The Captains – GW31

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The return of the AFL is a major distraction, however the EPL is finally back tonight! Here’s a quick rundown of the captaincy options this week, if you have any roughies feel free to post in the comments and I’ll give my thoughts!

If you own either Austin or Benteke, skip down to the punt! If you own neither, read on!

Top 3:

1. Kane – I don’t really need to explain myself here these days. 17 goals in his last 15 games, seriously that’s at least the equivalent to what Suarez did last season, and we thought that wouldn’t be repeated for years. This guy’s starting price was 5.0! After scoring 90 seconds into his England debut, I can’t see Burnley keeping him out. The safe pick this week, as he is most weeks.

2. Aguero – Kun has returned to form for Argentina, scoring in both friendlies. I know he let us down 2 weeks ago, however he actually had 7 shots in that game and was so unlucky to hit the crossbar. Away at a leaky Palace, I’ll be giving him my armband as I need to try and make some ground. City desperately need him, plus he’s due!

3. Hazard – As I mention every week, Hazard is one of the safest bets in the competition. By making him your captain, the odds of your weekend falling to pieces lengthen considerably. He has scored or assisted in over 75% of his appearances! Stoke at home should be a great chance for him to increase his goalscoring tally, great option.

The Punt:

I’ll be honest, I see this DGW as a bit of a fizzer (Famous final words?). I haven’t rated Benteke since his debut season, however he is a candidate for the double chance. I prefer Austin as a captaincy pick, but neither fill me with confidence. As they are differentials I won’t put them in the top 3, however if you own either I would give them the armband. You’re guaranteed 4 points and have better odds of succeeding… Take the double chance. A punt nonetheless!

There you have it! Good luck to everyone this weekend, let’s hope it’s a high scoring one!

8 comments on “The Captains – GW31

  1. Gary Widdrington

    Matt, I’ve no idea where you dragged that one from: “I prefer Austin as a captaincy pick” – Awesome mate. Awesome.

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Pretty disappointed in myself actually haha. Ended up rushing it and almost forgetting the double gameweek! Benteke got lucky, but Austin should have been number 1 😛 Would love Aguero to stop hitting the post

    • brandonpietie

      How much I love the FPL this time of the season. Anything is possible. Brought Bentekkers in (4 goals) and Gave him the armband. Also brought Phillips in (1 goal and 3 Assist). A 95 point week so far, still need bonuses to be added, and subs to come on lol. FINALLY broke the 100 mark.

      • MattyZach

        Hells. I thought I had dominated getting 90! You’ve outdone me comfortably. I had Austin (C) as my only DGW player though.

  2. Dan

    Seems the DGW was a good one after all 🙂

    Logged in to check my team this morning, nearly fell off my chair, just a lazy 128 points!

  3. viper086

    Interested to hear from the haters going to town on Baysie last week when he traded out Kane for Benteke! Hopefully he kept him and put the armband on him

    • viper086

      I changed my captain from Austin to Aguero at the last second to give hime one last chance. I have now dropped from 2nd to 4th in my cash league

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