The Captains – GW27

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Welcome to a special edition of the captains this week, we are missing half our options! With key teams such as Chelsea and Tottenham missing in action, our captaincy calls will be all the more vital…

The Contenders:

We really have to scrape the barrel this week. Downing is a legitimate option, I reckon he’s due a big game as are West Ham. If you still own him he is a very fair shout. Ings is another many will consider and his home form suggests that isn’t a bad move at all. He has scored in his past 3 home games and faces a leaky Swansea at Turf Moor this weekend. They’re still big risks though.

United’s attack is just as confusing as it was 3 weeks ago, but many will be forced into relying on them pulling through this week. A home game against Sunderland will surely provide goals, and Rooney should hopefully regain a spot up front with RVP out injured. He is a great shout. As for Falcao… Well this is it.

Silva isn’t known for his monster scores, but he produced last week. He took his chances well, but Newcastle were nothing more than training cones. Expect him to get a cold welcome at Liverpool and I don’t expect a repeat score.

Lastly, Sterling is a cheeky option that not many will consider. He has hit form recently, scoring or assisting in 5 of his past 7 games. Man City’s defending is atrocious and I expect Liverpool to sneak a couple past them. That game could be an entertaining affair. I’d be content with owning him as a POD.

Top 3:

1. Aguero – There are times when it’s just best to play it safe, and Aguero is that option this week. As much as Liverpool have turned it around defensively, I can almost guarantee they will concede to City. They haven’t suddenly become world beaters, clean sheets against Sunderland, Aston Villa, West Ham, Everton and Southampton doesn’t exactly say a lot. The 2 they conceded against Spurs in an open contest says more. This will be an exciting game and Aguero has the form and the quality to tear them apart. Laugh as much as you want, but Lovren is back. Just saying. He scored 2 away to Stoke, notched in the first minute against Newcastle and got on the scoresheet against Barcelona. He is back in form, and he should get your armband.

2. Sanchez – One option that may slip under the radar is Alexis Sanchez. Sure, his form has dropped off recently. All the more reason to spur on a big performance. Firstly I think we should all hold him, but I don’t know if others will be so patient. What I do know is that Everton conceded 2 at home to Leicester last week, and Arsenal will be ready to fire after an embarrassment midweek. This could either go 2 ways, follow the poor form guide and end up in a bore draw, or we see a goalfest. I’m leaning towards alternative 2 as neither team can defend. Keep Alexis in your captaincy plans.

3. Sturridge – He hasn’t quite hit his straps yet since returning from injury, but that’s to be expected. However Man City’s defence is nothing more than paper over the cracks, and I fully expect Liverpool to breach their goal at least once. Sturridge loves a big occasion and I’m tipping him to get on the scoresheet in this one, creating havoc while he’s at it. Great option.

The Punt:

Di Maria – I was seriously struggling to find a worthy punt this week. Sterling, Silva, Downing and Ings all went close, but Di Maria just gets the nod. As poor as his form has been recently, 4 assists in his past 4 games suggests he is once again finding some rhythm. If Sunderland at home was the walkover everyone says it will be, I’d have him or Rooney in the top 3. The fact is Sunderland are defending well this season, and more importantly United have no fluency in attack. The quality they have suggests it will click soon, and Di Maria could get off the chain this weekend.

With regards to some teams having a blank gameweek, this is where having a strong bench comes in handy. Try not to panic trade, as the players that miss this week will eventually enjoy a double gameweek to make things up. Remember that QPR and Spurs make up their game in GW28, so keep calm!

There you have it! I think going against Aguero with such out of form alternatives is a massive risk, but we play this game to gamble on players! I should also mention that Nick is away on a footy camp and won’t get a News Wrap out this week. If you have any questions regarding one of your players, just comment and I’ll dig up what I can! Good luck to everyone this weekend, let’s hope the absentees aren’t felt too hard.

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  1. brandonpietie

    Wow the lack of choices lol. I see Cazola is in the vote box. What’s the thoughts on giving him the armband?

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