Studs Up – GW27

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Midweek game alert! Midweek game alert! DGW alert! DGW alert. Just in case you didn’t know…


* Welcome back lad *


Spurs DGW. Here it is, we’ve been waiting all season for a DGW to sink our teeth into. Unfortunately it does come with a degree of caution… With it coming so soon after the disappointment of their League Cup Final loss there are two factors at play. Rotation, and hangover.  Spurs already have a record for rotating players, and up until now it’s largely been the peripheral players that have been effected. None of the key players have been rested… So that would suggest the likes of Kane and Eriksen are safe. But are they? They have been putting in big shifts this season so it would be no surprise that they are provided a break. On the flip side, they’re out of the Europa League, they’re out of the FA Cup, they’ve just lost the League Cup… They’ve only got the EPL to play for and with United’s up and down form they are still very much in the running for 4th spot. They’ll play. But hangover? Losing any final is heart breaking, and no matter how “professional” these guys are it has to have some effect. It will be a test of the gaffers credentials to see how this young team bounces back. So who should we be looking at? The main man, and the one hopefully we all kept during Spurs’ NGW (no game week?), is Kane. His stats are phenomenal. Averaging 10 points over his last 4, 8.8 from his last 11, make him a must have and legit captaincy material. Can he keep it up? Yeah why not… Eriksen should be well enough known by the community now. Their next opposition is Swansea, who he scored 13 points against earlier this season so if you have him you’re hoping he can recreate that, as well as keep up his goal scoring record over the whole season. He really has lifted to what we expected him to become. Outside of those two guns it does get a little tough to not only pick someone who will get you those extra points, but also one that is 1000% certain to play. If you want a defensive asset then Rose is probably your best bet. Loves to get forward and has two 10+ games already this year. The other two options are Vertonghen and Walker but at 5.9m and 5.8m respectively I don’t see the point compared to the 4.8m Rose. The 4th defender will be either Dier or Fazio. They’ve been rotated heavily so what may happen is that these 2 games are split between the two of them. You don’t want anything to do with that so move along. The early season form of Chadli has petered out and in fact his spot in the team has been taken by Lamela in recent games, and he’s not been doing anything worthwhile. Dembele is half a shout (well maybe closer to a quarter of a shout), but he’s regularly been a sub candidate so is not getting the best chance to score you points. Mason and Bentalab aren’t up for consideration due to their defensive roles… So based on that, it’s Kane, Eriksen and Rose for the win?

Honourable mentions. Rooney playing higher up the pitch! Ozil again. Sterling/Coutinho value picks going forward. 1-0 to Mr Pulis.

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* Bye bye Sam *


West Ham. She’s a brick and I’m drowning slowly… The Hammer train has come to a grinding and agonising halt in recent months and it would seem all their good work in the first half of the season wasn’t sustainable. It will cost Big Sam his job eventually. Their last 10 games have only seen the one win, with 5 draws and 4 losses. Up until this gameweek those losses were against quality sides so could be excused but to lose 3-1 at home to Palace is not real flash. They haven’t been scoring a heap of goals so there’s no saving grace there, an average of 1 per game over those 10 doesn’t scream attacking potential to us. And they’ve only kept 2 cleanies while conceding 14 in the other 8 so their defence isn’t up to much either. Oh yeah, they have Chelsea and Arsenal up next…

QPR DGW. I guess we should at the very least consider what they have to offer? Their main man is Charlie Austin and although his form has quietened since his huge end to 2014, he did score in his last outing away at Hull. QPR have Arsenal and Spurs, both at home, and he did score against Arsenal earlier in the season but missed the trip to Spurs. If your team structure warrants it, he could be a great option? Outside of him you’re really struggling. It’s hard to consider their defenders what with their inability to keep a cleansheet against any half decent team, and their midfield has been decimated by injuries and no-one left is putting their hand up for selection. Phillips has been ok recently, and Kranjcar loves a goal (although a knee injury might put him off the table). So that’s a no then except for a potentially worthwhile punt on Charlie…

Honourable mentions. Everton being dragged down…

Ryan Bennett Award – Marc Wilson. The days of Stoke being the defensive beast are long gone. However, at 4.3m Wilson could be a handy D6 for someone. It’s not getting any better than that.

Jonjo Shelvey Award – Jack Cork. Didn’t even realise he was playing for Swansea… Well there you go, that shows his fantasy relevance! We might need to create a new category called “Stealth Player of the Week”, coz he ain’t on any radars…

Jamie Vardy Award – Glenn Murray. Has one of the best goals to minutes ratio in the EPL. Fact! His 3 goals from 201 minutes is immense. Ah. 201 minutes… Started only his second game for the season and netted twice to follow from his super sub goal last round, but then got sent off. Palace have too many strikers available for Murray to be on our radars.

