The Captains – GW36

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Welcome back people! We’re closing in on the end of the season. It can be a sad time, however the 9 months hard work you’ve put in goes on the line in the fight for your league titles! Let’s try find the best captaincy option for the upcoming gameweek…

The Contenders:

Ozil and Cazorla are both great options this week, however I think there’s better out there. Definitely have at least one of them in your team with Arsenal’s double gameweek finally arriving next week. Read on.

Giroud is another Gunner who could be in for a big week. It’s always hard to judge when a team has little to play for, however Arsenal are the in-form team in the competition and will want to keep that run going with an FA cup final to come. Once again I think there’s better options available, however be confident in giving Giroud the armband. He’s due!

Silva is a left field option this week and provided City can deal with QPR as they should, he is a great shout. I have lost basically all confidence in City lately, however I get a nagging feeling that Silva could go big this week. Great shout!

Hazard – Why miss the penalty! We haven’t had much luck captaincy wise in 2015, I’ll have to do some work to turn things around next season! Chelsea aren’t looking too dangerous for a side that has lost just 2 games all season. Wouldn’t be surprised if he scored, but a risky option considering the alternatives…

Top 3:

1. Aguero – For some reason it feels like we haven’t seen the best of Aguero this season. He began on fire, but that knee injury seemed to halt his momentum. The fact is, he is still going to win the golden boot! One point to note is that he hasn’t received 3 bonus ONCE when he scores only 1. Basically, he either scores 2 and goes huge or does ‘ok’. The way things have been going lately, I’m more than happy to settle for a goal. Aguero will surely deliver at least that, perhaps this is the week he breaks the shackles. He’s a lock for me!

2. Benteke – I haven’t done Tekkers justice, probably because I never bothered to get him in. Whoops! Having been stuck with Giroud in anticipation of the DGW, I’ve missed Benteke’s return to form. I have never seen a player driven more by form and confidence. He couldn’t hit a barn door for the past 18 months, now he’s suddenly a world beater again. It’s frustrating to be honest, hopefully he maintains this form next season! Only he will be overpriced… Either way, he’s a huge captaincy shout at home to West Ham. I’d probably captain Benteke if I owned him! He has 5 hauls of 3 bonus points in the past 8 games, huge.

3. Sanchez – Sometimes you have to go with the form line, and Sanchez’s form line is back on the up. After a tough start to 2015, Alexis is finally regaining that form and confidence that made him a must have for the first half of the season. He tore Hull to pieces on Monday and really could have had 3 or 4 to his name. If Arsenal are to continue their form streak then Sanchez will play a pivotal part in that. Great option.

The Punt:

Kane – I’ll keep this brief as I’m sure many will have captained Aguero or Benteke. If you feel like you need to make up some ground, Kane could be a great shout. Stoke haven’t kept a clean sheet in 7 games and look vulnerable at the back. Kane could go big in the chase for the golden boot! Great roughie, even if his form hasn’t been brilliant.

There you have it! Let me know your thoughts in the comments, plus post your trade problems for the week. Most of all good luck this week, we’re almost there! Don’t fall away now.

14 comments on “The Captains – GW36

  1. theultimateandy

    Jumping ahead here, but for the DGW

    Carzola + Sanchez + Mertesacker

    What do people think of that combination?

      • brandonpietie

        Looks good t me.

        I have Carzola and Giroud. Thinking of taking a -4, and bringing in 2 Sunderland… but Whom??? Benteke > Defoe and Albrighton > Johnson?

        • theultimateandy

          I have Benteke and Kane and I was considering Kane > Defoe.

          For me, it’s hard to call it between Benteke’s current form and Kane’s past form. Plus I don’t really trust Defoe all that much.

          Good luck with it if you go for it though!

    • MattyZach

      Not the worst option I don’t think. I had to get Monreal in order to be able to afford both Sanchez and Giroud too.

      I’ve got Larsson and looking at bringing in Defoe too. Only 2 weeks left. Might as well risk it!

  2. Ryan

    What’s the likelihood of O’Shea playing at least 60 mins in each game this week? I’m thinking of trading him down to Van Aanholt

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