Gameweek 24 Review

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So, how did everyone fare over the weekend? In what was a relatively average week, hopefully most of us managed to climb up the rankings with a few picks doing nicely. Aguero aside (Although he was unlucky)! We must quickly turn our attention to GW25, which I need to remind everyone is a midweek fixture. The quick turnaround means the captains will be out ASAP tomorrow, but for now I thought I’d throw a few names into the hat for this week, as well as creating some discussion.

My thoughts at this stage of the season is to be wary of knee-jerking your way onto a bandwagon, as I feel having a strong squad is vital. We are closing in on some blank gameweeks, which will soon be followed by a double gameweek or three. I was extremely tempted to chase after a 5 premo midfield, however there’s far too much value going around to be making your team look pretty. I also believe teams can get too bland when everyone’s team value reaches it’s peak, so here are some of the lesser owned options…

Defoe – Shockingly owned by 3% of the competition, Defoe is an out and out goalscorer. At just 6.0 he will provide you with goals more often than not, you can’t ask for more than that. Kane remains a must have so it will mean going forward with 2 cheaper strikers, however I will be rotating Downing and Defoe. I’m not usually one for rotation, however having a guy like Defoe or Downing on your bench is incredibly handy when the blanks start to kick in, if you can afford it of course. Prioritise your starting XI always. Sunderland’s fixtures are sublime, so have their players in mind when on the hunt for value. Van Aanholt is still the defensive pick of the bunch.

Naughton – Keep an eye out for rejects from higher clubs dropping down to play for a mid table side. Naughton is a perfect example. He didn’t get a look into the Spurs team, but now that he’s a Swansea player he’s a lock in their starting XI every week. Even better is that he poses a great attacking threat, and costs just 4.3!!! Swansea’s defence remains solid and he is a great option for those looking to rotate, or just have some solid backup. I’ve brought him in.

Alderweireld – Yes he’s not back yet, but once he is keep him firmly on the watchlist. Koeman rates him highly and priced at just 4.9, you have your bargain route into one of the best defences in the league. Expect him to return within the next few weeks.

Walters – Another superb option to increase your teams depth. Walters is a match winner on his day, and is well underpriced at just 5.3. On the back of a hat-trick 2 weeks ago he will make you some money at least, and Bojan’s injury has freed up a forward slot that he is already relishing. Great option.

Warning: Ings – If old man Defoe doesn’t quite fit your taste, Ings might. Just don’t let that be the case. Yes he has now warmed to the Premier league, but Burnley’s fixtures are a joke. His next 9 games include; Man United, Chelsea, Swansea, Liverpool, Man City, Southampton, Spurs, Arsenal, Everton. 8 of those 9 games are against top 10 opposition, the only one that isn’t is Everton away. Avoid.

There you have a few options that hopefully leave you with a few decisions to make! Post January wildcard, here is my squad set up for the remainder of the season:

fpl GW25


With 0.3 in the bank and Walcott likely to become Sterling in the near future, Baird and Hamer can be upgraded to reasonable backups to round out my team. Hopefully that can carry me through any carnage thrown our way!

Let me know how you all fared this week in the following format:

Rank (Overall):
Other Comments:

I had a reasonable week…

Score: 62
Rank (Overall): 29k
Lords: Clyne, Ivanovic, hazard, Kane
LosersWalcott, Gayle
Captain: Aguero
Trades: Gayle/Jones -> Defoe/Naughton
Vent/Brag: Di Maria continuing to fluff it!
Other Comments: Love a quick turnaround…

I haven’t had time to write as much as I would like this season, so hopefully this helped out a little! Post any queries or thoughts in the comments along with how you fared!

Cheers, Matt

24 comments on “Gameweek 24 Review

  1. Bio Eden Hazard

    Score: 49
    Rank (Overall): 658
    Lords: hazard, Kane
    Losers: Sterling, Eriksen, Cazorla, Sturridge
    Captain: Aguero
    Trades: Considering trading Wisdom or Hutton for another cheap defender. Naughton maybe…
    Vent/Brag: took a big bet on Sturridge (instead of Giroud) for a differential but I need him to play!