I hope you were all able to navigate through that past round with some green arrows welcoming you at the end? Seems like the par score was high 40’s, low 50’s so if you did any better than that you deserve a heap of credit! How hard are you going at this upcoming DGW?!? I’m going with Kane, Eriksen and Rose with a probable hit to bring in Austin! Captain Kane has a good ring to it too… 28th in A League :O

22 comments on “Studs Up – GW27

  1. MattyZach

    Nice work mate! I had missed that the next GW starts tomorrow, until I read this. You’ve saved my butt!

    Scored 62 this week, and saw green arrows for the first time in a month. Somehow that restored all the places that I’d lost in that time too. Phew!
    Can’t decide if I want to get Rose/Austin in this week. Would need a hit and would probably mean that I couldn’t get Giroud back in afterwards. Might be too risky at this time of year.

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Missed a bullet there! You don’t want to miss out on this round… 🙂

      I don’t mind a hit to take advantage of a DGW. I’ve dumped Giroud (-> Austin) and to be honest don’t really want to get him back so don’t see it as a problem.

  2. Bio Eden Hazard

    Just traded Eriksen for Cazorla on an impulse transfer. I’m really confused by Arsenal midfielders at the moment, I still have Sanchez in my team but he needs to deliver the goods soon otherwise…well otherwise what? Ozil? Yaya?

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Yaya? Did you see the game on Sunday? He looked absolutely cooked. I’ll be holding Sanchez for a little while longer, he works too hard for his form slump to last too much longer.

      • Bio Eden Hazard

        Ah thanks Baysie, no I didn’t see the game on Sunday. As a matter of fact I don’t see any game now that I live in Asia…:-( Thank god I have you guys at fpladdicts to let me know what’s really going on!

  3. Philip

    I’ve got two trades this week and am looking at 2 options:
    1. Bring in just Rose and save one trade
    2. Bring in Austin and Dier. I don’t quite have enough to make Austin and Rose work.

    For full disclosure, I’ve already got Kane and Erikson in my side.

    • baysietoff Post Author

      I’d prefer to see you take advantage of the DGW, but 2 is a risk with Dier not certain to play both… Maybe 1 as a safe option, and keep that spare trade for the Chelsea DGW?

  4. joelharrison82

    Great article. Thanks for the heads up on Rose. I think I’ll swap him with Bertrand for this week as I don’t lose any value on Bertie. Looking forward to what Kane, Austin and rose can do for me this weekend.

  5. Zeus

    Bringing the quality yet again John, I look forward to it every Monday 🙂

    I’ve got two free transfers and I plan to bring in Kane and Eriksen for Cazorla (he’s been playing a bit deeper) and Gayle.

    Torn atm about whether to a) take a 4 point hit and bring in a third dgw player and ruin my team structure and b) if I did, choosing austin or rose.

    I’m leaning towards not taking a hit at this stage, because it’ll ruin my team structure and those guys aren’t even guaranteed to fire. Currently fourth in the cash league, and gunning towards the top, so every trade is important.

  6. theultimateandy

    I have Chadli, Kane and Rose. Should I take a hit to get Eriksen? I’d have to drop Sanchez, Hazard or Silva to free up the cash though…

        • baysietoff Post Author

          Tough situation to be in! I would take a hit, but that’s a personal preference. I assume you’d lose $ on all three of those players if you were to trade them out? I’d be leaning towards Silva out. Sanchez is coming towards the end of a lean trot, and Hazard is a deadset gun with a DGW left to play.

          • theultimateandy

            Found a way around it… Giroud / Chadli out for Austin / Eriksen. Lets see how that plays out, I’m sketchy about Austin, but a DGW is a DGW!

  7. Carlos

    Double week, double headache….
    Kane or Aguero as captain?
    Guzan or Panti as GK?
    Bench Bertrand or Clyne? Or let them play both?
    What to do with Van Aanholt?
    This game is like Frodo and the ring – you hate it and love it with passion at the same time…

  8. viper086

    I have a keeper conundrum. Do i play Green (QPR) v (Spurs) & (Ars) or Krul v (Man U). Green Could cop 2 Donuts if Spurs and the Gunners fire but he could also probably make a few saves and at least get 2 points for just showing up. Krul could keep a cleanie against Man U who cannot buy a win away from home

    Probably leaning towards Green at the moment just because of the DGW

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