljero Elia. Spoke earlier about him and much can be taken from that. Not a noted goalscorer except for 1 season. Could be great value but too risky.

Jamie Vardy Award – Fabio Borini. What has anyone seen in this bloke? Tell me. Please.

Tell me a story…

80 comments on “Studs Up – GW22

  1. viper086

    stinker of a week for me considering i played my wildcard. Scored 40 on the dot. It is so disappointing in my main league as i have such a stronger side on paper than the ones leading but they just never all seem to fire together. Can’t nail a captain at the moment! Last 5 weeks i haven’t had a skipper score above 3.

    tough week coming up for me with 3 chelsea players vs 2 Man city players. Think i am going to trade out Silva for Sterling and bring in Monreal for Dummett.

    • Josh Cowell

      Do you reckon there are goals on offer in the CHE v MCI game? I do – as long as you are stocked up on attackers from the game, you would have to stand a good chance at points and if you’ve got Ivanovic in DEF, you’re laughing with MCI’s leaky back four.

      • baysietoff Post Author

        If I was a betting man (ha), I’d be going for a Chelsea win to nil @ home, or a score draw. Leaning more towards a -2.5 goals on both. Title games are more likely to be a bit more nervous than normal games?

        • viper086

          Yeah I am guessing 1-1 or 2-0 to Chelsea. Can’t see it being an open affair. Jose might even park the bus like he did last year against Liverpool. It would be very hard for Chelsea to lose if they won or drew this match

  2. rakers777

    Is this the week to bring in Di Maria?
    Gives me a chance to dump a MAC mid fielder in the process

    Got my eye on Cahill (Che) but that can wait till next week

  3. Bio Eden Hazard

    Good points Baysie!! Please let us know if you get that personal apology from Mirallas 🙂 I still think it was a good punt but the boy always ends up being a disappointment…
    What are the key defenses we want to have a member of in our WC teams? Chelsea obviously, was thinking maybe Arsenal, ManU or Southampton…

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Thanks mate! Haha yeah I’m not holding my breath! It might still end up a good punt if he decides to pay back the club for his antics. Might give him a game or two…

      I’m liking Chesea, Southampton, Spurs and West Brom. Arsenal and Man U feel a little too hit and miss for the money your paying for their players I reckon? If Arsenal buy a defensive mid however I’ll reconsider very quickly.

  4. Rakshit

    I was on 23 points after 10 players. Baines (c) was all that could have saved me. And then Mirallas stepped up! Fury? Rage? Anger? Those are not the words my freind. Those are not the words.

    • Josh Cowell

      As an Evertonian, I was pretty horrified watching that penalty ‘debacle’ and about 4 weeks ago (as an FPL lover) I was horrified when I realised that my man and DEF, Bainesy wasn’t ‘guaranteed’ pens/f. kicks. In all seriousness, it was a horrible situation but at least this will hopefully see Leighton return to all penalties and the majority of F. kicks.

      • baysietoff Post Author

        Disgraceful behaviour. Mirallas has been nudging his way into everything these past few months trying to take over… If it ain’t broke etc etc. Baines is one of the best with a deadball, leave him to it for crying out loud!

      • Josh Cowell

        On the plus side, I have just got FIFA 15 (very late, I realise) and I have got Bainesy doing what he does best with the dead ball. Its a small consolation but it still counts in my book.

  5. Marty White

    Baines really needs to man up and tell that preening Ronaldo-wannabe where to stick it.

    If I was still a Baines owner I’d be more mad at him than Mirallas.

  6. Josh Cowell

    I still have both WCs and I think this GW could be the one to use on my Jan WC. At least if it doesn’t work, I can go back a couple of GWs later. This is my proposed line-up, I’d love to hear some thoughts:

    Pantilimon, Foster
    Bertrand, Ivanovic, Taylor (SWA), Baird (WBA), O’Shea
    Sanchez, Eriksen, Oscar, Downing, Ward-Prowse
    Aguero, Costa, Naismith

    (0.2m left)

    I am aware that there are some serious risks in this squad but with the form of Oscar (and his apparent place in the line-up at present) the money left in the bank and the fact that I still have my normal WC, I figure I can still re-align the squad if it goes to custard.

      • Josh Cowell

        Yeah but having missed the Hurry-Kane there is no-one near that value stomping around the joint. The other alternative is that I keep Austin in the front third and drop Oscar with up to 7.1 Mil left over…?

