2015 Season Review

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So that’s it, another season done and dusted. After having a week off to review things, here’s our writers summaries of their seasons! 

Matt –

It was a strange season to be honest, I still can’t quite put my finger on it. The title was decided by November, meaning the season was just dragging along until the final month. We then had a relegation battle that could have provided so much, but ended up being a fizzer.

FPL was a mixed bag, but definitely didn’t have the excitement of last season. To give you an idea, I scored 300 LESS points than I did in 2013/14, but still ended up ranked at 50k (Finished just inside the top 10k last year). Baysie and Nick were just 30 points ahead, but finished a whole 20k ranks above me! There weren’t many differentials to be thrown into the mix, with hardly anyone stepping up outside of the template teams. The January transfer window also delivered us donuts, but that didn’t mean there weren’t highlights!

Kane’s emergence was incredible, while Sanchez turned out to be the best foreign transfer selection I’ve ever made! On a personal level, I learnt some tough lessons. I tried to be more conservative with my transfers, only taking point hits when absolutely necessary. This had a major consequence, my team got left behind! I got on Kane just in time, but I missed bandwagons like Benteke, Austin and even held Kane for too long at the end of the day.

I always like to go back and look at my team from GW 1. Go do it now…

Did you like what you saw? My team wasn’t too bad, however the one poor decision I made was trying to go for ‘underpriced’ premiums. I gambled on Mata and Coutinho, and also tried to be clever and select Phil Jones. It’s rare that these guys priced around 8.0 make it to the next level, they are often priced there for a reason. Inconsistency! I’ll keep this in mind when selecting my first XI for next August, boy I can’t wait for redemption!

Overall it has been a long season, and my final year at Uni is getting in the way a bit. Heck, I even posted this review a week late! Even though I didn’t get to dedicate as much time as I would’ve liked, I’m glad I could keep pumping out articles for you guys. You’re the best! I’ll see you all next season, reinvigorated!

Baysie –

So that’s the end of another season! It was a bit of a meh season in reflection. Chelsea ran away with the title and in a manner that was not always the most visually stimulating. The other teams filling out the Top 4 could’ve been easily picked preseason as were the three teams that got dumped out the end and flushed down to the Championship… FPL was a mixed bag. The changes to the Bonus Point system giving the midfielders more opportunities was fine, but outside
of Hazard not many were able to put together more than a hand full of quality games. The strikers were a bit of a lottery with only Aguero doing anything amongst the top value choices, not like past seasons anyway…

On a personal level… At the end of last season I put together a list of lessons learnt, which I often referred back to. Nearly all of them ring true this time around;

1. Don’t take points hits outside of DGWs. Fail. I took far too many hits and barely any of them worked out… Even the DGW hits largely failed outside of that one Bentekkkers led miracle week! Woo.

2. Take more risks with clubs that have changed managers. Tick. West Brom were going to clean up the cleanies, and Palace and Villa were going to go the other way. Although I wasn’t able to take advantage of Palace like I should have, Villa and West Brom were fertile trading grounds for points.

3. The dumping of the “Never Again List”. Tick. Stewart Downing proved that!

4. Leave your pride at the door. Fail. This was based last season on not getting on Lukaku when I should have… This season it was not budging from my expensive striker faith and having a few more cheapies from time to time. As we kept on preaching however, cheap strikers are never going to be a long term solution. Even Kane showed that late in the season. But the ability to jump on short form trends is pretty important and one I failed to do when it came to my strikers.

5. Tactics. Meh. This season was completely different to last in regards to tactics and they both ended up being fine. The initial team that I sent out did not work however. It was decimated by injury (Jovetic, Debuchy and Evans), positional changes (Roondog), and just shocking form (bloody Lamela). But, all the preseason chatter about Krul as a “must have” turned into a bit of a joke!

6. Preseason signings are not the answer. Half/half. This was one of those seasons where quite a few big money signings were able to hit the ground running. Sanchez, Fabregas, Costa and Pelle were able to sustain their form for a little bit longer than the likes of ADM, Herrera, etc however. Some however were catastrophic failures. I’m looking at you Liverpool…

So in summary… I didn’t learn from all my past mistakes. My initial team was horrid (I was outside of the top 1,000,000 after GW5!)… But, it is a long season and I was able to claw my way back up to a position where beating last seasons position was within grasp until a final few punts failed to drop back to ~30k.

