The Captains – FINAL GW38!


Well, we’ve finally made it. I’ll post a season review next week, but I’ll take the time to thank everyone who has stuck with us all the way! It’s a long season… The issue is, there’s a lot on the line for us fpl managers this weekend and nobody is playing for anything! Almost every important position is decided, aside from Newcastle and Hull’s relegation battle. Picking a captain won’t be easy, here are my thoughts… Continue reading


Studs Up – GW37

Come on! Really? Way to go Arsenal. And, way to go FPL… Not only did Arsenal screw us by only scoring a paltry one goal over the DGW, the FPL screwed us (some of us) again by giving all the BPs to Arsenal’s defence overnight?! Come on. A relegation battler goes to one of the big boys and comes away with a clean sheet, and get’s precisely zero bonus points. You have to wonder sometimes. Maybe I’m just bitter because my last minute trade to van Aanholt should’ve turned out even better than it did…


Continue reading

News Wrap – GW37


Hello and welcome to the penultimate edition of the News Wrap for season 2014/15. Sorry for my little hiatus over the past few weeks, I have been flat out with work and have hardly had time to scratch myself – let alone pump out an article! Anywho, I’m back now, and let’s get cracking on another edition of the News Wrap! Continue reading