Studs Up – GW 30

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I’m sure we are all in agreement that was a decent bounce back to FPL form! Well, not me but I’ll get onto that later. A big lesson to be learnt… Just a quick one this week, but for those unaware we have a decent break before the next game!



LVG. You have to give credit where credit is due don’t you? Surely? He’s copped some of the harshest criticism I’ve ever seen directed at a gaffer since, well since Moyesy. And they’re 2 points away from finishing top 2! Even Fellaini is starting to look like he actually knows how to play! Granted LVG was allowed to spend the sort of cash that Moyes would only have dreamt of, but none of the recruits have done a thing. Nothing. ADM did have a spurt early doors, but hasn’t done much (anything) since. If you told me Herrera and Shaw cost spare change short of 30m each I’d have a laugh and tell you you’re dreaming. Rojo and Blind have shown flashes of being worth half that but can’t stay on the park for long. Falcao? Ha, give me a break. Even some of the stars already at the club in RVP, Mata and Rooney haven’t really performed for any decent period of time. Not to mention having to deal with the worst defensive injury crisis in my memory for most of the first half of the season. Yet, they’re 2 points from second spot… Astonishing. Is it really though, or is the lack of European footy really that much of difference? Would the gap to the likes of City and Arsenal be much larger if they didn’t have to deal with the Champions League. Bit of a mute point really, but we’ll see next season when United are in their shoes. Until then, well played Mr Van Gaal.

Honourable mentions. Man City’s 43 shots on goal. Chelsea tied it up?



The Gaffer of Bayswater Toffees. Yep. Sometimes a risk pays off, sometimes it cancels out or sometimes, sometimes it crashes so spectacularly that you seriously considered hitting the delete button and questioning wtf you are doing being a part of this game. The finger was poised… It really was. But alas I didn’t have the guts to do it. This is a blow by blow account of how it all went down for your enjoyment… So, I really wanted Benteke. I mean desperately. This was going to be my game changer to shoot up the rankings. He was in form, looking great. Looked like the Bentekkkers of old! DGW coming helps? Sherwood! No-one else at Villa really caught my eye enough to want to spend a trade on… I also saw a fixture against Swansea a week earlier than the DGW I wanted a piece of. Swansea tend to get towelled up by big strikers who are good in the air. Ask Andy Carroll who he loves to play against and, after he stops weeping about missing football, he’ll tell you Swansea. I went to work. I had a front line of Aguero, Kane and Austin. Can’t trade out Kun when he’s due can I? No, of course not… Austin! No, he’s got a DGW too. Decent form as well… Kane? Don’t be stupid, he’s the inform striker in the EPL! World even!!! But… He has to come back down to Earth eventually. This sort of form can’t be maintained by a rookie. And don’t forget that, he is just a rookie. Maybe I get a jump on everyone and bail out now. But even if I wanted to do that I didn’t have the cash… Wait, what’s Eriksen done recently? Yeah nothing. Hasn’t even looked like scoring, and that’s the only way he’s been getting points this season. What about Siggy! Had 5 shots on goal last game without scoring… And they’re play Villa aren’t they? Villa love conceding! Siggy will score too for sure. So, Kane and Eriksen became Benteke and Siggy… Kane = 17 points, Eriksen = 5. Benteke = 2, Siggy = 3. And Benteke got injured, it’s probably a bad one. He doesn’t tend to do small injuries… That my friends is a 17 point turn around… No wait… 21 points for the hit I took to make it happen. That my friends is a 21 point turn around and a solid candidate for the worst week of trades in the history of fantasy sport. Fact. You think you got it bad? Prove it. I dropped nearly 80,000 positions too… Ugh. What a game. Lesson learnt? Don’t be a hero.

Honourable mentions. Stevie G sorry for not getting away with one? Aguero doing everything but score…

Ryan Bennett Award – Federico Fernandez. Swansea aren’t exactly the cleanest defending team going around, and in fact they can sometimes be quite the opposite, particularly away from home. They met a weak Villa team however and Fernandez got his cleanie points. Hit and miss fixtures means a no from me.

Jonjo Shelvey Award – Fernando. Hasn’t scored above 6 points this season and goes berzerk for 14. Was seriously helped along by the opposition playing short nearly the whole game making defensive midfielders pointless.

Jamie Vardy Award – Jamie Vardy! Nearly got a gig a month ago but his goalless 8 points wasn’t quite up to it. This is the same bloke that belted United to the tune of 21 points in GW5, but hasn’t scored since…

Stealth Player of the Week –  Boaz Myhill again. Just do it, and field him. Latest is that Foster won’t be back this season…

So there it is. I feel weirdly liberated after that… Anyone got a worse story than that??? Slight drop to 16th in A League but enough trades in the bank to swerve most of the international carnage. If anything that’s proof that I do know what I’m doing for those new around here!!!

61 comments on “Studs Up – GW 30

  1. Bio Eden Hazard

    Oh boy, I feel for you Baysie! Even more so that I also went for Benteke instead of…Giroud! I was going to get Silva on board as well. Now I don’t have the cash to bring in both unless I drop Sanchez…

  2. theultimateandy

    Ouch… that’s rough Baysie!

    I’ve been there a few times myself, I captained Defoe over Kane a few weeks back as a punt and it did not go well.

  3. theultimateandy

    So anyone else trying to figure out what to do with Forster? Looks like he’ll be out for a while.

    Tempted to bring in his replacement, Davis K?
    Or de Gea.

  4. viper086

    Tough luck Baysie! Was the time to risk it but it obviously did not pay off.

    I think it might be time for Sanchez and Kun to go. too much money to be copping the sort of dribble they have been pumping out. Kun has been bloody unlucky though and Sanchez had a number of good shots on the weekend. Maybe I am being to impatient. Thoughts?

