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Strap yourselves in and grab a coffee… There’s been a lot of names being put up as potential striking options this season, we’re going to have a crack at weighing up all the main players… Let me know below if you want any others talked up?


Aguero (13m)

14/15 2532 mins – 26 goals – 10 assists – 27 BPs – 216 total points

13/14 1528 – 17 – 11 – 22 – 156

I’d be concerned if I had to spend too much time on this absolute fantasy legend. He won’t start the season after spending his “off-season” taking part in the Copa America, so it’s a risk putting him in any of our teams to begin with. But we need to have a contingency plan to get him in if/when he goes bang. Has a tendency to start off slow anyway so look towards GW4-5 or thereabouts for him to find his feet. Perma Captain…

Costa (11m)

14/15 2069 – 20 – 3 – 18 – 150

He’s the first choice striker in the champion team… But I just don’t see the value. One of our biggest gripes of Diego Costa last season was that he couldn’t get any bonus points, and I don’t see that changing this campaign. In fact it may get worse with the new points system. He’ll still score his 20 goals, or more, but the extra 1 or 2m could be used so much better elsewhere in our teams. Not to mention his dodgy hammy which is sure to go at some stage! I had him for quite a large portion of the first few months of last season, but I was always on edge waiting for Jose to tell us all the truth and that he was definitely playing or not. It all got too much and I had a much more enjoyable season after I got rid of him…

Sturridge (10.5m)

13/14 2269 – 22 – 8 – 34 – 197

Last season was destroyed due to injury and he won’t be starting this season for the first month or two so give him a wide berth. When he does come back we all need to keep a very close eye on him. Last season I posted some stats on his unnatural ability to score in his first game back from long lay-offs, an early jump on him could prove a master stroke.

Rooney (10.5m)

14/15 2872 – 12 – 5 – 15 – 132

11/12 2830 – 27 – 8 – 37 – 230

09/10 2711 – 26 – 6 – 46 – 224

Roondog should be in everyone’s team from the very beginning. His stats from last season aren’t in the slightest bit relevant as he barely played in his natural striking position. The two other season stats I’ve given are however very relevant, that was back when he was at the top of his game playing up front. That’s what he’s capable of and as Man Utd, currently, don’t have much in the way of competition for him he’s a lock in a reasonably free scoring team.

Kane (9.5m)

14/15 2581 – 21 – 7 – 32 – 191

My opinion of Harry Kane has changed dramatically since FPL opened. He was in one of my earlier draft teams, but he’s been sent packing. The star from last season started to flicker in the last handful of games last season, and hasn’t done a heap this preseason to suggest he is capable of starting this campaign strongly. I’m sure he will get back on the scoring charts, but it may take him a bit of time to warm up. Happy to eat my words however because he’s magic to watch!

Giroud (9.0m)

14/15 1861 – 14 – 3 – 16 – 120

13/14 3069 – 16 – 9 – 29 – 187

It’s really tough to get a gauge on how Arsenal are going to turn out this season. Last season was easily Giroud’s best, but it hasn’t been enough for him to nail down the number 9 spot in a jam packed attacking unit… And the gaffer is still on the look out for another striker. Although his points per minute stats are off the chart, I’m not going to go up against Arsene Wenger’s rotation policy.

Benteke (8.5m)

14/15 2378 – 13 – 2 – 18 – 127

Those stats aren’t great, but take into consideration that he was sitting on 2 goals up until early March! Isn’t it funny how Harry Kane’s form dipped about the same time Benteke’s form went up?!? Inside joke that one… When on form he’s one of the most prolific target men going around, but how he fits into Liverpool’s team long term as well as their style of play short term is too confusing for mine. He will be the man until Sturridge comes back, and it does allow Liverpool to ease him back in, but then Benteke’s getting bench splinters I’m afraid.

Lukaku (8.0m)

14/15 2872 – 10 – 6 – 12 – 135

13/14 2598 – 15 – 9 – 21 – 168

Aahhh Big Rom. What are we going to do with you..? When he’s up and about he can be anything but last season was a complete write off. But, he was only 15 points off of the total that Diego Costa scored, albeit in quite a few more minutes. If he shows anything like the form that he did in the previous 2 seasons then 8.0m is a bargain. You’ve got some serious balls if you start the season with him though… Our fixtures aren’t the best, but he does like scoring against the big teams?

Pelle (8.0m)

14/15 3281 – 12 – 6 – 14 – 149

Huge start to last season for the huge Italian! Was in most successful FPL teams during this run before it came to a grinding halt. That can happen in a players first season in a new league and we shouldn’t be too harsh on him, but with the next guy back on the scene you have to wonder how Southampton will line up… Could go either way for Pelle.

