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Forget about the DGW on the horizon, I’m more concerned about bouncing back from last week’s debacle!!! Remember that Villa and QPR blank just 2 gameweeks after their double, bear that in mind when trading. GW 29 was a write off, let’s hope our guns can deliver us some healthy double points this week!

The Contenders:

Costa is always going to be a contender for the armband, but he’s not breaking out of that bracket for me anytime soon. He is extremely important for Chelsea and he will score you goals. Assists, bonus points and basically anything else seem off limits. Not enough big scores to cover the risk.

Sanchez, Ozil and Cazorla must all be in the mix this week. They did have a taxing game midweek in the Champions League, and that is enough to put some doubt in my mind. There are enough solid alternatives this week for me to pass, a tough game against Newcastle is nothing to take lightly.

Top 3:

1. Kane – Yep, I’ve done it again. However it shouldn’t really be a surprise by now, after all the form guide doesn’t lie. Spurs face Leicester at home, not only a must win game but surely a comfortable victory. Tottenham have a terrible habit of fluffing these games, but Kane is the man to carry them through such a crisis. I’ve gone through all the stats on multiple occasions, basically he’s a goalscoring machine and in top form and confidence. Spurs will dominate the game and Kane is sure to be amongst the points. Considering he has gone double figures every 2 games since December, you have to be confident he will get the job done.

2. Aguero – Denying Aguero for a guy like Kane seems ridiculous, however at the moment it makes sense. It pains me to say that Aguero is struggling right now, and realistically isn’t paying off his 13.0 price tag. That’s not suggesting to trade him out, watch your world burn down when he eventually goes mad. However as a captaincy option you have to be careful. Man City are serving up some dreadful performances currently, so a Tony Pulis lead West Brom will make things extremely tough. Aguero has scored more than 1 goal at home on just ONE occasion all season. You can do a lot worse than captaining someone of Kun’s class, however my brain is telling me that we should tread carefully. It’s a very valid point that he hasn’t gone more than 2 games without a goal all season, so he is due. With a bloke in Kane’s form, being ‘due’ isn’t quite enough. I’m backing him to explode soon, just not this week. Watch these words haunt me…

3. Hazard – If for whatever reason you aren’t captaining Aguero or Kane this week, perhaps you should buy a mirror. I’m sure you know the rest. That’s probably unfair, we have had a wretched run of captains lately. You know what you’re going to get from Hazard. A classy performance, a 75% chance of attacking returns and an almost certain 3 bonus points. If you need to bank points then he seems a great option, however the 2 key forwards have the capability to go massive on their day. Still a solid option against a struggling Hull outfit.

The Punt:

Silva – Silva has scored 28 points from 3 goals and 1 assist in his past 2 home games. He should definitely be high in your calculations, however City’s form against a solid West Brom outfit doesn’t fill me with confidence. Their start will be crucial, hence Silva becomes a risky pick. However their is plenty of upside to handing him the armband, a great captaincy differential if that’s what you’re after. Capable of being a gameweek changer.

There you have it! I’m still torn between Kane and Aguero, it doesn’t quite feel right… But that’s the way I’m leaning to and this time I’m listening to my head. If you have any questions about your captain or some DGW chatter, feel free to comment below! Good luck for this weekend, things can only get better…

7 comments on “The Captains – GW30

  1. rakers777

    Need to trade Milner, have the cash to get anyone. Oscar is tempting but I think he will drop in price over the next few weeks, might grab him later. Who should I get? Already have hazard

  2. Bio Eden Hazard

    Cheers Matt!! Went for Kane myself as Aguero had a Champion’s League game this week…can hardly believe it, I’m gonna be thinking about it all day ahah.
    PS: Baysie, I eventually followed your lead on Benteke 🙂 The DGW got me!

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