Thanks to every single one of you guys for coming back every day, week and making this worthwhile!!!

Nick –

Well it’s time to draw the curtains on another season of FPL! I don’t know if it’s just me, but this season has seemed to fly past so quickly. Firstly, I would just like to thank everyone here on FPLAddicts who read our articles and constantly comment with such positive and supportive remarks – it really does mean a lot! We’ve grown an amazing community here so let’s keep it up!

Getting to a review of my season, I had a rather indifferent season – lot’s of ups, but as always, plenty of downs. In the end I finished 31,213th in the world, with a grand total of 2134 points. Pretty meh, but definitely ‘ok’ considering where I was halfway through the season.

Inline image 1Inline image 2

My best transfer of the season was definitely jumping on the #KaneTrain early on, much to my disappointment after he tore Chelsea a new one on that dreadful evening in London…. Anyway, who had the last laugh 😉 Go Chelsea! Also pretty happy with my transfer of Stewart Downing early on, even despite his reputation and likelihood of eventually spudding it up.

As for next season, I’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on Romelu Lukaku and what he is priced at, likewise with Theo Walcott – particularly after Sunday’s effort. Let’s just hope the FPL Gods don’t price him ridiculously just off the back of that game….

Well that about wraps up my season in review! Thanks once again for the support throughout the season, it means a lot! I’m unsure of my availability for next season at the minute, with Work and University taking up a fair bit of my time I’ll see where my priorities are at, but one thing’s for sure is that I’ll still stick around this great site, love the banter!

Cheers, Nick.
So there you have it guys. Once again we’d like to thank you guys for being part of such a great community. We’ve faced some hard times working with only the 3 of us, we’ll definitely looking to recruit some more assistance for next season! At the end of the day hearing your success stories and how much this site has helped makes it all worthwhile. Thanks for sticking with us, we’ll be back again bigger and better next season! Bring on July…

25 comments on “2015 Season Review

  1. Ryan

    Great jobs throughout the whole season lads and particularly a great final review. Am already looking forward to next season. Hopefully Liverpool have more of a 13/14 season than a 14/15 season! (but it doesn’t look likely to happen)

  2. boges11

    Great effort through the season fellas. Much appreciated. I was in a similar boat Matt, 110 pts less than last year but a whopping 290k places better.

  3. MattyZach

    Thanks very much for everything this season lads! Finished with my highest rank ever of 49146, which is a lazy 140000 higher than my previous best!
    Peaked at 21000 with 4 weeks to go, but I took some risks big time with the DGWs which all failed and left me dropping down the ranks to finish.

    Keen for the next year already! Saturday night’s Spurs game already wet my appetite big time!

  4. Colin - Tucana111548

    Thanks for all your efforts this season. It was very much appreciated considering there were only three of you and you all had work and study to distract you. I didn’t comment on every article however I digested each and every one as they were posted. I look forward to catching up again come August.

  5. Bio Eden Hazard

    Thanks guys, you’re pretty much the only FPL website/blog that I still read and you definitely helped get to that 2600th rank! See you next season, same place!

  6. hwhite94

    Thanks guys this site was awesome, my first serious season of fpl and you guys got me inside the top 10k for most of the season until I got silly in the last two double game weeks. Thanks again and looking forward to next season.

  7. chopyouup

    Thanks to you all I was able to win the FPL championship get 109 in Australia and 2,444 world wide. Thanks heap to you all and happy to help you guys out where ever you need it

  8. Nois

    thanks boys, end up in the 27k overall, couldn’t get that without your help ! See u next season !

  9. theultimateandy

    Any chance you guys could post some transfer news? My Facebook feed is full of all sorts of tabloid bullshittery.

    Hard to tell what’s legit from what’s absolute wank.

    • baysietoff

      I only pay attention to club twitter feeds, EVERYTHING else is bull shit! 😀 We’ll be back in with some articles in a couple of weeks. Still giving the brain a rest haha 😀

      • theultimateandy

        Cool. Hoping to make a decent plan and maybe grab one or two newcomers early in the season at a low cost. It’s never really worked out for me before (Van Wolfswinkel) but it will one day!

        • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

          Just rumours still but then again he was spotted in London couple days ago. Cabaye to Palace, will be interesting where he plays. Really hope he comes!!! 🙂

          • baysietoff

            I hear he’s having a medical today/tomorrow @ Palace! Feels like this one may be more than just a rumour. Would be a huge pick up!

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