Studs Up – GW25

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You know why this game shits me?


* ffs *

It’s not because I got up a few minutes early to see my boys “finish off” Chelsea. Instead, in that 5 minutes I saw a goal, a disallowed goal, a red card, a disallowed red card and a biting (well, alleged biting). No, not because of that. No it was for a lot of us not following our own golden rule. Yeah he’s just come back from another injury. Yeah he’s looked rusty. Yeah Man City haven’t exactly been setting the world on fire. But he is, Sergio Aguero. Perma-captain. Don’t ever forget that. Applause to those that stuck by THE principle. For the rest of us, well we’ve got a week and a half to reinforce that in our heads so grab a chair and go sit in front of the mirror. We need to take a good hard look at ourselves.


Lambert. Finally!!! Lerner must be an easy going boss to let this bloke keep his job as long as he has… 25 games, 12 goals.  Goalless in 15 of 25 games. Winless in 10 games. This will be the job Sherwood gets. You just know it… If he does then expect some goals, and in particular from big Bentekkkers. Their defence is fine so he won’t need to do much there. As is always the case, keep an extra set of eyes on how Villa bounce back from this. If the players really hated Lambert then him going might set them free. Or this mob could really be that bad and it doesn’t matter who’s in charge…

Liverpool. What about their form? Unbeaten since mid December, that’s 9 games for 6 wins. Although they aren’t breaking any nets with overuse, they are putting goals away on occasion. They’ve even picked up 5 clean sheets!!! They’ll only get better once Sturridge’s return is complete but just be careful, their fixtures aren’t the best… Southampton away, City home, Burnley home (which isn’t exactly a walk in the park nowadays), Swansea away, United home then Arsenal away don’t scream clean sheets. But it does murmur goals… There’s a little too much rotation going on for my liking too so, buyer beware I guess…

Honourable mentions. Ozil back, but risky to pick. Burnley unlucky. Nobody wanting a bar of QPR. Ideye, just because.


* Nom nom nom (allegedly) *


GW27/28. Most of the Addicts here are fairly switched on operators so I probably don’t need to go into this little roundabout coming up in any great detail. I’m sure there are a few though with the blinkers on so I will touch on it anyway. Whether you take the first exit or the second exit, I don’t think it really matters because a lot of us might struggle to field a full team or if we do it will be pretty ordinary because we’ll have to dig deep into our benches. It will however be a great chance to jump the rankings if you swerve all the big outs and are able to take advantage of the DGWs… Spurs and Chelsea are the big losses. A huge number of us are rolling with 2 or even 3 Chelsea players so that in itself could cause mayhem, but to add potentially Spurs’ players like Kane or Eriksen could cause some managers sleepless nights. Add to that some of us could have Leicester or QPR as bench warmers? The biggest issue however… Spurs and QPR have their make up game the very next GW so trading their assets out means that it will take a bit of Redknapp-esque transfer dealing to take advantage of it whilst remaining reasonably competitive during the low activity round. Chelsea and Leicester’s make up games are yet to be rescheduled which, from a purely selfish perspective, is pretty ordinary.

Honourable mentions. Ivanovic… That is all.

Ryan Bennett Award – Chris Smalling. You have to feel for the bloke. He can’t string enough games together to pick up any sort of form, but he did get lucky this week. With the early injury to Phil Jones he was thrown in, and scored 2 goals! Before this season he’s played roughly 5000 minutes of EPL footy over 6 seasons for a grand total of 2 goals. So there you go.

Jonjo Shelvey Award – Mousa Dembele. Mousa is the kind of player you feel hasn’t really fulfilled his potential. But you also feel that if he left Spurs he might have half a chance at doing so. He’s been getting good minutes since the start of the year and has looked decent, but the worry will always remain that he’ll lose his spot for no apparent reason.

Jamie Vardy Award – Nikica Jelavic. Still love him, but he’s not the first choice Hull striker he once was. To be fair, he was given every opportunity to recreate what he once was, but what he once was doesn’t look like returning any time soon. Shame.

Have a good break all! I’m sure there’s some better stories than how I went this week so I’ll let you at it below… Also, let me know if you’re interested in Fantasy Cricket World Cup and I’ll hook you up with some contacts. Twitter = @johnsthogg.


10 comments on “Studs Up – GW25

  1. Dan

    Great read 🙂

    Happy with my score, 73, ranking lifting again to something semi respectable (up from 130k to 50k in last two weeks). Could have been better but I did Sanchez in for ADM last minute.

    Had Aguero captain. Kane, Ozil, double Chelsea defence and Lescott with everyone else blanking. Now have to sit and wait on Aguero and Sanchez injuries.

    Am playing the Fox version of the Fantasy World Cup, the “official” one was way too messy and involved for me lol

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Thanks Dan! Fantastic run. Let’s hope it lasts!

      Doing both cricket comps, but only coz I’m a glutten for punishment haha. And because I’m hoping more people reckon the Fox version is easier and I’m the only one left!

    • chopyouup

      unfortunately for me dropped a bit and sitting at 5028 overall but up to 23 in FPL addicts and 2 in Addicts championship!!

  2. viper086

    definitely a week of two stories. You either had Aguero or as a lot of people in my league did had Kane captain or you were like the others and had an arsenal player or hazard captain.

    I was one of the lucky ones and went with Aguero, luckily it paid off and i finished with a nice 65. I have somehow got 3 Arsenal players in my team at the moment so that goal from Leicester really hurt.

    • Bio Eden Hazard

      Agree 100%. I had Aguero captain and did somehow ok but the rest of the team misfired badly (Sterling, Sanchez, Cazorla…)

  3. templetontherat

    I think it’s time for me to use the wildcard.
    This is my current team: Fabianski/Begovic, Terry/Baines/Wisdom/Clyne/Cresswell, Eriksen/Downing/Silva/Hazard/Walters, Defoe/Kane/Rooney.
    Thinking of getting rid of both goalkeepers, Baines, every MF except Eriksen, Defoe and Rooney. Interested in suggestions or reasons why I shouldn’t use the wildcard.

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