The Captains – GW26

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They may be late, but let’s hope they’re great. It’s that part of the week again, it’s time to pick a captain!

The Contenders:

The fact that Sanchez hasn’t made the top 3 shows the calibre of options we are dealing with this week, so I’m not sure going after a POD captain is the wisest move.

Ozil and Cazorla may be considered for some, and they’re definitely great options. However we are blessed with a number of in-form and top strikers enjoying easier games this week, so I would advise you steer clear.

I still don’t think we should be captaining defenders, so Ivanovic is a pass for me. He did however score against Burnley earlier this season, so I can certainly understand the temptation. The odds are against him scoring though, and there’s plenty of alternatives available.

Silva doesn’t produce enough big returns for me to consider him a viable alternative to the big 3 this week.

If you have brought in Costa for whatever drugged up reason, he is a great option for this week. I simply cannot believe his price has gone up yet he has a blank next gameweek, while a fit Aguero has gone down! He will be keen to prove a point this week but I stand by the fact that nobody should own him just yet. Solid POD to own if he does go big and you have the big C on him though!

Top 3:

1. Kane – I feel that the captains have been leaning towards opinionated guesswork, rather than using the cold hard facts to pick the best option. I’m going to change tactic for a week. Placing my Spurs bias aside, it’s hard to ignore Kane this week. One could argue that he is due a blank after 3 consecutive double figure hauls, but that argument doesn’t have much ground to stand on. He has scored an unbelievable 91 points over the past 10 gameweeks, including 11 goals 4 assists and 20 bonus points. He has blanked just twice in that time, both at home mind you. Nevertheless you can’t ignore his goalscoring exploits, and West Ham’s defence isn’t exactly the most rock solid. My favourite stat? Kane has contributed to over 71% of Spurs’ goals during this time frame. They are odds on to score, and he is odds on to be contributing in some manner. It just makes sense.

2. Hazard – As far as home records go, they don’t get much better than Hazard’s. He has notched attacking returns in 8 of his 12 home games, including 4 double figure hauls. His incredible love for the new bonus point system makes him a fantastic option, he has managed 26 already this season (more than any other player). You only have to learn from his 3 bonus points for registering just a single assist against Man City. If he gets amongst the points he usually gets amongst the bonus as well, and Burnley at home looks a treat too tasty to ignore.

3. Aguero – It’s a massive call there’s no denying it, but in most cases the stats don’t lie. Unfortunately they don’t paint the best picture for Aguero’s hopes this week. He produced one of the most devastating individual displays seen for a long time when he banged in 4 against Spurs in front of his beloved home fans. However you wouldn’t believe how poor he has been at home in his other appearances. In his six other home starts, he has managed just 1 goal and 1 assist (discluding his injury against Everton) at an average of 3.3 ppg. Basically, in just one of 7 home starts has he been worth captaining. Compare this to his away record, 9 goals and 4 assists in 9 starts for an average of 8.3 points per game. 3 double figure scores compared to 1. Just 1 away blank from 9 games, compared to 4 in 7 at home!!! I’ve made my point, and I’ll be more than happy to be proved wrong… However things just don’t add up.

The Punt:

Sanchez – The only thing that has me uncertain in captaining Sanchez at the moment is his fitness levels. It was always going to happen, Wenger never learns nor does he make the tough decision to rest Sanchez against his will. Regardless, fatigue wasn’t at fault for his failure last week. He took a knock on the knee early in the game and was well below his best before being substituted just after 60 minutes. Why he played in the FA Cup is beyond me, but he is fit to line up this week. Let’s hope he’s back to his best, and he is very capable of dismantling Crystal Palace. That being said they are many risks involved, so the punt he becomes.

There you have it. I do apologise for the late post, but better late than never! Good luck for the weekend, I’m just praying Aguero doesn’t make me eat my words!

12 comments on “The Captains – GW26

  1. Dan

    Had it on Kane all week (since watching West Ham v West Brom in the FA Cup), but having last minute jitters to move it to Aguero/Hazard….

  2. tigermania78

    Nice article Matt. Hasn’t made my job any easier picking a captain this week, tossing up between Hazard, Aguero and Kun. Don’t have Costa, not sure why you would trade him in this week. Could hurt me if he scores double figures

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