        • Josh Cowell

          Not having one of the Chelsea Mids didn’t sit well with me; I can afford Fabregas but I will need to downgrade Oscar and upgrade Eriksen. I’m thinking of:

          Downing, Sanchez, Fabregas, Puncheon (who I think is on the start of a big updraft) and Ward-Prowse
          Costa, Aguero, Austin

          All in a 3-4-3 formation.

          • baysietoff Post Author

            Agree on Puncheon. And W-P is a great shout… I probably prefer this one if I’m honest. I love Oscar but he’s prone to rotation and subbing which gets annoying.

          • Josh Cowell

            Ended up with one more set of changes to the Jan WC… Moved the defence around to make it:

            Terry, Bertrand, Wisdom, Van Aanholt, Taylor
            Sanchez, Fabregas, Downing, Puncheon, W-P
            Aguero, Costa, Austin

            With the possible impending suspension of Costa I will probably just downtrade to Rooney for the period etc.

          • baysietoff Post Author

            Isn’t Fab injured? I didn’t take too much notice coz I don’t have him.

            Also, we might have a Costa article brewing. 🙂 Deciding whether to wait for the suspension to be finalised or not…

  7. Psycho.You.Reds

    Big question for me this week with City playing Chelsea and owning Costa, Aguero, Silva and Hazard. Big question who should I trade Silva out for?

  8. Ernie

    Just played my WC and made big play by introducing Aguero and DiMaria. Comments above giving me great reason for reservations about what I have done!

    My squad was:

    Wisdom, Bertrand, Ivanovic, Hutton, Wasilweski
    Eriksen, Fabregas, Downing, Alexis, Siggi
    Kane, Costa, Rooney

    Pros: This team has served me well with very little changes. Ivanovic and Bertrand have done me proud, as have Costa, Fabregas, Alexis and Downing from GW1
    Cons: Rooney now very deep, with Bony gone, I’m also not so sure about Siggi’s prospects although he was and is a great bargain.

    I changed team to:

    Wisdom, Muniesa, Ivanovic, Hutton, Wasilewski
    Di Maria, Downing, Sterling, Fabregas, Cazorla
    Aguero, Costa, Ayoze.

    Pros: I now have Aguero and a potentially high-scoring midfield.
    Cons: Couldn’t keep Kane and include Aguero so have lost all the value gained by spotting Kane early. I had to get rid of Southampton defenders to keep in budget and went instead for dodgy Stoke defender who has just made a few points recently (not convinced). Ayoze not exactly blistering goal scorer so he will be benchwarming. Big question marks around Di Maria since he came back from injury and Utd look shit. Still have to chance your arm in this game!

        • Psycho.You.Reds

          The teams in my league are looking quite similar so you will have lots of differentials. Good luck to ya! Sterling may be back on full form by his performance against Chelsea last night.

    • kingcolesy

      Earnie, don’t worry, some scary moves you’ve done but so have I. Maybe Sanchez instead of carzola is needed but gotta risk it for the biscuit like baysie said. Like bio said as well, but fabergas may as we’ll be as good as hazard if not better. I’ve moved downing on for puncheon and am feeling indifferent about the decision, but usually prioritise fixture over form.dislike drownings fixtures but he has plenty of potential. Ballsy ernie, ballsy! Btw I’ve added Southampton defenders unlike you hehe

  9. Rakshit

    This is the team I am going with after the Wild Card (Tentatively):

    Ospina Myhil
    Wasilewsky Terry Clyne Wisdom Van Aanholt
    Hazard Sanchez Cazorla/Eriksen Puncheon Albrighton
    Kane Aguero Costa

    Have to choose one of Cazorla or Eriksen.

    Arsenal have amazing fixtures coming up. Hence planning to double up by having both Cazorla and Sanchez.

    The other option is to buy the ever reliable Eriksen. But I dont trust Spurs enough to double up on their attack (Kane and Eriksen)

    Thoughts on the team?

    • Bio Eden Hazard

      Looking good mate! I agree with you, I’d rather have 2 players from Arsenal than 2 players from Spurs. Are you sure Ospina is nailed on?

      • Rakshit

        Not sure ofcourse. But Im willing to take the risk. An Arsenal keeper at 4.8 is surely a bargain. Clean sheet at Etihad will surely do his chances no harm.

        • baysietoff Post Author

          Agree with Bio, but agree that the risk may be worth it with Ospina. Just make sure you have an exit strategy for when he gets dropped completely out of the blue!

