FPL is Open!

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Well, that didn’t take long. After a late finish to last season and an early kick-off this time around, the official game is already open! With under a month until GW1 deadline arrives, we’ll be swinging into full gear over the next week. This is more of a post to let you guys know what’s happening. I’m currently away on holidays, and won’t be able to get researching and writing until next week. From mid next week you’ll start to see the return of our popular pre-season articles, including updates to predicted teams, set piece takers plus a comprehensive rundown of the player list and their prices.

It’s going to be an exciting season here at FPLaddicts. Not only do we have FPL to worry about, we are kicking off a daily (Yes, daily!) fantasy comp with $$$$ up for grabs! It will be a brand new game mode, hosted by our friends Moneyball. We’ll have more details closer to the season commencing.

I will update the RMT (Rate my Team) thread so you guys can get discussing on your first squads, feel free to post your thoughts and teams here as well! There is however one big change you’ll notice when you first log in…

There have been some vital rule changes. Three ‘chips’ have been introduced, each of which can be used once during the season. All are self explanatory, I’ll leave the surprise until you log in. There are also changes to the wildcard rules, we now get 1 wildcard for each half of the season. That means no January wildcard, but one wildcard to use between GW1-19, and one between 20-38. Before you ask, you can’t stack them. I’ll be writing an article with regards to these new rule changes, how they might affect the game and how we can plan around them! For the next few days just kick back, relax and play with your squads! We have a busy month ahead…

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  1. rostie

    Well that went quick. And Liverpool only managed to link themselves to about 50 strikers over the off season!

  2. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Bout time, RDT going shit so I need to turn to something else. The chips look like they can be pivotal, especially in a league situation!

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