Addicts Pre-Season – 2015/16

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Addicts Classic League: 68260-274773 

(Check out our league page for some H2H leagues, I’ll be releasing a few over the next 24 hours if you reckon you can beat me!)

Be sure to check out the full list of projected XI’s in the top menu. I’ve also updated this seasons set piece takers (finally)!

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We’ve finally reached deadline day! We’ll be releasing more league codes over the next few hours, meanwhile our projected XI’s and player list analysis are available for your reading pleasure. Keep updating those teams on our RMT page, only hours to go now…

4 comments on “Addicts Pre-Season – 2015/16

  1. chopyouup

    Whats going on with this? are we doing cash again? what happened to the league idea last year with promotion and relegation on a head to head league? if

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      I’m doing my best mate 🙁 Writing at least 1 article per day is hard enough, I still love the idea but I wouldn’t be able to administer it. I’ve talked to last year’s winner (Dean), if someone else can run it we’ll be happy to promote it! I’ll definitely take part. We’ll also be taking part in another money competition which we’ll announce next week

  2. Ryan

    Does anyone know much about Villa’s new signing Veretout from Nantes? He’s priced at 6.0 in the midfield

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