Studs Up – GW31

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Straight up… If you have any mates who winge about football being boring (or soccer, they probably call it soccer), give them a highlights package of this weeks games! It really was a showcase of everything good about the EPL, great goals, amazing saves, upsets and hat tricks! Well, just the one hat trick…


* Yep *


DGWs. I still love them. Even after my premature trading last week went bad, all of us who went the Benteke/Austin double would be loving life right now. Turned out it didn’t really matter too much which you captained, one went 23 the other 21. Put it to the back of our minds and let’s look ahead.

* GW33 will be missing Arsenal, QPR, Sunderland and Villa, so look to trade out soon or have good cover. Arsenal could be a huge loss and those Benteke/Austin fielded teams will potentially need to look for a new strike force. A commonly picked Pants could be a problem, but Myhill should provide good cover with a game against Palace. With Arsenal’s DGW not for a few weeks after this, you could potentially dump all their players knowing there’s more than enough to time to reload.

* Straight after that, GW34 gives us an opportunity with Chelsea and Leicester doubling up. Leicester might not be overly relevant, but Chelsea is. One issue is that both their games are away from home, with one against Arsenal… Both Arsenal and their other opponents Leicester aren’t scared of scoring (fyi, Leicester put away 3 at Spurs recently, and 2 at home to West Ham this week), so take some care in picking any Chelsea defenders. We’ll all have Hazard so maybe Fabregas, who’s got back into assist form, and Remy if Costa’s hammy can’t get up as expected for the Arsenal game. If he does get up, a sneaky sideways of Aguero for those with him still, to Costa could be a risk worth taking. Willian is a shout for a midpriced midfielder if your team balance allows it…

* GW37. The penultimate week of the season see Arsenal and Sunderland play their make up game… Outside of FPL, the Arsenal/Sunderland game could be an absolute cracker with Arsenal playing for top 2 (or more!) and Sunderland staving off relegation after only drawing with Leicester that weekend (bookmark). FPL wise, again I can’t recommend defenders as must haves for either side. Arsenal due to the fact they also play United away that week, and Sunderland because, well they play Arsenal. Even their earlier home game will potentially have a few goals… From Arsenal the obvious are Sanchez, Ozil and Giroud, but unfortunately we can’t plan that far ahead with this club. You really don’t know who’s going to be still standing in five weeks time, and who’s going to be arse up on a treatment table… For those with Pants, you probably still have him so play him. He might get a heap of save points. Outside of him though the only Sunderland player in any sort of point scoring form is *ugh* Defoe. Let’s revisit this a bit closer to the week shall we?

Honourable mentions. Everton back on form. Palace disrupting title races. Sunderland’s derby run! Sanchez back to form?


* ??? *


Aguero… As much as I want to keep laying the boot into City, there’s an elephant in the room that needs to be talked about. It’s now an agonizing 5 games since our 12.6m striker has scored and for the 1/4 of teams that still have him, a big decision now needs to be made for the final run home. He’s still so close to scoring, he hit the post again, but he only had 3 shots on goal this week against a Pardew’d Palace. Yaya had 8… That’s not good news for Aguero if Yaya Toure is going to be taking so many selfish shots. Then, Dzeko and him just don’t work, it should but it doesn’t. The lack of gelling between them means that Kun has to do too much on his own, and too much of it outside of the box. Bony needs more minutes. Injury robbed him this week, but when fit his ability to play the channels and lead up leaves a heap of space back in the box for Kun to roll into… The only thing that may save Aguero from trade tables is the lack of too many viable alternatives with injury, form and bye weeks leaving the cupboard somewhat bare of many (if any?) standouts options… This one is a very personal decision to make, and one that could work out amazingly well or horrifically poorly!

Honourable mentions. Liverpool hitting the wall, and the gaffer not taking ANY blame. Big Sam still employed?

Ryan Bennett Award – Vlad Chiriches. Talented centre back, but just not getting the minutes making him unpickable. Won’t be at Spurs next season.

Jonjo Shelvey Award – Ander Herrera. Super performance. Could be starting to find his feet? Played a bit higher than normal but probably due to the opposition and being at home. Tad too expensive.

Jamie Vardy Award – Bobby Zamora for his first game of the DGW… He scored! The surprise you may sense is well picked up. Never been a huge goalscorer, which can make it difficult to score points in FPL…

Stealth Player of the Week –  Bafetimbi Gomis. You get a feeling that this guy just needed a hug. Not from me mind, he looks too “Predator” for my liking. He might be the kind of player that runs on self belief and confidence, and strangely enough the fainting that occurred a few weeks ago may well have provided that. With everyone getting around him and giving their best wishes it may have been more love than he’s felt in a while, and since then he’s gone 3 in 3. With a lot of us looking for new striking options, put a bit of time in this bloke. Swansea have a decent run of games until towards the end of the season and Gomis is their man.

So… Handy 114 points from my boys this week means all the spots I lost last week were made up, with change. I try not to think what may have been! The A League team has slipped out to 32nd, but hoping my 6 trades left for 3 games might be handy… How’s your teams looking for this roller coaster end of the season?