Rodriguez (7.0m)

13/14 2565 – 15 – 3 – 24 – 152

Whatever we thought of Pelle’s huge season, Jay Rodriguez’s the season before was bigger. Unfortunately for him a knee injury meant a year on the sidelines, but he’s back and already putting the goals away for fun. If Southampton play them both then Rodriguez will need to shuffle to a wing hampering his output, which is a shame because 7.0m is great value and probably 0.5m or 1.0m unders. If for any reason Pelle misses games, then jump aboard. Watch his form of course, it can be hard to come back after such a long time out.

Gomis (7.0m)

14/15 1650 – 7 – 1 – 6 – 84

I’ve seen steam trains start off quicker than Bafe did last season! To be fair he was always going to be behind Bony and it wasn’t until he left for the millions that we saw Gomis shine. Still a lot of conjecture about whether he’ll start the season at Swansea however but if he does then he’s a very good POD shout. Swansea look after their strikers and the addition of Ayew will give even better service. If he stays, I can foresee a 20 goal season.

Mitrovic (6.5m)

Read Fresh Blood 3

Mame Diouf (6.5m)

14/15 2434 – 12 – 3 – 18 – 128

We’re starting to get into some serious POD territory here. I’d never even considered Diouf until I stumbled across his stats from last season. This is for a Stoke team that didn’t really get going until later in the season, and one that has brought in some decent talent since. They are on the up and are on many a breakout contender list. If they do, then Diouf’s stats should inevitably go up shouldn’t they? 150+ points from a 6.5m player might be handy if you pick the right moment to get on and off…

Berahino (6.5m)

14/15 2925 – 14 – 1 – 21 – 148

The sad thing about Saidio’s next few years is that he’ll be under continual transfer speculation. The media like to do that to players who show a bit, are English, and aren’t playing for one of the Big 4, or 6 or whatever it is nowadays. How that effects his performances going forward we’ll have to wait and see… Last seasons numbers are pretty darn good in a defensive team in West Brom and I can’t see any reason why they’ll go down. He will have his dips in form, but if you are able to get him in when he’s going off then you’ll get a jump on the rest of the comp. If he goes to Spurs..? I haven’t figured out yet if that will help or hinder his chances?

Sakho (6.5m)

14/15 1755 – 9 – 3 – 14 – 98

Sakho could be one of the biggest improvers this season on the back of Bilic’s attacking style and the introduction of the assist machine in Payet. His first half of last season was very good before he slowed down, and then finished it off injured. He’s already scored a couple in West Ham’s UEFA campaign, before getting himself red carded the next game. If West Ham do well, Sakho will score heaps. Watch.

Lambert (6.0m)

14/15 839 – 2 – 4 – 0 – 50

13/14 2814 – 13 – 11 – 28 – 179

12/13 3126 – 15 – 8 – 32 – 187

His move to West Brom puts him back into consideration. What we need to weigh up is that at 33 years old, does he still have it any more, and are West Brom going to feed him enough chances? Last season won’t paint a good picture but his figures for Southampton in the previous 2 seasons are. Definitely keep an eye on him because if he can get back to his scoring ways then get on!

Deeney (5.5m) v Wilson (5.5m)

This has been the biggest decision most of us are having to make this preseason… Let’s run through how they went last season. Deeney – 3423 minutes, 21 goals, 9 assists. Wilson – 3908 minutes, 20 goals, 7 assists… Deeney – 2.9 shots per game, 1.5 key passes per game. Wilson – 2.9 and 1.4… Deeney 180cm, as is Wilson. Drilling down to some out of the ordinary stats however, Deeney’s 2.8 poor controls per game beats Wilson’s 3.8. Wilson completes 1.5 dribbles per game v Deeney’s 0.8? Deeney gets a heap more of the ball with 30.9 passes per game v only 16.9 for Wilson, although his is at a better completion rate of 74.2% v the former’s 61.8%. Last one. Deeney won a huge 4.2 aerial duels to Wilson’s 0.6. Although the end result seems to be similar, they are very different players. I’ve seen Wilson in most teams that have had this decision but I’m going Deeney. He’s Watford’s captain. He’s done this for longer (5 years in the Championship for 69 goals in 195 games, 45 in the last 86). Wilson’s only really played 2 seasons as a pro with his last 2 seasons netting 41 goals from 82 games, but 1 of those was in League 1. Bournemouth do play an intriguing attacking brand, I say intriguing because we don’t know how it will hold up against the big boys regularly. I just feel Deeney has the better capacity to adapt to the EPL quicker than Wilson will.