          • kingcolesy

            Exit strategy needed. Maybe just take a pantmillion. +1 with double ars over Spurs. Tought tho as eriksen is really relevant, ask a mate who knows nothing about FPL sounds best strategy for decision. 😉

  10. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Dwight Gayle, dont know what more I could want. Said it 100 times and ill say it again, Parish was probably drunk when he hired Warnock, stupidest decision and it outraged me (I believe I said it on here as soon as he was appointed as well). Can control the Championship but he is a literal flop in the PL.

    Dwight Gayle though 🙂
    Youre writing can match his prowess Baysie.

    • baysietoff Post Author

      😀 Thanks champ.

      Especially after Pulis got this team on such an upward trajectory, Warnock was never going to be able to keep that going… Getting on Dwight Gayle?

      • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

        Yeah, Parish aint the smartest man alive is he? Lets Pulis go over a couple of mil and lets Warnock take the reogns and turn the carriage around…. But Pardew was a good appointment!

        I wish Gayle got consistent game time maybe he will with Pardew? Cos at home with the best ‘real’ *cough*free plastic flags*cough* Gayle does get going. So if he does get consistent game time, he could be a legit option.

        • baysietoff Post Author

          Definitely comes into consideration if he keeps his spot! I still don’t like cheap strikers, but stuck with one now so I guess I better make the most of it…

  11. Marty White






    -I don’t like rotating GKs
    -I think Bellerin is locked in for a few months
    -Southampton fixtures looking good for a double up
    -Got the holy quadrilogy of Hazard/Costa/Aguero/Sanchez

    • Rakshit

      I like your team! The only issue is the uncertainty of starting of 3 of your defenders. Cameron played only 5 mins last week after Bardsley returned from injury. Bellerin as youve mentioned is a risky pick. Also not sure if Baird is gonna be picked week in week out by Pulis.

      • Marty White

        Yep I agree about Baird and Cameron being risky.

        Other option is to downgrade Tadic and bolster the defence. I’m not really seeing many good mid options in the 6-7m range. Siggy and Downing fairly boring choices and in decline from this point on I think. Thinking Cabella could be a sneaky one though depending on new Newcastle manager.

        • kingcolesy

          As much as Id hate to think downing is decline, he may be. I’d hate to see him week in week out with those fixtures getting 2s, and suggest to myself I’d need him in the team for the price. I’m very much a fixtures over form person but he has been great. His form I believe is comparable to beat others in his price bracket with better fixtures than himself. His bad fixtures just go for too long to stomach without trade tho. Shipped. Btw adm and puncheon in for silva and downing. You guys agree? I’ve done it but am borderline and would like opinions on the trades

          • tigermania78

            same thoughts here colesy. Downing and Silva have to go. At this stage i have gone Silva to Cazorla and Downing to Puncheon. Is it too much to have sanchez and cazorla in the midfield. Arsenal have fantastic fixtures, as do Man U. In the last 10 GW’s Cazorla has scored at 7.0ppg, Sanchez at 6.3ppg. i guess it comes down to whether Cazorla can keep this scoring rate up, as i’m sure sanchez will.

          • Bio Eden Hazard

            I’m also thinking of having both Sanchez and Cazorla. Apart from Hazard and Sanchez, Santi seems to be the most promising expensive midfielder right now

      • Who?

        Thanks. I managed to find a bit of extra coin and went with Vertonghen. Is this a good idea? Also, which premo mid is the best to get? I currently have Hazard and Carzola plus a free spot. I can afford anyone but Sanchez

        • baysietoff Post Author

          Yeah Vertonghen is ok. I’ve personally got Fazio who is cheaper and only slightly less points potential. Can you go Fazio and then get Sanchez?

          • kingcolesy

            A PVA rotation with Duff(hoping he’s selected after injury) or Naughton(hoping he’s first team after transfer) could be great! I’m not too sure on Baird first team too. Maybe have to upgrade him to Wisdom to have a good nights sleep. Wasil from LEI looks most nailed on budget defender but plays for useless Leicester. Hopefully Duff is back for you. Looks like PVA makes a lot of rotations to fill in easy. Good luck!

  12. theultimateandy

    27pts… get fucked you fucking fuckface!! I’m cursed!! What evil spirit have I insulted?? Damn voodoo magic or something!!

  13. viper086

    interesting to see if Gabriel gets some game time this weekend like Wenger says he will. when will he be added to the game?

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