Studs Up – GW35

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So. It’s Tuesday already! That weekend flew past me faster than a missed Pacquiao punch… I’m getting something out there to get the chat flowing for the final few games, including one last crack at a DGW…


Talking points…

Chelsea. Well done. Jose turned a very, very good footy team into a consistently very, very footy team. It’s reasonably easy for a big club to buy up a bunch of star footballers  but it does take something special to get them to play excellent football week in and week out. Credit goes to their transfer policy in selling off some of their fringe players for massive dollars and reinvesting smartly. They had their moments for sure, but the chasing pack had many more moments and lost too many points to be put in the same class as Chelsea. City have been poor for most of the season and to see them second really says a lot… Arsenal and United both turned up for the party far too late, and after Chelsea had hit their 5 pint “zone” and had already got a few phone numbers. There will be a big concern of some sort of rotation going on so tread with some trepidation when trading their assets. Maybe a Cuadrado, Felipe Luis or Zouma will get a few starts… That said, they have nothing to rest them for?

DGW love? There’ll be a few put off by the last one but I see it differently… There’s really only two reasons why you shouldn’t go for it. You’re gunning for the big prize. Or you’re on top of a mates league and want to consolidate. Really, what does it matter if you’re anywhere over 10,000th position and you might lose a few 1000 spots? Just my opinion of course… If you’re having a crack, Sanchez should be in most teams so that should be one spot banked. Then, you’re going to have to go gut. Ramsey is in great form and is a top shout, but I hear has injury concerns. He’s my choice if fit. Cazorla has dropped off a bit, Ozil a little less but both are always a chance for some attacking points. Giroud leads the line and should score once, even with a recent lull in form. There’s so many attacking options to look at defenders I reckon. Arsenal need to win, so see them going all out. Even against United. Sunderland? I dunno. Just don’t ignore them. Both Hull and Leicester scored well during the last DGW.

Relegation battles. Burnley and QPR are cooked. Thanks for the memories. My tip for the third spot? Newcastle. Their last game was a disgrace for pro footballers to care so little for the club that’s paying them. I don’t see them banking one more point. Probably best to stay away from the half dozen teams involved in these games, BUT make a point of watching some of them. It’s old school English football at it’s best and is more likely to throw up some amazing games than any game involving a midtable team with only position to play for…

What are you guys doing for the DGW? I’m running with 1 Sunderland and 2 Arsenal so far, and will probably fill my boots with 3 of each! Meh, why not?

19 comments on “Studs Up – GW35

  1. gooniegoogoo

    Thinking PVA, Bellerin, Alexis, Giroud and Defoe for GW37 – going to take a -8 hit next week to make it happen! Also need to get Aguero in, have left it too late and it’s cost me…

  2. MattyZach

    I’m going to go for the whole hog in the DGW too. Might as well have a crack at getting a jump in the rankings late in the season. Sanchez and Moreno in my side already, and will look to get Giroud and Defoe in at least as well. Hurts that I will have to trade out Kane to make that happen though!

  3. viper086

    Yeah, I am looking to go hard and see what I can do. Currently I have Sanchez, Giroud and Cazorla but going to bring in Defoe and Maybe 1 more Sunderland mid. I am in a ding dong battle for 3rd spot which will get me some cash so I am still very much alive in my league

  4. Bio Eden Hazard

    Damn…can’t believe we’re so close to the end of the year. I feel so empty when FPL is over 🙂

  5. Ryan

    I’m thinking of doing Terry – Okore and Coutinho – Sanchez this week.
    This would give me Sanchez, Ozil and Giroud in my team.

  6. boges11

    Great read as always.
    Not only did I have Myhill on the bench but I had Moreno not play so I got Ward-Prowse’s -2 off the bench. Rage trading this week with Moreno gone to Bellerin which gives me enough to upgrade Ramsey to Sanchez. Next week Ward-Prowse will become someone from Sunderland. Any suggestions appreciated.

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