Studs Up – GW37

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Come on! Really? Way to go Arsenal. And, way to go FPL… Not only did Arsenal screw us by only scoring a paltry one goal over the DGW, the FPL screwed us (some of us) again by giving all the BPs to Arsenal’s defence overnight?! Come on. A relegation battler goes to one of the big boys and comes away with a clean sheet, and get’s precisely zero bonus points. You have to wonder sometimes. Maybe I’m just bitter because my last minute trade to van Aanholt should’ve turned out even better than it did…



Leicester. Fair played. I had them gone for all money several weeks ago but an incredible 6 wins in 8 games (including 5 cleanies in 6) have got them to the “best of the worst” position. No disrespect intended.  Wes Morgan and Big Bob Huth have been rocks, as has Wasi. Ulloa has shown something like his early season form but it has been Albrighton who has arguably been the man. Took a while to get fit after his move from Villa but he’s shown recently why he was a hot preseason pick. They’ll need reinforcements for next season but they have some cash and I see them better than the new teams coming up.



Chelsea… Not. Cool. I know they played a few kids, and Fabregas had early holiday flights booked, but you’ve got a responsibility to the integrity of the competition to at least act like champions. Would love to have seen these last games as a chance to see the swagger that got them the title. Play Sunderland last game, I tipped them to win. They better win. Not that it matters now Sunderland are safe… Are Hazard and JT going to suit up to play or to party?

Liverpool. That went tits up quickly didn’t it? Started the season shit, we felt a bit of a heart beat midseason, then came home like shit. To be fair they spent a bucket load of Suarez cash last offseason on a heap of players so it was always going to take time to bed in, but you’d think that midseason form would be a little more sustainable. Injuries to key players hurt, Lallana never really got a run and Sturridge was a right off. Credit will go to Henderson for starting to realise his potential, and that should give a path to the others. Except for Sterling. One thing everyone needs to keep in mind is that perhaps everyone at the club thinks he’s a dickhead? I know I do. Huge spotlight on the gaffer next season, don’t be surprised if a slow start see’s him bunk off.

Ryan Bennett Award – Danny Rose. This was only Spurs’ 3rd cleanie this year which is a little surprising, although Southampton did fall off the cliff last season in the second half? Well done to those who persisted with him, I jumped weeks ago, but Everton away in the last round doesn’t fill with confidence.

Jonjo Shelvey Award – Matt Phillips. “QPR to win”. Tick. Phillips was the main man however, not Austin. He’s been a staple during the second half of the season but hasn’t done enough to drag his club up the table.

Jamie Vardy Award – Shane Long. If he could only string together some starts! Has a heap of potential and often scores points when he does gt minutes… Unfortunately he won’t get it at Southampton.

Last game. No idea what trades I’m going to make! What are you guys doing? After this game I might try and pump out one last article and get all the regulars back for a bit of a wind up! Good luck to all.

2 comments on “Studs Up – GW37

  1. MattyZach

    What a rubbish round! I loaded up with 6 players for the DGW. Slumped to a measly 45 points. What a dud round. Not grabbing a Sunderland defender in that 6 ended up really hurting. Red arrows everywhere!

    Oh wells! Last round. Probably a double hit from me to remove Defoe, Larsson and Gomez from my team hoping that by pooling all my cash on 1 or 2 players will pay back in some points!

  2. Shaun Curnow

    Spot on bout bonus points.. Prime example.. How can a side have 28 shots on goal and goal keeper have 8 recorded saves and keep clean sheet yet not get a single bonus point. Absolutely ridiculous.

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