Bojan (5.5m)

14/15 1203 – 4 – 1 – 13 – 59

I’m guessing there might be a few who may get pissed by me mentioning the little man Bojan and outing him? After a really slow start to his EPL life, he really got going mid November and showed us all the prodigious talent he has at his disposal. Unfortunately a pretty serious knee injury in late January stopped him in his tracks. But he’s back now and as with Diouf, he’s in an up and coming Stoke team that could provide Bojan with a heap of opportunities to score. He’s a great choice if you don’t like any of the promoted team strikers. He’ll take some time to get back to match fitness, so best not to start with him but keep an eye on him.

Jerome (5.0m)

Why not? If we’re spending so much time on the other two promoted team’s lead strikers, why not Jerome? At least he’s played in the EPL before! And did ok, for a bit, a while back… Let’s run through the same stats as we did before. 3169 minutes (v Deeney’s 3423 & Wilson’s 3908), 20 goals (v 21 & 20), 7 assists (v 9 & 7), 2.6 shots per game (v 2.9), 0.8 key passes (v 1.5 & 1.4), 1.9 poor touches (v 2.8 v 3.8), 0.3 dribbles (v 0.8 & 1.5) and 2.6 aerial duels (v 4.2 & 0.6). His last few seasons in the EPL were a bit of a right off in a fantasy sense however. A grand total of 9 goals in 78 games is probably one reason why he’s 5.0m. If we go back to 08-10 he did score 20 in 66 for Birmingham in the EPL? Like I said, why not?

Like I said, there’s a heap of possibilities and although there are a few that could be deemed standouts there’s more than one way to skin a cat. If this season is like last, then bonus points won’t be handed out to these guys so the idea of saving money on your forwards and reinvesting it towards other parts of your team has a great deal of merit. Which 3 are we all going for?

40 comments on “Player List Analysis – Forward

  1. Ryan Crowley

    What do you think about Rooney without penalties though? Any data on how many penalties he scored in the years mentioned?

  2. greenninja15

    I have Kun, Gombis & Deeney up front. Kun will be Rooney to start likely. Gombis my gamble but will have $2.5 in bank to upgrade him if first couple GW look poor

  3. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    All round great read Baysie, cheers. Im trying to see if I can fit Sakho in my team (with Aguero, Rooney), but its hard… ya know? But he is very tempting and with Payet (I think most chances created/assists or whatever in the last like season or two… Whatever it was haha) feeding him balls, Im trying!

    I recon Watford should ditch the defending and focus on the attacking, a front 3 of Ighalo, Deeney and Vydra sounds very nice.

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Cheers mate!!! It’ll look great but it might leave your strikers a bit top heavy with all three? There’s some value to be had in the cheaper options. Still can’t believe I’m saying that…

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Monster preseason might be a bit of an exaggeration? He’s only scored in one game, granted it was a hattrick, but it was 3 weeks ago against the might of Barnet… With Palace getting Bamford on loan, and about to buy Wickham to go with Murray, Campbell and Chamakh there’s too much going on in the striking department. And their mid term fixtures aren’t great. Definitely a wait and see.

    • Bio Eden Hazard

      Have Rooney, Deeney and Kane so far but not very happy about it. I “had” to bring Kane for Tekkers as he’s apparently not fit. Sakho on my radar (for Kane maybe) as well as Pelle, considering his preseason.

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        • brandonpietie

          Lol… Seems like he is adding to it every 5 mins… this link comes up EVERYWHERE lol.

          And thanx for the like on the Forwards… Wasn’t easy! There aren’t many “Locks” this season.

          GW4 will change things… When the king comes back!

  5. Bio Eden Hazard

    Have Rooney, Deeney and Kane so far but not very happy about it. I “had” to bring Kane for Tekkers as he’s apparently not fit. Sakho on my radar (for Kane maybe) as well as Pelle, considering his preseason.

  6. Nicholas Ritchie

    Have Aguero, Jerome along with Perez, Who wold probably be the best replacement for Aguero since hes out. Copa America driving me crazy. First Sanchez, Now Aguero

  7. Ryan

    I have Jay Rodriguez in my team atm and saw that some people are considering Pelle and have said he’s had a strong pre-season, yet I have heard more about Rodriguez’s pre-season so I looked up all of their recent games and so far this pre-season it seems that they have each scored 6 goals so far – both got 3 in that 10-0 win and both have 3 others, so it is even on pure goals. They are both worthy of starting in the team while I’m not sure whether or not they would like to play 2 at the front.
    So in short, can someone that follows or knows a lot about Southampton tell me what they think will happen with the two of them or I’m happy for anyone to just give me their guess

    • Bio Eden Hazard

      Have Sterling in my team at the moment. I’m always cautious with Silva, been burned too many times with injuries

    • Bio Eden Hazard

      I will probably end up with the same attacking line (provided Benteke is fit)…therefore i like it 🙂

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