Studs Up – GW33

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That wasn’t so bad was it? What could have been a monumentally catastrophic round turned into just an ordinary one thanks to the likes of Captain Aguero, Kane and Hazard. Regular scores of 50-60 are bearable! Just a quickie and lacking any sort of seriousness this week, not as much subject matter this round to mould into something mildly entertaining and informative.



* Good kid *


DGW. If your head’s not been firmly planted in the sand you should know about this, and have been planning it for a couple of weeks now. Liverpool, Chelsea, Leicester and Hull all have two games this week and leaves us with a dilemma… Do we go mental and fill our teams with as many players as we can, or is this one of the few times this season that it won’t work out. Personally I’ll be rolling out a team with Terry, Hazard and Zouma from Chelsea, Henderson and Moreno so far from Liverpool and Wasi sitting on the bench wondering if he wants to get involved or not. That’s taking just the one hit, so far. The lure of another Liverpool player is mighty tempting… I’d be avoiding Leicester and Hull as there’s too much hit and miss going on. There’s more than enough quality from Chelsea and Liverpool to sink your teeth into.

Honourable mentions. City’s home form? Sherwood’s everywhere form.


* Might need to make the most of this stint… *


Chelsea. Probably more of a selfish call out this week! They look like wrapping up the EPL title in the next game or two, and that’s what I don’t like… I would’ve loved to have tried to sort out having 2 or 3 tv’s set up in the living room for GW38 with one showing Chelsea v Sunderland, another with Arsenal v West Brom and one in the corner showing Hull v United and waited for the upset… Not even sure if that would be possible, but I would’ve loved trying!

Honourable mentions. Everton getting the results we should’ve been getting months ago… Deluded Rogers.

Ryan Bennett Award – Wes Morgan… No doubt this will perk up a few FPL managers into thinking they are in any way relevant during their DGW.

Jonjo Shelvey Award – James Morrison. Definitely should be scoring more than he does but then again West Brom aren’t exactly a high scoring team at the best of times.

Jamie Vardy Award – Leonardo Ulloa. Remember him? 5 goals in 5 games to kick off the season, 3 since…

Stealth Player of the Week –  Scrapped. Seems to be doing more harm than good!

Like I said, just a shortie this week… Let us know your plans for the DGW below… Are you just having a nibble or putting all your chips in? And your early week thoughts on who you’re putting the big “C” on? Gotta be Hazard surely?!?

35 comments on “Studs Up – GW33

  1. MattyZach

    At this stage I’ve got Terry, Hazard, Sterling and Mignolet in my team for the DGW. Seriously considering taking a hit to get Henderson in. Do you really think that Zouma will play both games?

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Zouma probably not. He’s been in my team for months and everytime i go to trade him out he gets a clean sheet! Resigned to the fact I’m stuck with him haha

      • MattyZach

        I’m considering getting Zouma in to facilitate a move to get Henderson in. But, if I was to do that I would be either benching Eriksen, Sanchez or a DGW player. Unsure if it’s worth destroying my team’s structure for this DGW!

  2. Dan

    68 for the week, pretty happy with that. Planning on one hit, and I’ll head into the DGW with Schmiechel, Schlupp, Vardy (yes 3 Leicester), Ivanovic, Terry, Hazard, Sturridge (injury doubt I know), and two of Sterling/Coutinho/Henderson/Skrtel (probably Sterling/ Skrtel).

    Love a DGW 🙂

  3. viper086

    It is the one bad thing about having a league champion instead of grand final that the league can be determined before the end of the season which is a shame. I hate that chelsea will wrap up the title this week. I think it is more that i just hate chelsea and mourinho ((I am a united fan) I think the hate comes from them both being too bloody good!)!!!

    Tossing up between Moreno and Ivanovic or Skrtel Azpi and whether to bring in Fabregas, Sterling or Henderson as trade ins this week. Cash isn’t really an issue and I have already changed my mind a million times.

