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Heads up! We don’t have much time to gloss over what’s happened with a gameweek already upon us. Just a quickie Studs Up this week, but we’ve got a flood of articles over the next week so stay tuned…

Harry Kane of Tottenham Hotspur celebrates scoring his sides second goal with team mates


Chelsea. Talk about a professional outfit… They still get a bit of grief for the early days of Abramovich and the flood of cash spent on winning the EPL title but in recent seasons however they’ve barely spent a cent. In fact they’ve made a transfer profit, although most of that will be handed to agents! This season in particular is a perfect example of how to play the system. Big money signings of Fabregas, Costa and now Cuadrado were well offset by big money departures of Luiz (lol), Lukaku and Schurrle. On the field they have an extremely well balanced side who are playing sensational footy. They aren’t dropping too many silly points, their only losses were to Newcastle and Spurs who probably put in their games of the season to do so. It’s far too early to be saying these sorts of things but I’d find it hard to believe any team can catch them, especially City.

Kane. Get in son! That was fantastic. It’s taken me a bit to warm to Kane but I’m all in now. What I love most is that I can see a lot of us in him. You know, the normal terrace supporter. He’s playing for his boyhood club and absolutely loving it, and it shows. You’d love it too if you scored the winning goals against your boyhood derby rival. I just hope the hype doesn’t ruin him like it has many before him.

Honourable mentions. Derby I = Spurs v Arsenal! Cracker… Big Sam calling United “long ball United”!!!! Brilliant. Austin to miss just one game meaning less vanilla. Palace ticking more boxes.



Man City. The complete opposite of Chelsea… They aren’t making any transfer profits any time soon! But I doubt that’s high on their agenda. Whereas Chelsea’s signings always seem to be on a needs basis and reasonably well scouted, they spot a weakness and find a quality player to fill it, City’s signings seem very knee jerky. Mangala for example… 32m and 6 months in the jury is still out, I personally think he’s ordinary but what do I know! 30m on Fernandinho? 20m on Negredo, 22m on Jovetic… I could keep going. They’re spending big money on players that don’t seem to be making them any better. On the pitch they’re streets behind Chelsea in regards to team football. Most of the play is based on individual skill and against teams like Hull, who are happy to sit back, they don’t have enough creativity to break them down. They’ve already been beaten by Stoke at home, and it was a little bit of luck that Burnley and Hull didn’t join that club. That’s not the results of the future EPL champs. Don’t get me wrong when they’re “on” they’re amazing. But the distance between “on” and “off” is large and is what Chelsea have done very well in bridging. They’re 7 points back now and only one team has ever overcome this at this stage of the season… United when they caught Newcastle back in that unforgettable 95/96 season. The City of 14/15 is nowhere near the United of 95/96. They won’t catch Chelsea and I would not be surprised if they don’t finish top 2 at all.

Honourable mentions. Derby II = Everton v Liverpool (I guess I do still have most of my hair). This GW reminded me of a teen Baysie, not many clean sheets. Burnley horrors unfolding.

Ryan Bennett Award – James Okore. Good kid! Could be a great defender in time. Villa are reasonably tight at the back. Better options at the price right now. Wait… Is this deja-vu?

Jonjo Shelvey Award – Chris Brunt. As is always the case, there’ll always be some who will trade in Brunt after such a good performance. I wouldn’t advise it though. He can only really be relied upon for assists, the goal he scored isn’t going to be regular enough for FPL.

Jamie Vardy Award – Peter Crouch. Well done big man you got yourself your first goal for the year! It’s nearly midway though February… This is what Peter Crouch does.

I hope you’ve managed to sneak up the rankings a bit. I only scored 57  but it was enough to see nearly all green arrows. The mighty Bayswater Toffees are flying high in the official A League comp too! Sitting a very awkward 35th which is neither a spot to be too risky or one to be overly conservative either. You wanna see vanilla fantasy teams? Try playing A League fantasy football!

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