    • baysietoff Post Author

      I think a lot of us have the same dilemma! Surely Kun has to score soon… He had 9 shots from memory on the weekend, albeit against 10 players it’s still pretty handy. Sanchez I’m less happy with. Personal preference unfortunately but I’m leaning towards trading out…

      • Liam

        Kun is driving me nuts, his having lots of shots but the areas where he is shooting from are questionable

  5. Liam

    Why would you trade Kane out in his form?

    This article convinced me to purchase Kane & hold him indefinitely (I was late on the Kane Train)

    I brought him on and third subbed him vs Arsenal saw any hopes of my teams title chances go down the drain and had 12 points at third sub – was totally shattered –

    Was brutal I’m sure most people have been ‘Kaned’ this season (Chelsea 18 points) comes to mind for people that had him

    • rickstone2

      I have to agree there. Transferring Kane at HOME against the BOTTOM side is crazy!!!! It’s captain worthy.
      And to Benteke before his double points??????

      Makes me think the so called experts around here just guess and hope all goes well. They wouldn’t know more than the regular punter.
      Best bet is to go with your own instinct.

      • Bio Eden Hazard

        Man,you have to make bets in this game and they can’t always pay off. It’s easy to apply logic after the games are over, although I agree with you that transferring Kane out was extremely risky. Overall I can tell you that I got some pretty good advice from the folks on this website…

        • baysietoff Post Author

          Thanks mate. To add, thank you to Rick for taking that in the complete opposite spirit it was intended, and obviously not bothering to read the entire article.

          • rickstone2

            I read the article. I just don’t see how an addict would trade out Kane against the bottom side for benteke. If Costa or Guiroud came in then I could understand.

      • nburk53

        If you’re such an expert Rick then your presence obviously isn’t needed on this site. It’s reasonable for anyone to assume that Kane can’t keep up this run of form, for someone of his experience and age, a drop off some time soon is more than likely.

        You never know Baysie, he might drop off the face of the earth from this weekend onwards and in hindsight you’ve made a ripper call! 😉

  6. Ryan

    Cheers Baysie, you have made my 100K+ drop in rankings seem like a good week (at least I have Kane still) 🙂

  7. rickstone2

    If you are cruising with a decent overall position or league ranking, why would you transfer out the in form striker and take a gamble if you don’t need to???
    If you hold Hazard will you be transferring him out next week for Cleverly ? No because it’s a silly move. No need for it and it certainly makes no sense = gambling. High risk.

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Sorry I don’t deal with “decent” and neither should any of us. Moving on, that’s not a great example… Benteke scored 12 and 13 in his previous 2 games.

      You wanna keep doing this?

      • baysietoff Post Author

        Keep on cruising mate… Come back later in the week and see the great work Nick and Matt do for the sensational community we have going on around here.

        • Psycho.You.Reds

          Bore off rickstone, the guys do a good job writing these articles. Whether any punt comes off or not, who cares? Maybe that time of the month.

      • Big willy style

        This guy 😐
        This game is about making risks especially at this end of the season.
        If this paid off you go up double the rankings.

        Of course you could just cruise and think life is good at 500000.

        I was burnt at the start of Kane’s great run as I thought “surely he can’t keep this going” went from top 4,000 to 12,000 in just 2 weeks.

    • Liam

      Kane is exactly the type of player that is impossible to pick up on straight away. His fresh, his young, his having the season of his life (I personally doubt he will keep this level up ever again, ever).

      Spurs had come off a europa league and capital one cup exit, Villa had a new manager and found a way to finally score some goals.

      Looking at the individual player data there is not much splitting Benteke & Kane, Benteke did go into the GW with a knock to his hip (or worse), Leicester had kept some of the top strikers out in recent weeks.

      Villa have been shooting a lot more lately matching it with Tottenham

      My personal opinion is we are at the stage of the season where people play the game differently because the focus is different. Mini-Leagues, Overall Ranks, Beating a mate, beating your total from last year whats your aim?

      I go for the highest overall rank, don’t look too much at what other people are doing (occasionally the top 10-20 because they tend to pick up on trends early)

  8. Carlos

    Hey guys, what happened to Seags? The scrawlings were hilarious, it’s been a while, hopefully we can get end of season review? 🙂

  9. mattcraigdt

    Latecomer but… That is a classic! Haha. Pencil it in for dumbest trade of all time. Injury prone bloke who has scored twice in the last century v man with 12 in 10. #cutforbaysie

  10. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Well Baysie… I dont think there is anything to say tbh, geeeeezus. Good read though, been afk for a while so not too relevant to me any more.

    But id did come to ask if there was gonna be a FPL addicts league for RDT again this year or nay?

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Long time! Yep I did it largely for the read, and to teach… You don’t reckon I open up myself for such criticism on purpose! 🙂 All true stories though! Not over though, still got a DGW…

      Yep, RDT is on. I’ll get onto it shortly. Come back tomorrow and I’ll have something!

      • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

        Well it made me feel better when I think back over past situations so it was worth it Baysie! Im very close to winning my mates league, just made 30pts on forst place so Im within reach, hopefully we will both be able to do something with that aye.

        Thanks for the league have joined and hopefully its full by Thursday!

      • brandonpietie

        I’m thinking of bringing in Phillips from QPR, but same delema… the only one I can think is Carzola.
        Midfield is: Carzola, Eriksen, Silva, Hazard

      • brandonpietie

        And the big gamble… Swapping Aguero > Benteke. I have a feeling that would pay off. Other 2 strikers are Giroud and Kan, and they both on Tremendous form

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