In-Round Discussion – GW4

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GW4 is upon us! As always, Moneyball are running their daily lobby’s and once again we will be participating! I came 2nd in the Free Ball last week, safe to say it’s been fairly profitable so far. We have an FPLaddicts lobby set up for tonight, be sure to jump in! They are also running a special for the Newcastle Arsenal match, which is perfect for our Australian audience! Add some extra spice to the early game, without having to stay up into the early hours of the morning! Good luck this week everyone, let’s hope for a high scoring one!


Studs Up Skippers – GW4

This is getting a little out of hand! I’m not even angry about the Skipper picks, they’ll come… I‘m angry about not even picking regular scoring players at all! There’s some pretty darn good FPL Gaffers on this site who are languishing at ungodly rankings, and they don’t have bad teams… It’s not healthy to feel my 890k is relatively good. Not sure about you all, but it doesn’t feel that the EPL has really started yet, it’s just happening. Not many of the big guns are firing, and some of the lesser knowns are taking advantage and filling in the breach. Like bloody Mahrez on my bench again!!!

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Fixture Fixation

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Huge thanks to Jonathan Craze for his second post this season, this is awesome work!

With 3 eventful (and mostly rather pathetic) Gameweeks down, the fixture list has been whittled away, and we are left with a slightly different prospects list than on the opening day. What’s more, we have 3 weeks of analysis to give us some (rather patchy) ideas of how teams intend to play, and a little bit of a form guide. With that in mind, here is a fixture guide, giving a brief breakdown of each team’s Short (3 Game) Mid (5 Game) and Long (8 Game) fixtures. Continue reading

Oh my POD! GW3

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Let’s quickly look back at last week’s picks. Eric Dier was on his way to a handy clean sheet before bandwagon troll Riyad Mahrez stepped in and ruined everything. Aleksander Kolarov was sensational though, netting a crucial goal and clean sheet as well as maximum BP’s for a beautiful 15-pointer. Just for good measure, Gael Clichy didn’t even make the bench.

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Full Time – GW3


GW3 means we can finally start spotting ‘trends’. One good game gets you an award, Two good games in a row gets you an honourable mention but three good games in a row shows a trend. The trend so far is that Selecting PODs is separating last year’s FPL heroes from this year’s zeros (or 2’s). My advice, if you believe in a POD, just go for it and ignore comments from last year’s relics. Just like this week’s results, anything can happen… Continue reading