The Captains GW32 + DGW Discussion

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Fair play to those who backed in Austin and Benteke for their double gameweek! I sold them short for sure, but thankfully said to have the armband on them! With multiple double gameweeks on the horizon I’ll be taking a look a some possible options over the next fortnight, as well as this weeks options for the armband…

The Contenders:

The contenders don’t really match up this week. Eriksen could be an option, but let’s be honest there’s only one man from Spurs you’d be captaining if you’re confident they can get the job done. Cazorla and Ozil are both solid options this weekend, however I’m not that confident in giving them the armband. Ozil is the better of the pair, I’ll be shocked if he blanks.

Aside from Hazard, there’s no real consistency coming from the Chelsea camp. With Costa out injured Remy should get his chance, but meh…

The Manchester Derby could be anything. Aguero is close to dead to me, although the post has become his mortal enemy. Rooney is likely to lift for this contest, he could be a decent differential but not as captain. Over on Merseyside, it’s about time Sterling stood up if he wants a transfer. He needs to have a big one, but is a huge risk. Sturridge is in a similar boat, but with different motives.

Top 3:

1. Kane – It’s really hard to deny Kane this week, as it is almost every other gameweek. I don’t need to go through the stats, you guys know the drill by now. There’s nothing like a striker with high confidence in peak form. Harder to see him not scoring.

2. Giroud – Congratulations to those who have backed in Giroud. I have been a doubter over the years, however his grand return to the team after injury has been superb to watch. He is now clearly the in-form player of the competition alongside Harry Kane. There’s no denying you need to have him after Arsenal’s blank, but remember they have a week off in GW33. As far as captaincy is concerned this week, I can’t see Burnley keeping him out.

3. Hazard – Consistency personified. Cliche maybe, but nothing rings truer. It’s hard to get him above the other two thanks to their consistency and high ceiling, but Hazard is a safe option if you ever need one. He hasn’t scored for three games in a row all season, hopefully he can end that trend this week. Give him the armband and he will deliver 8 times out of 10, doesn’t get much better than that.

The Punt:

Sanchez – If you’re after a differential captain this week, Sanchez is your man. He scored 2 against Burnley earlier this season and seemed to be back in form with a fine display against Liverpool last week. My only concern is that he isn’t as integral to Arsenal’s attacks since Giroud and Ozil’s return to form. From Arsenal’s perspective this is a good sign, however it doesn’t make him the walk up captain he was earlier in the season. A risk, but if he’s on song he could go huge.

So there are my captaincy picks for the week, but what about the upcoming double gameweeks?! Here’s some info…

Double Gameweeks:

Some big news came through this week, we have some new double gameweek contenders. Unfortunately that means they also miss a week as well.

Liverpool and Hull are now confirmed to have a BLANK GW33, followed by a DGW 34. 

This means they join Arsenal, Sunderland, Aston Villa, and QPR without a game during GW33. Keep this in mind as our squads will be stretched to the limit! From there on however, it’s only good news…

Whilst Hull and Leicester’s double gameweeks can be glossed over, this now means that Liverpool and Chelsea will have a double gameweek during the same round! It is the perfect time to play your wildcard, with Arsenal also enjoying a double gameweek during GW37 alongside Sunderland.

My advice? Pretty simple, try to navigate GW 33 as smoothly as possible, then load up on Arsenal and Liverpool players! Chelsea players are always a good investment, especially considering they don’t have a blank before their double. Who are some possible options? Glad you asked…


I would have been loading up on their options a few weeks ago if it wasn’t for their blank gameweek on the horizon. They are the in-form team in the competition, so I’d be looking to include 3 Gunners in your squads. It will be important to hold off until at least gameweek 34 before pulling the trigger, keep in mind they play Chelsea that week also. Afterwards however they travel to Hull, face Swansea, Sunderland and West Brom at home, while travelling to United during their double.

Giroud, Sanchez and Ozil are the clear options and for good reason. I see Giroud as a must have, and due to his value Ozil is hard to ignore also. Sanchez is pricey, however if you can fit him in he is a great option to have. Cazorla is reliant on penalties and for that reason I’m not as confident, it all comes down to whether Wenger starts Ramsey or Ozil in the middle. If it’s the former, Santi will enjoy himself. Ramsey himself is a great differential, he looks to be hitting form but isn’t a lock in the starting XI. For that reason I’d avoid unless desperate. If you don’t own 3 attackers, then having Bellerin is a must. HOWEVER, I’d hold off on bringing him in until GW35 at least. Not only do they play Chelsea, but we will see if he keeps his place ahead of the returning Debuchy. He deserves it, but there is doubt there nonetheless…


There’s no denying it, Chelsea’s fixtures are soft. Their double is away to Arsenal and Leicester, but that shouldn’t be of concern. They play 5 bottom 10 sides in the run in, and face both Man United and Liverpool at the safety of Stamford Bridge. Get on board now.

