Studs Up – GW36

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What a man!!! Mr Aguero, thank you. Now you just have to do it again a couple more times, please? No actually, not this week. Don’t do much this week. Southampton in the last game? Yeah. Do this again that week and we’re good.


* So much man love *


SERGIO!!! You bloody beauty! And about bloody time… This was some performance though. A performance we’ve been waiting approximately 35 games for! Hard to think that QPR didn’t have some part to play in it but only Silva showed anything apart from the great man. City are still ordinary. 3 goals, 2 assists and only 3 Bonus Points for 46 massive points… Oh. Sorry. For once I actually feel bad for those who didn’t captain him.

Relegation. Let’s play a game… If you had $50 (or 50c) to bet on who was going to be the last team relegated, who would you choose? Current odds.  Hull 1.33. Sunderland 5.50. Newcastle 5.50. Leicester 36.00. Villa 76.00. I’m not going to consider Villa, and am seriously doubtful whether Leicester can be dragged back down… So who’s left. Hull have Spurs (a) and United (h). This is the same Hull that beat Liverpool at home a few weeks ago and Everton at home at the turn of the year. They can turn up. Spurs’ season is over, they’ve checked out. Stoke put 3 past them this week for crying out loud. United had lost 3 on the bounce before this week and Arsenal’s DGW may mean they can’t go up or down from 4th spot? I can honestly, hand on heart, see a couple of draws there. Sunderland? After 2 massive wins against Southampton and Everton surely there’s enough confidence in this mob to stay up? And they have a game in hand! Trips to Arsenal and Chelsea might suggest otherwise… Leicester is the other game they have to play and would be their only chance of points. Arsenal want to finish 2nd and you’d think they’d have to win all their games to make it happen. Then, the EPL champions are NEVER going to drop the last game of the season in front of their own fans… I’m tipping Sunderland to not pick up any points in these 3 games. Newcastle… QPR (a), West Ham (h)… This is really tough. There’s a heap of chatter and flung faeces this week at QPR after their fate was finalised, and I can see a response coming. Far too late of course, but it will be more a response than Newcastle showed this week after their skipper’s heart felt letter to the fans. Or, the letter his personal assistant wrote and he signed… QPR to win, Austin to score a couple in his last home game for the club? West Ham have done nothing this year, at all. Not even close. It’s this fact (well, half fact) that could save Newcastle. Draw. That will leave Newcastle on 37, and Sunderland and Hull on 36. Sunderland are down on goal difference… Handy odds! *cough* Gamble responsibly *cough*

Honourable mentions. Little Davey Silva. JT. Sunderland (well played).


* Arsenal FC *


Arsenal. Ahhh come on!!! There’d be a lot of teams who pulled the trade, or trades, a week early and loaded up on their assets with Swansea taking the trip over to play them. Only for them to spud it up on a grand scale… To be fair. Swansea have pocketed 13 cleanies this season. One every 3 games… Perspective. Southampton have 15. They’ve kind of gone under the radar a little but still Arsenal were disappointing. 23 shots, 9 on target, 68% possession, 91% pass completion. Zero goals. Arsenal FC.

Honourable mentions. Everton………. ffs. QPR’s dirty laundry after the fact.

Ryan Bennett Award – Ron Vlaar. The big dutchman was a staple in many preseason teams, but his campaign has been wrecked by injury. Was never going to be a big player in FPL anyway, still isn’t.

Jonjo Shelvey Award – Riyad Mahrez. Only scored in 3 games this season… And both times went over the 10 point mark! Did nothing in between those games…

Jamie Vardy Award – Victor Anichebe. I’ve always had a soft spot for Victor Anichebe… Kind of feel that if he was born in Belgium, he would get a lot more plaudits as a footballer…

Nearly there lads. It’s been long, been tough, frustrating… Fun. The whole rainbow of emotions! Let’s hope for some more good times!

12 comments on “Studs Up – GW36

  1. Colin - Tucana111548

    My first 100+ point haul thanks to Aguero and Silva. A rise from mid table mediocrity to mid table respectability for me. Yeahhh!

  2. viper086

    I scored 85 with only Aguero, Silva and Fernandez (Swansea) coming off the bench for Azpi scoring above 2 points. Looking forward to the relegation battle and the DGW for Arsenal.

    I am bringing in Austin for Kane this week and getting rid of bertrand for Stones to free up some cash. Like you said Baysie I reckon Austin has a couple in him the last few weeks, get around him! Anyone with any balls bringing in a sunderland player?

  3. MattyZach

    Currently have Giroud, Sanchez, Monreal and Larsson. Will load up on another 2 Sunderland players. Why not?!
    Looking at Defoe/Wickham and Panti/Gomez. Kane would make way for the striker and either Boyd or Mignolet for the other. Can’t decide!

  4. mattcraigdt

    Awesome as always Baysie. Kun did belt in 4 against spurs… 😉 Also, Surely Sunderland can get a point from Leicester at home. I reckon Hull have to win at least 1

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