The Captains – GW27



Welcome to a special edition of the captains this week, we are missing half our options! With key teams such as Chelsea and Tottenham missing in action, our captaincy calls will be all the more vital… Continue reading


Studs Up – GW26

We’re in the final straight now! With just under a third of the season left it’s no time to be taking it easy. Now’s the time to take advantage of others who have fallen by the wayside and blast past those ghost ships. You probably won’t be in contention for the top prize, but you need to give yourself a target. A realistic target… Whether it’s top 100, 1000, 10,000 or to win your league the minimum should be to beat last seasons score to prove to yourself you’re on the right track. And hopefully we’ve been of some use here at FPLaddicts!


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News Wrap – GW26


Hello and welcome to another edition of the News Wrap. The Premier League to a break over the weekend to allow for some FA Cup action and the Champions League & Europa League returned during midweek, meaning a lot of our players have featured some heavy minutes since gameweek 25. With a big gameweek 26 on the horizon, let’s see who’s set to return and who’s facing a stint on the sidelines!  Continue reading

The Captains – GW25



UPDATE: We will know the starting XI’s of every team playing tonight before deadline, including Arsenal! Makes the Sanchez call a much easier one. Pity for those living in Western Australia though (me)! With the gameweek 25 deadline 19:30 PM GMT tonight, it’s time to get straight back into the swing of things! Here are the captaincy options for this week… Continue reading

News Wrap – GW25


Hello and welcome to another edition of the News Wrap. We’re back earlier than usual as we are treated to some more midweek fixtures – you beauty! With such a quick turnaround from the last gameweek, many managers may well choose to use their squad depth in order to successfully deal with the amount of games in such quick succession. Lets take a look at who is in line to return during the week with some huge names expected to feature.  Continue reading