If you don’t have Hazard, question your entire existence. Aside from that, I don’t blame people for avoiding Mourinho’s men. They are mostly over-priced for what they deliver, and game time is always a question. Diego Costa is touch and go fitness wise, I’d be very wary about bringing him in. Ivanovic is gold if you can afford him, otherwise Terry is your man. Azpilicueta’s job security concerns me, he’ll play most games but not all. I think you need one of their defenders, but two is pushing it. A gamble on Fabregas could be worth it, however gamble doesn’t quite justify it. He has averaged just 3.4 points per game during 2015, his contribution being 4 assists and 2 bonus points in 9 appearances. Are you really going to pay 9.2 for a man out of form and seemingly out of steam? Massive call. Oscar’s game time is limited, while Remy will be lucky to get more than 60 minutes per game. Giroud clearly beats Remy as far as this double gameweek is concerned, include Kane and there’s not much room for him.


Liverpool seemed to be hitting form at the perfect time, but a few horrid performances have all but ended their season. They look to be playing for 5th place, that’s what you get for buying average players with a hundred million pounds. As far as their double gameweek is concerned, they face West Brom and Hull away. Realistically it should be 2 comfortable wins, meaning investment in Merseyside is a must. Home games against Newcastle and QPR either side of their double (Blank GW33 reminder!) make for pretty reading, but I tend to be wary of selecting players out of form.

Form wise, they don’t have much going for them. Henderson is their best bet at the moment, which says a lot really. At 6.6 he is definitely value, but I see his recent form as a flash in the pan. A couple of wonderstrikes and a flukey goal, but nothing that can be maintained on a regular basis. For all their promise, Coutinho and Sterling just don’t do enough. Both are risky picks, but both have the capabilities to go huge. I’m looking to own Sterling, I reckon having one of the pair is a must. Sturridge could be brilliant, but 2 goals in his last 8 appearances tells you everything you need to know. At 11.1 you’re paying overs, but getting a great differential if that’s what you’re after. Where Liverpool are striving is not in attack, but defense. 7 clean sheets in their last 11 games makes for good reading, so look to invest in their backline. Remember that Mignolet and Skrtel (suspended this week) are the only safe picks. Moreno gets subbed too often, while Toure is just a fill in. Lovren might as well not be there.

Hull, Leicester, Sunderland

I’ll keep this brief. Austin and Benteke proved last week that no team with a double gameweek should be ignored, but those two are on another level compared to the options we have here. Sunderland’s defence is decent, so Pantillimon and Van Aanholt are decent options. The Black Cats face Arsenal away in their double though, so it’s not much of an advantage. Defoe hadn’t scored in his previous 6 games before his stunner last weekend, but has the capability to find the back of the net. You’d be going on blind faith, but it could pay off big time.

Hull face Crystal Palace away, before hosting Liverpool during their double. Some ugly fixtures aside from Burnley (H) suggest they should be avoided, although McShane is value in defence at 3.9. Not the worst D5.

Leicester are a fantasy wasteland, perhaps a bloke like Vardy is worth a punt. That is seriously stretching it though, and considering they play Chelsea during their double I would be avoiding them altogether.

I hope this has helped you plan for the upcoming doubles, as well as select a captain for the weekend! I’m sorry I haven’t been able to contribute as much as normal lately, but a massive thanks to everyone who has stuck with us to the end! You make it all worth it. Good luck for the weekend, let’s hope it’s a high scoring one!

8 comments on “The Captains GW32 + DGW Discussion

  1. Colin - Tucana111548

    I’m in need of a POD after I got that sinking feeling last week. As a Liverpool fan I’m hoping Aguero puts United to the sword.

  2. Who?

    Great stuff Matt! I have a bit of a dilemma when it comes to GW33. I currently have PVA, Skrtel, Ozil and Austin all missing. I think Austin is the one to remove because he doesn’t have a double coming up. However the only good option I can find at a similar(ish) price is Giroud, who will also miss that week. Who is a good replacement? Also, with Naughton going down, who is a good replacement? I was thinking Azpilicueta, but now you have made me think otherwise. Cheers 🙂

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Have to carry some blanks. Austin to Giroud is definitely something I’d consider. Van Aanholt could have be sacrificed for for Duff, but that has to be Naughton now. If you have spare cash, go after Alderweireld

  3. tigermania78

    Great article Matt as usual. Have a dilemma with my team, saved a transfer last week but what to do?
    Team is:
    Panti (Myhill)
    Fonte, Rose, Alderweireld (Van Aanholt, Dawson)
    Sanchez, Silva, Hazard, Eriksen (Boyd)
    Aguero, Giroud, Kane
    0.8 in the bank.
    Not too bad for GW33, but all my players have favourable draws this week.
    Any thoughts appreciated

  4. theultimateandy

    Of course… I bring in Remy and boom, he’s injured! I’m thinking Remy and Eriksen to Murray and Boalsie from CP. Any opinions?

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