The Captains – FINAL GW38!

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Well, we’ve finally made it. I’ll post a season review next week, but I’ll take the time to thank everyone who has stuck with us all the way! It’s a long season… The issue is, there’s a lot on the line for us fpl managers this weekend and nobody is playing for anything! Almost every important position is decided, aside from Newcastle and Hull’s relegation battle. Picking a captain won’t be easy, here are my thoughts…

The Contenders:

Hull/Newcastle – I always like to pick captains from teams I know will be giving it their all. Unfortunately, the options here are very slim. DO NOT go near Newcastle… Just save yourself the pain. I really think Hull will fight this all the way to the death, but I can’t really pick out anyone to have a dominant game against United. N’Doye perhaps?

Chelsea will mark the end of their successful 2014/15 campaign with a home clash against a safe Sunderland. Usually I’d be all over Chelsea, but Hazard’s emergency dental surgury has me wondering who will do the damage. With Fabregas missing they could be down 2 key men, making captaincy a tough call. Honestly I’d pass unless you have Costa (who should play). I’m tipping a 1-0 win.

Giroud – He has now gone 7 goals in all competitions without a goal, and really needs a rest. Unfortunately Arsene currently doesn’t have that luxury (Unless he finally starts Walcott upfront). I think he’ll start again, but you can’t rely on him for any worthwhile returns. Pass.

Bolasie – I have always admired Bolasie’s tenacity, but he has taken his game to another level this season. He is now a dangerous winger capable of delivering a final ball, notching a massive 12 assists this season. He will cause Swansea all sorts of trouble. Obviously risky but could pay dividends.

Lukaku – It’s the final gameweek, get creative! Lukaku has been massively disappointing this season (Look out, bargain next year!) however last week proved he can still be a danger. He’ll be keen to go out on a high note and Spurs aren’t exactly solid at the back. He’s a decent shout…

Kane – If Kane’s form was anything other than woeful, he’d be in the top 3. He has just 1 goal and 1 assist in his last 7 outings, for a grand total of 20 points. I was too scared to trade him, bad move! He will be over priced next year, this could be farewell!

Young – You can’t deny it, Youngy is in inspired form! With 1 goal and 5 assists in his past 6 games, he is finally hitting some form on a wing. He tormented Bellerin last week and will be key for United if they are to get a win on the final day of the season. Not the worst pick…

Top 3:

1. Aguero – I have to go with the form based on the fact that nobody is playing for much other than pride, and Aguero wins that race by a country mile. City are the only team coming home strong, and even though they face Southampton Pellegrini will be keen for a win in front of their home fans to cap off a disappointing season (Yes, they still finished 2nd). Forget all that anyway, Kun is playing like a man possessed! He has 8 goals, 3 assists and 60 points from his last 6 games without a single blank. I rest my case, the number 1 fantasy player (Hazard only ahead on points thanks to his injury) will make a statement. Thanks for all your work this season Sergio, just one more big effort would be handy!

2. Benteke – Once again I’ll go with the form line, and Benteke looks gold this week. Villa will want a win leading into the FA cup final, and Burnley at home should be the perfect platform to do so. Burnley will give it their all in their final Premiership game, but Benteke has 11 goals in his last 10 games. He is a form player and I will be SO hesitant to start with him next season, but for now he looks the goods. Lock and load this week.

3. Sanchez – I’ll finish it off with Sanchez, more by default than anything else. Arsenal’s form is horrid, however I can guarantee they won’t want to send their home fans off with 4 consecutive blanks at the Emirates!!! That is unheard of. Sanchez has been awesome this season, bagging 16 goals and 8 assists to leave himself behind only Aguero and Hazard in the points rank this year. I can see him capping off his debut season with a goal, mark these words!

The Punt:

Hazard – Lastly, if you’re after a punt then I guess Hazard fits that billing this week. Mourinho has said he is hopeful that Hazard can play a part on Sunday, but is obviously a huge doubt after emergency dental surgery to repair an infection. If he doesn’t play your vice captain steps in, if he does then you’re one of the only people in fpl to have the top scorer as captain at home to Sunderland. Substitution is obviously the biggest risk, but hey that’s why it’s called a punt!

There you go guys, the final captaincy selections of the year! Thank so much to everyone still taking part in the discussion, 38 weeks is a long time! Things will heat up again in July, you can be guaranteed of that. I’ll be back with a season review alongside Baysie and Nick, from all 3 of us thanks for playing along with us! Good luck to those up the top in the Addicts Championships, money and bragging rights are on the line… For one last time this season, let’s make it a high scoring weekend! Cheers.

Cheers everyone

16 comments on “The Captains – FINAL GW38!

  1. brandonpietie

    Can’t believe it’s all done. Thank you so much guys for a great season…. see you all in a few months. .. ps AGUEROOOOOOOOOOO for me

  2. ozgunners

    Hey Matt,Nick,
    Baysie and the rest of the FPL Addicts crew, thanks for your fantastic website, all your great articles and all your great advice. This site has been a tremendous help to me and I am sure to everybody else. All you guys have put a lot of time and effort into this site and it shows.

    Also, thanks to all the regular users of the site, as I enjoyed reading your comments.

    Hope you will be back next season.



  3. viper086

    Top year fellas. Thanks for the hard work, like others have said I would be no where without your information and general discussion in the comments. Baysie especially, you are a cracker and always reply to every comment that come with your article.

    I took the risk and brought in tekkers and it did not pay off. Fell short by 6 points which is what i could have got if i had played it safe with aguero!!! Already looking forward to next season and seeing Bale back in the premier league and whoever else Man U and City splash the cash on. Now to focus on AFL fantasy where i am doing poorly.

  4. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    You lads are still going? Geez. Maybe if I was half decent at this lovely e-sport Id do well in it but not to be. Top stuff guys (well for the year I read anything :/), always a good laugh, laid back and talented! Maybe in a couple of months time Ill come back and score over the average more often than not!

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