37 comments on “Studs Up – GW31

  1. viper086

    Went with Aguero skipper hoping he would come good but alas it failed spectacularly with Austin’s 21 staring at me. Got injuries to Naughton and Hutton to rub salt into the wounds. Wish I had a WC handy!!!

    The striking conundrum is so tough at the moment. I think I am going to get rid of Austin and Aguero for Berahino and Rooney. Love to get Giroud and Costa but injuries and blank game weeks make it difficult

  2. MattyZach

    That’s a monster score! I was hopeful to crack the 100 for the first time this week, but fell short at 90. I have Aguero still, and will probably hold him simply due to the lack of another high priced option.
    That said, the extra cash would be great to allow a Hazard/Fab and then Sanchez/Ozil midfield during their DGWs.

  3. Dan

    My best week ever. A crazy 128 points. No way I expected that but will gladly take it 🙂

    I hate transferring out guys that have just blitzed for me, but now two of Phillips, Austin or Benteke have to go…tough choice.

  4. nburk53

    Awesome stuff Baysie! How thing can turn around in the space of a week hey! It may be my bad memory, and forgive me if I’m wrong, but didn’t you cop a bit of flack last week for taking a punt on Benteke… Hmm where are all the haters now?! 😀 🙂 😉

  5. greenninja15

    DISLIKE…punting no DGW players would be worth trading in then trading out and going with Kane as capt. Killed me in overall rankings and H2H. Kicked me out of cup in Fox Sports too. Uuuggghhh

  6. Shaun Curnow

    Scored lousy 61 this week which dropped me to 14K overall. That’ll teach me for going away and forgetting to set my team 🙁 I did however have monster 38 points on the bench this week!!

  7. marcus

    Hi all,coming 2nd in fox sports fantasy a league comp with three rounds left,39 pts off top spot with only 5 players the same,got finkler,kalafallah and Thompson all with the dgw,now just need to work out who to cptn,also who would u bench out of marinkovic and dimitrojovic,need to bench one so I can play keogh,Janko and Thompson up front

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Brilliant! I been trying not to pick up Finkler to avoid being the same as everyone else in my comp, but it’s backfired spectacularly… I’d be worried about Barba coming back in for Archie at some stage so maybe avoid the captaincy there…

      Tough choice, no idea why Nebo was benched the past 2 (salary cap?) but I reckon he’ll start this week and is always a chance of a goal, but Dimi is far more consistent in getting points. I’d lean towards Dimi, mainly coz Sydney are very good away from home.

      • marcus

        I’m seriously thinking of benching Janko or Keogh as I wasn’t to play marinkovic and dimitrojovic,marinkovic has to start with Nicholls and zadkovich out,I had the cash for berisha but the guy coming first has him so hopefully Archie can score,I’ve cptn finkler last 2 weeks,but gonna go kalfallah this week,also do u think its worth benching durante and playing McGowan from adelaide

        • baysietoff Post Author

          Hmmm… Yeah just saw my bench mid Nicholls been released! Guttered. 🙁 Nebo is a shoe in then… Think about the fact that there’s no Tavares AND Antonis might mean Dimi has to play a little deeper? Also if it’s any help, it’s soaking over here in Perth and should be tomorrow… Not “flood” soaking but wetter than normal. I like Janko against our defence, and Keogh against theirs… Love Kalfallah for captain! Good luck!

          • marcus

            Never ever thought I’d be this close to winning a fantasy comp,always thought they were rigged lol,so close to 10k,if I play keogh,Janko and Archie then my only choice is to bench dimo,marinko,funk,kalfalah or mooy

          • marcus

            Good point,wish I could play a 2 man def,yep I’m in Perth so know wat u mean about the weather,I’m hoping my def of jamesion,kisnorbo and durante can beat his marone,risdon and the Chinese guy from Newcastle,he also has burns and barisha and brattan as his pod

          • Dan

            Borrello, Solorzano or Kaluderovic from the Roar could be handy as a cheap POD with their two games too

            lol at me giving advice to the guy in 2nd 🙂 good luck mate

          • marcus

            Cheers mate,was looking at a roar player,just can’t c them doing much with games against Adelaide and victory,I think today will determine my fortunes with 8 of my 11 playing

          • baysietoff Post Author

            Well then, Glory out of the Finals throws a spanner in the works… Do they play a bit more attacking, or do they give up?!? Might captain Keogh just in case 😀

  8. Shaun Curnow

    Liverpool vs Hull in GW33 has been changed and is now being played in GW34…. That means they both have blank in GW33 and double in GW34… Looks like GW33 going be mayhem with Arsenal/Liverpool missing!

  9. viper086

    Trading out Austin this week for one of Berahino or Remy. What are peoples thoughts? West Brom have 2 easy weeks coming up against Leicester and Palace whilst Chelsea take on QPR then Man U and Arsenal. Leaning towards Berahino but Remy is very tempting, he just seems to have the knack for scoring at the moment

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