The Captains – GW23

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Welcome back! It’s that time of week where we’re all desperately searching for a captain option. Injuries and suspension have made things interesting, so here’s my assessment of the options…

The Contenders:

Sanchez is out of the Villa clash, so clearly avoid him this week. That’s certainly made things harder!

At this stage I only feel comfortable captaining an Arsenal or Man United player. The problem is, it’s almost impossible to feel safe owning any of Man United’s attackers. Falcao, Rooney, Mata or Di Maria could make the top 3, but I can’t separate any of them. Di Maria and Falcao are horribly out of form, and Rooney has dropped deeper. The question will always hang over Mata, will he start? All could go big, but all are big risks. If you own one then consider, I just couldn’t recommend any.

As far as left field options go you’ll have to help me out. I feel Liverpool West Ham will be a tight contest, while Pulis could hold Spurs. Tough week.

Top 3:

1. Hazard – When Chelsea play at home, Hazard has to be a huge shout. He may not get as much attention this week with a seemingly tough game against City, however this is a team that has conceded 2 goals at home to Arsenal, Sunderland and Burnley in the past month. You’d fancy Chelsea to sneak at least a couple past Hart. Then consider Hazard’s home record. Prior to his failure against Newcastle, he has scored or assisted in his previous 6 clashes at Stamford bridge, averaging 10 points per game. He loves it at home and it’s hard to deny him more of the same scoring this weekend. A solid option and the standout this week.

2. Walcott – He may be a risk, but the stars seem to be aligning for Theo. He scored last weekend in the FA Cup with a fantastic finish on the turn. He is slowly working off his rustiness and a big return isn’t far away. The fact that Chambo is set to miss the next 2 games and Sanchez will not be risked against Villa only stands him in better stead. A great shout if you happen to own him, which is exactly why he will be my captain. Some weeks are just worth a gamble.

3. Aguero –  Sometimes when nothing much stands out, just a small return can be accepted. If you’re after a player you can be confident in, it’s Aguero. I don’t need to explain to everyone how good he is, so here’s why you captain him. He will test Chelsea’s defence all day, trying to work his way in behind. I can see City scoring and Aguero will likely take some part in it. At the end of the day if Aguero is your captain you have every right to be confident, and if he lets you down he’ll just back you up next week. Always a solid pick.

The Punt:

Giroud – As much as it pains me to say this, Giroud is a great shout if you own him. However you must consider owning him as a POD is already a risk. Regardless, he is going to be in the starting XI, in form and with a point to prove. This week is the one to go for a punt and Oli is definitely a captaincy option. Strongly consider.

There we have it! It’s slim pickings this week but hopefully the boys can get the job done. Good luck for the weekend, let’s make it a high scoring one!

4 comments on “The Captains – GW23

  1. rakers777

    Aaarrrrggghhhhhhh Ivanovic, Mangala, Fab, Nasri, Costa, Sanchez……… this may not be my week

    The one week I don’t sacrifice a goat and the FPL Gods smite me

  2. viper086

    I’m having a crack at cazorla. Have had the c on Sanchez for the first time for the last two weeks and now this happens

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