The Captains – DGW28

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Had I forgotten that we had midweek fixtures? Maybe. Not the best week to be caught up in Uni starting again! Better late than never I say, plus we have our first double gameweek to make a big decision! Let’s take a look at the options…

The Contenders:

In my mind there are only 4 people worthy of consideration outside of this top 4. Firstly Ozil isn’t the best armband option in my view, he relies too much on others finishing. Secondly Arsenal’s form is pretty horrific. Sterling is slipping under the radar, but a captain…? I’m not so sure. The two you may consider are Hazard and Costa, but I suggest looking elsewhere. Chelsea can certainly get one or two past West ham, but it won’t be a points fest. I couldn’t split Hazard or Costa, but when you have top players playing twice in one gameweek, the gamble becomes too much. Austin isn’t a great option in my view. To own, maybe he could be a nice differential. However when facing Arsenal and Spurs at home, he shouldn’t get the armband.

Top 3:

1. Kane – I couldn’t say no. To those who say he isn’t captain material, go and look at his past 11 games. 12 goals and 4 assists if you don’t mind. Spurs play Swansea at home followed by QPR away, 2 very winnable games. Here you have one of the League’s in form strikers, enjoying a double gameweek against 2 sides who have kept 4 clean sheets each in their past 20 games. It’s incredibly risky going against him, but there is merit to it. I will be on the Kane bandwagon, let’s hope he gets through 180 minutes (of domination)!

2. Aguero – If Aguero’s home form was better, he would’ve maintained the number one spot. However as I alluded to last week, he has struggled at home. Even in Man City’s 5-0 demolition of Newcastle, he couldn’t hit double figures. Having said that he does play Leicester at home, and it doesn’t get any better than that. Owning him as a differential captain at home to Leicester seems the pinnacle of fpl, but Kane is averaging 9 points per game at the moment. Aguero doesn’t have the safety net of playing twice, and he would need to go huge. He can certainly do it, but I’ll be taking the safe route. If you’re behind in your leagues, this could be an avenue to try and gain some ground.

3. Sturridge – It’s almost impossible to go against the top two, but Sturridge wouldn’t be the worst shout. He didn’t start on the weekend because he had played 105 minutes midweek, but he should return to the starting XI tomorrow. It would be a gamble if I’ve ever seen one, however he has the ability to tear teams apart. Don’t be shocked to see him do so at home to Burnley.

The Punt:

Eriksen will be a big contender this week, but his form and job security doesn’t warrant automatic captaincy. There is a lot of risk surrounding him. Firstly he is no guarantee to start both games, although you would bet on him doing so. Secondly, his form is nothing special. He has failed to score or assist in 6 of his past 8 games. In fact he has 2 assists having played more minutes than last season when he managed 9. On a positive note, he hasn’t gone longer than 3 games without a goal or assist all season. His current streak is 3. He is creating chances and it should click soon, making him a worthy punt this week.

Hopefully this has helped out! Aguero and Kane are seriously hard to split, and I think it could be the deciding factor this week. Let’s hope for a high scoring one! Good luck.

13 comments on “The Captains – DGW28

  1. theultimateandy

    Great article Matt! I had completely forgotten about Kun with Kane having a double… I think Kane is a must for the Capt’s armband though.

  2. viper086

    It was really a good week to risk the captaincy on someone else apart from Kane this week. Obviously in hindsight we can say that now but with 95% of people captaining Kane you might be able to rise up the rankings with an Eriksen, Chadli or Rose skipper. Obviously still one more game to play so things could change dramatically. (For the record i have Kane captain)

  3. theultimateandy

    Sitting on 74pts with (C)Kane, Eriksen, Rose and Austin to play again… The guy above me in my league forgot to make any transfers for the DGW. This is my shot to jump to first! Need about 40 more pts.

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