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UPDATE: We will know the starting XI’s of every team playing tonight before deadline, including Arsenal! Makes the Sanchez call a much easier one. Pity for those living in Western Australia though (me)! With the gameweek 25 deadline 19:30 PM GMT tonight, it’s time to get straight back into the swing of things! Here are the captaincy options for this week…

The Contenders:

Kane – We won’t speak about last week, however he has announced himself as a genuine captaincy option that is for sure. 10 goals and 3 assists in his past 9 games is a ridiculous return, scoring 82 points over that time. However for some reason I heard a shout for him to become a perma captain. Let’s just calm down, he’s still young and won’t maintain this scoring rate. Liverpool have kept 4 clean sheets in a row (Radar starting to take notice), so this should be a tightly contested game. Not for me this week.

Cazorla – I would have him firmly in the top 3, however Arsenal’s foray of attacking options leaves them with the opportunity to rest players, a position they haven’t been in for ages. Santi is no spring chicken at the age of 30, and a rest is likely as he has played every game since September (starting all but 1). With Sanchez back, Walcott raring to go after coming off the bench on the weekend and Ozil’s favourite position being number 10, I can see him making way for what should be a comfortable win at home to Leicester.

Defoe – It would be a huge call to captain him, however anybody playing QPR at home has to be on the captaincy radar. They have lost every game on the road this season… Let that one sink in. Even Sunderland will start as favourites, and Defoe will be the danger. It’s more than enough risk just trading him in, however Poyet has stated he will not be rested whilst he’s scoring goals. A viable option for sure.

Sturridge – Sturridge would be super human if he wasn’t rusty coming off such a long injury lay off, however I expect him to make his first start for Liverpool since September. Spurs’ form makes me weary, I’d avoid captaining him this week.

Man United have players like Van Persie, Falcao, Rooney, Di Maria and Mata yet find it impossible to put together anything consistent in attack. I’m sorry but so far Van Gaal has done no better than Moyes, luckily his opposition have collapsed around them. Until one of them hits form it’s too hard to pick.

Silva – Silva has to get a mention, these are the types of games he seems to step up in. In fact here’s a stat for you. Silva has gained 7+ points in 6 of his 9 away games. Compare that to once in 9 games at home and you have a startling trend. To prove that point he averages 6.7 points per game away from home, but just 4.3 at the Etihad. Surely Man City are going to bounce back soon, but Yaya Toure’s extended absence has me concerned. One for the risk takers, however the stats suggest Silva is odds on to get some kind of attacking returns. Not a bad option.

Top 3:

1. Sanchez – Wenger has announced that Sanchez is back, and knowing how Alexis goes about things surely he will be straight into the starting XI. What do you get when you add a goal hungry Alexis to a home clash against Leicester? Points. To back that up, he has scored 78 points in his last 7 home games. Those figures compare well to Suarez’s domination last season, and surely he will be back amongst them big time tonight. The only concern is a place on the bench, but surely it’s worth the risk in captaining him. You’ll kick yourself if he starts.

2. Aguero – If you’re not willing to gamble on Alexis, perhaps enjoy having Aguero as a POD captain for once. I enjoyed it against Spurs earlier this season, and I still remember that feeling. He is vital for City, and once he gets one in the back of the net I suspect they may flow once again. His volley into the post was incredibly unlucky against Hull, and I can’t see him not scoring again to be honest. A great option to have, if you see the big C next to Aguero you know you’re in good hands.

3. Hazard – He may not be the most exciting player to own, however he gets the business done week in, week out. As I mentioned his ability to receive bonus points is ridiculous, he has got maximum bonus 7 times this season! Everton’s back 4 have looked shaky at best, and I can see Chelsea banging a few past them even without Costa. Hazard is a great chance to be involved, and a solid captaincy POD this week.

The Punt:

Ozil/Walcott – If you want to gamble, look no further. Let’s start with Ozil. I think he’s guaranteed to start, and will torment Leicester all day. There’s no way Wenger will rest him after just returning to form. If you don’t own Alexis, or don’t trust him to start then Ozil is a great option to have. Just be wary that up until his return from injury, he didn’t prove to be the most consistent option. Let’s hope he’s turned the corner.

Walcott on the other hand is the very definition of a punt. He isn’t guaranteed to start and has looked rusty at times upon return from injury. He’s also likely to be substituted come the 70th minute. However he has the capability to do all kinds of damage. There’s some moments you don’t forget, and captaining Walcott when he scored 26 against Newcastle is one of them. After coming on as substitute against Spurs because Wenger preferred Welbeck’s defensive work ethic, I feel he has to start tonight. Arsenal will dominate the game, and he is almost certain to get chances. If he has a good day, captaining him could be a move to send you flying up the rankings. Funnily enough I own him, and plan on trading him next week due to his likely hood of benching/substituting. This week however is set up for him, and I am taking the gamble.

After a barren few weeks as far as captains are concerned, there are a multitude of options available to us! It should be a high scoring gameweek, good luck to everyone!

27 comments on “The Captains – GW25

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Great point, he’s similar to Silva in those stats. 7 out of 8 attacking returns away when starting, 3 out of 7 at home. Maybe City just don’t like the Etihad?? His 4 goal haul aside there’s not much to write home about in front of his home fans…

  1. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    I feel like Alexis will have a big game if he gets on the park from the start, is there a guarantee that he will start?
    Although Aguero is tempting.

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      We will know the starting line-ups for Arsenal before deadline, so that question will be answered! If you’re like me and won’t be awake, take a gamble!

  2. brandonpietie

    This article has almost EVERY captain option out there lol. Nice one. I think im going with Defoe this week. Hope it pays off.

  3. Holly

    I noticed Fabregas didn’t get a mention, do we think he’ll play much of a part tomorrow? I’m thinking of taking out Sterling but can’t decide whether to put in Fabregas/Eriksen/Coutinho and up front Sturridge/Kane, any help would be much appreciated!

  4. mattcraigdt Post Author

    The rate he’s going, Kane perma captaincy shout not looking as far fetched, although there’s still a bloke called Aguero. Sanchez took a knock to the knee early from a shocking tackle and wasn’t right afterwards, unlucky

  5. Hero

    Tough morning. Went Aguero hopefully it pays off. Kane just can’t stop scoring. But captaincy against the top sides still doesn’t feel right. I know the week i captain him he’ll blank and Aguero will score a Hatty

    • Carlos

      The one week I captained Kane that’s exactly what happened – Kane flopped and Costa went for 2 goals and 1 assist…

  6. Rakshit

    Horror start for me except for Kane. Giroud doughnut, PVA getting spanked by QPR at home and Ospina conceding late against Leicester! Hopes on my midfield and Captain Kun!

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