    I need to take a risk with the captains armband in the next few weeks but i dont think this is the week. Has to be Hazard along with everyone else in the world. I think the only other option is a Liverpool player, possibly a Skrtel or Moreno and bank on the clean sheets but that doesn’t happen very much.

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Hehe I sympathise wth the hatred… It does make it fairer though in that when Chelsea win it, it’ll be because they were the best team over the season. Not just over the 90 minutes of a grand final…

  4. hwhite94

    Going pretty hard at this dgw. Taking a -12 hit to end up with 7dgw players;
    Coutinho sterling Moreno
    ivano hazzy (c) and remy (because I love a punt)
    Morgan (can you get the Ryan Bennet award two weeks in a row haha ? ) but Leicester do actually look good defensively.

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Haha excellent stuff! I’ll never recommend -12 hits, but secretly love seeing them…

      Yeah you definitely can’t win a Ryan Bennett twice in a row… It may actually make him ineligible to ever win one again 🙂

      • Shaun Curnow

        Jeez….. Not sure if even I’d take a 12 point hit!! Who are you trading out? Cos basically with such a points hit your basically just banking on them scoring more then who your trading out in one game..

        • hwhite94

          My trades were ayoze to remy.
          Naughton to Morgan
          Rose to Moreno
          Eriksen to coutinho.
          All I need is one of them to go big and its worrh it not to mention one clean sheet out of those 2 defenders is highly likely.

  5. Bio Eden Hazard

    Got Terry, Hazard, Fabregas / Sterling, Moreno so far…might do Silva –> Henderson for a hit…

  6. Nois

    WC in play

    Ospina – Gilks
    Ivanovic – Skrtel – Alderweireld – Schlupp – Bruce
    Hazard – Silva – Stirling – Henderson – Cambiasso
    Aguero – Giroud – Kane

    0.5 in the bank

    Please rate this team, would Ospina a good lone keeper till the end of the season ? Would you do any changes ?


    • baysietoff Post Author

      Pretty good mate!

      Suggestions would be, and not knowing how much money is being lost due to these trades; Fabregas in for Silva. Reason is the DGW, if you’re going to WC for the DGW you may as well get the best out of it and Fabregas is more likely to score higher than Cambiasso. You can always get Silva back in next week (or an Arsenal mid for their DGW later?)… Myhill in for Gilks. I’m ok with Ospina but you need back up if he does happen to get rotated out for Szczesny and Myhill will play out the season in a decent defence for not much extra $.

      • viper086

        Alderweireld has big questions over his shoulder. Haven’t seen reports for a few days but it looked pretty bad on the weekend. Koeman said he might get up for this weekend but also might not

      • Nois

        Excellent tips, liked it !

        Myhill in for sure !

        Silva is 9.3 for me, would be straight swap to Fab, wouldn’t be able to afford him back in the future. I would be also looking to unload Chelsea players if they win both this week, believe they will be rotate once champions. Will definitely look for Arsenal players.


  7. brandonpietie

    Great write up Baysie.

    I got Ivano, Hazzy, Cambiasso, Sterling so far. and took a -4. thinking of 2 more for the -12. Drop Murray for Sturridge / Remy (Not 100% sure though) and then either: Fonte > Terry / Azpilicueta or Begovic > Migs

  8. Rakshit

    Wild Card used. Looking at 9 dgw players (yes 9). Haz, Terry, Fab from Chelsea. Hendo, Sterling and Skrtel from Liv. And Huth, Cambiasso and Vardy/Ulloa from Leicester. Thoughts?

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Gutsy mate! Some of them aren’t long termers so I assume you have a plan to get rid of some of them over the next couple of weeks…

  9. joelharrison82

    With my team below I’ve only done one trade. Boyd – Cambiasso. Very surprised to see so much heavy trading in the comments this week.

    De gea (myhill)
    Ivanovic (vc) Terry clyne (O’Shea Duff)
    Hazard (c) Sanchez Silva cambiasso (downing)
    Aguero Kane austin

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