The Captains – DGW37

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It’s double gameweek time! Realistically you’re crazy if you don’t go for an Arsenal player this week, here’s a look at the options…

The Contenders:

Aguero – You can’t leave out a bloke who delivered us 23 (46) last week! He’s certainly a chance to go big again away to Swansea, but in this case you have to stick with the double chance.

Kane – If Hull weren’t fighting for their lives I’d be much more confident in pumping up Kane this week. However form is against him, not only is he struggling to find the back of the net, but Spurs are also on the downslide as well. I wouldn’t touch him with so many great alternatives.

Hazard – This week isn’t the one to go for a safe option, and I don’t think Hazard has the ceiling to risk punting on him with so many quality double gameweek options. Pass again!

Cazorla – The first player with a double chance to miss out, but looking at his form line it’s hardly surprising. He is on a 9 week goal drought, with a high score of 6 during this time. He has averaged 3.3 ppg since the start of March and shouldn’t be in captaincy contention this weekend. Who knows, Arsenal may sneak a pen!

Top 3:

To summarise the top 3 this week, I’ve gone for a more statistical approach.

stats arsenal

These stats tell the story that I could waffle on about for paragraphs. Giroud will score you goals, but he is reliant on others doing the work for him. He’s no Aguero, put it that way. The problem with Ozil and Cazorla is even though they are creating a lot of chances, that doesn’t always turn into points. They both have very similar assist ratios to Sanchez, only he scores at better than a goal every 2 games. Guess how many games Arsenal have this week!

As far as generating points goes, it’s between Sanchez and Giroud. However not only does Sanchez have the all round game, he’s also classified as a midfielder!!! Those extra points each goal and better bonus point chances make all the difference.

1. Sanchez – Clearly my number 1 option this purely, purely because of the number of chances he creates, either scoring or assisting. To make things even better, he scored twice against Sunderland earlier in the season. He should be fantastic!

2. Giroud – Giroud is on a 4 game goal drought, not the kind of form you want heading into a double gameweek. That can be taken one of two ways, either he has lost his touch or he is due a big haul! I can’t see him failing to score in both fixtures, however he doesn’t have the ceiling that Sanchez holds. For this reason he comes in at number 2.

3. Ozil – If you want to change things up then Ozil could be a great shout. He is in the form of his Arsenal career right now. Unfortunately even though he has been playing well lately, this hasn’t translated into goals and assists. He has just one goal and NO ASSISTS in his past 7 games. The stats prove he is creating the chances, but there comes a point where it’s out of his hands. He produced 4 double figure scores in just 8 weeks after returning from injury, so he knows how to go big. This could be his week!

The Punt:

Defoe – Just quickly, if you’re feeling like a gamble then Defoe is worth a mention. I’d say that trading him in is risky enough, however I guess people could take it one step further in the hope that Arsenal falter. Just remember that he hasn’t scored double figures once all season, and his goal last week was complete luck. 4 goals in 15 games isn’t great returns anyway, but each to their own! You can tell I’m not full of confidence…

There we go! Hopefully this has helped make up your minds, Sanchez is a lock for me this week. Let’s hope for another monster captains score and just one more high scoring gameweek! Good luck.

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  1. Ryan

    If Sanchez reproduces what Hazard did in his double week I’ll be pissed, but at least I’ll know many others will be in the same boat

  2. tigermania78

    why do some managers wait all this time to use a wildcard, do their transfers then forget to activate the wildcard. OUCH!!!! someone who posts on here is in that boat…

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