  2. nburk53

    Great stuff Matt!! So and So week for me this week.

    Score: 58
    Rank (Overall): 23k
    Lords: Hazard, Kane, Clyne
    Losers: Sterling, Di Maria, Aguero (?!?!), Walcott
    Captain: Aguero
    Trades: Wisdom -> Naughton
    Vent/Brag: My Di Maria punt has not paid off whatsoever. Giving him one more chance at home to Burnley this week. Ended up dumping Sanchez for Sterling late on Saturday night which didn’t pay off, so secretly hoping he misses again against Leicester in midweek 😉
    Other Comments: Walcott not starting is slightly annoying also!

  3. Rakshit

    Score: 58
    Rank (Overall): 15k
    Lords: Hazard, Clyne, Kane
    Losers: Di Maria, Silva, Puncheon, Terry
    Captain: Aguero (Meh)
    Trades: I think Im gonna hold my trade this week as i need to restructure my midfield.
    Vent/Brag: Doubling up on City Assets (Aguero and Silva) backfired big time!
    Other Comments: I Still Have my Regular Wild Card left! Aim to break into the top 1000 before the season ends.

  4. theultimateandy

    Great article Matt! And cheers for the midweek heads up! That completely slipped past me!

    Giroud / Kane / Aguero. Would it be worth my time to drop someone for Defoe?

    Very tempted, Sunderland’s fixtures look great!

  5. Dan

    Score: 66
    Ranking: 91k 🙁
    Lords: Ivanovic, Ozil, Hazard, Kane, Defoe
    Losers: ADM, Lescott
    Captain: Aguero
    Trades: ADM or Lescott right in the firing line, but might hold for the midweek fixture.
    Vent/Brag: Hoping for a bumper DGW coming up with my WC still available. Had an awful Xmas/Jan period, dropped from top 15k to outside 150k, hopefully turning it around now.

  6. MattyZach

    Score: 51
    Rank (Overall): 43k and dropping rapidly 🙁
    Lords: Kane, Hazard
    Losers: Sterling, Eriksen, Wisdom, Puncheon
    Captain: Aguero
    Trades: Wisdom>Naughton
    Vent/Brag: My side looked so good after my Jan WC, but now looks terrible! Went cheap in defense after losing Bertrand last week which looks like a mistake. Hopefully my strong midfield can soon turn it on.

  7. templetontherat

    Good work as always:

    Score: 54
    Rank (Overall): 8,323
    Lords: Hazard, Clyne, Kane
    Losers: Rooney, Larsson
    Captain: Hazard
    Trades: couldn’t get on the internet to make trades so I have two this week
    Vent/Brag: If only West Ham had held on through stoppage time I would’ve had more points from Cresswell and Downing :@
    Other Comments: Was thinking wildcard but I have 2 trades this week so I think I will put it off for a week.

  8. Harrison White

    Rank; 5k
    lords; ivanovic, Collback, kane, hazard
    losers; ayoze (yes I know he is going out haha)
    Trades; trying to free up cash for ayoze to defoe
    vent; im a huge United fan and want to have a united player in my team so can di Maria hurry up and play football.

    • viper086

      Score: 52
      Rank (Overall): 60k
      Lords: hazard, gardos, Kane
      Losers: chadli, Terry, monreal, cazorla
      Captain: aguero
      Trades: chadli > blind . Might seem crazy but he is averaging 4 points per game and he is dirt cheap at 5.1 and United have a couple of easier games coming up.
      Vent/Brag: have held on to Sanchez so hoping he’s isn’t out another week.
      Other Comments: planning for the double game weeks coming up. Need to start saving trades

  9. kingcolesy

    Rank; 3k
    lords; kane, hazard
    Trades; silva to adm
    vent; I’m doing silly things holding onto rooney(just because he’s a placemat for Costa)

  10. viper086

    might be a bit greedy but are we getting a captains article as well? Not sure who to go between Aguero, Hazard or Sanchez

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