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I’ll go first lads!!! Any of our longer term readers will know that I like to go risky with my first team, and it’s got me nowhere. So I’ve decided to scale it back. I think…



Starting off with the keepers… My main man is going to be Myhill. I’ve got quite a bit of faith in the magical powers of Tony Pulis and am backing him in. If you add in the new BP changes, Myhill could clean up! He made a save every 17.7 minutes, comparing to other save machine Pantilimon’s 23.7 minutes, which is phenomenal. His fixtures are a bit hit and miss short term but they marry up reasonably well with Palace’s Hennessey, who should be No.1 for the first month or so given Speroni is out. If I hear anything about McCarthy getting that gig then he’ll come in… The defence may look a bit different from most but I’ve gone for a simple method. I’ve picked a defender from Chelsea, West Brom, Swansea and Sunderland who were the better defences at times last season. Azpilicueta should be self explanatory. Even if Chelsea do buy a new left back, he better like sitting on the bench. The new BPs may actually improve his scoring potential being such a defensive beast? From Swansea I’ve gone Williams, who is another that should profit from BPs. He had an incredible number of CBIs (Clearances, Blocks, Interceptions) last season and I don’t see them regressing too much, if at all… Next I have Lescott. Firstly for the obvious Pulis connection, but also he’s going to recreate his 8 goal season from way back when at some stage. I ain’t missing out on that. Sunderland’s Coates is in. He’s played the last 2 preseason games and I’m hoping beyond hope that he get’s the nod. Looking at those important CBI figures, he picks one up every 9 minutes compared O’Shea’s 12 so is in the ball park for great BP numbers, coupled with their nice early season fixtures. I’ll be keeping an eye on this situation though, and O’Shea may come in… Taylor is my final defender, merely because I don’t want to have to think about that last defender spot too much. I don’t think I’ve ever needed it… And Newcastle did tighten up a bit when Taylor managed to limp onto the pitch last season.


This is where I’ve gone to town! There’s far too much value to be had in this part of the field that couldn’t be ignored. Hazard is in, speaks for himself really. I’m glad Sanchez wasn’t available because this decision would be far harder. I reckon at some stage this season my team will be Hazardless, and Sanchez will be in. Sterling. Seems to have a new lease on life now that he’s not shackled with burden of carrying Liverpool’s forward line. He really will be given the freedom to do what he does, and be fed by some decent attackers in Silva and Aguero. Ozil. This is where there were harder decisions to be made. There are a number of 8.5m mids that could have been picked but I’ve gone for some less risky choices. If Arsenal are going to finally win the league then Ozil has to stand up and be counted. No more of this drifting in and out of games, it’s his time and I’m backing him in. Plus, he’s least likely of the Arsenal mids to be rotated! Mata. He was pivotal in United’s late season form and will be the glue that holds together a new look attacking half of the pitch. On pens too… My major POD is Lens. Although preseason form should never be a key factor in picking players, Lens’ was fairly good. Man of the Match in the last two games as well as a bullet from outside of the box has enough for me to think he is exactly what Sunderland needs. He’ll spend time as a wide striker, or even through the middle so he’s a little OOP which is a bonus. That was a tough choice considering the quality in and around this price, I’m hoping my talking up of Payet backfires!


Roondog. I’ve read all the arguments against picking him but I’m not going in without a premium striker and all of the contenders are either injured, resting or out of form too. It also gives me a stepping stone to Aguero when he gets his act together. United have a great midfield now that’ll be feeding him, and he’s got something to prove after been pushed back for so long… Hopefully the stint back in an Everton shirt hasn’t got him home sick! Gomis was nearly the first player I picked when FPL opened, and he’s kept his spot all preseason. He looked so good when he got his chance last season and Swansea have increased their quality in their attacking third with Ayew. Being fed by Ayew, Siggy and Montero should keep him happy! And he’s had a great preseason either scoring or hitting the bar in all his games… 20 + this season! The third striker position has changed so much that I’ve lost count… It started off with Wilson and Deeney rotating daily, but Jerome has made a late run. Reason being is that Norwich can’t really be considered a newly promoted club to the same degree as Bournemouth and Watford.  This is largely the same team that was plying its trade with us not too long ago, with some excellent additions. He’s also got the hang of scoring this preseason with a nice looking 6 goals, albeit against some lower, lower, lower league teams. His stats match up to the other two very well as can be seen in my Forward’s Analysis. 1.0% ownership too may help with an early jump on the rest!


So you may see a bit of a difference in my named team… After picking my defence I realised that most of them have horrible opening day fixtures! Swansea away to Chelsea and West Brom hosting City are a little nightmarish. That’s when, I my opinion, the most pointless of chips comes into play. I’m going to get it out of the way so I don’t need to think about! I’ll be going with the 2-5-3 for day 1, and Jerome home against Palace helped make that decision. Operation “Get Kun” will then come into effect with one of Mata or Ozil being downgraded to find the 2m. Picking Jerome has left me 0.5m in the bank, I’m hoping I don’t do something stupid with that like Ozil -> Walcott…



Come at me!!!!!!

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  1. Bio Eden Hazard

    Nice Baysie! Strong team overall. A few observations If I may:
    – Defense: definitely solid but instead of getting two 5.0 players I may get a 5.5 (Clyne or an Ars defender maybe) and a 4.5 (lots of interesting options in that bracket)
    – Midfield: got a lot of big guns there but that’s a lot of money spent. No cheapie but I like the fact that you got Lens in. I’m thinking of selecting Walcott instead of Ozil for Ars coverage.
    – Attack: Rooney is a lock for me. Gomis I’m not so sure, saw him play in the ligue 1 a lot and he was never that prolific even when he was playing for Lyon, one of the best teams. As far as Jerome is concerned, well, I’m not comfortable with cheap strikers to begin the season…although this year I may go for one

    As a conclusion (and that’s just my humble opinion) I would move some of the cash from the midfield to the attack.
    What’s the plan to get Aguero in then? As for Sanchez, would you really trade Hazard?

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Thanks mate!!! For the record, I can see your reasoning behind all your points. 🙂

      – Def; I didn’t really see any 5.5m I liked. Clyne especially I think is overrated in FPL this season, Liverpool are very poor defensively outside of a short period last term. I want to try and chase the midteam defensive trends more than I have in the past rather than go for expensive options.
      – Mid; Lots of guns merely because I had the money too. I’ll be downgrading one of Mata or Ozil to a 6.5m (maybe Bolasie, Cabaye or similar) to give me the 2.0m I need to upgrade Rooney to Aguero.
      – Att; I’m keeping Adebayor at the back of my mind when I choose the striker structure. Sherwood got the best out of him at Spurs and could do something similar at Villa. I ain’t comfortable with the cheapies either but it had to be done!

      Aguero is Mata/Ozil -> Bolasie/Cabaye, Rooney -> Aguero. And yes! Hazard -> Sanchez is a serious idea. They had similar minutes per point last season (~14) and I can see Sanchez having a better season than last. Also, now that Chelsea have the title they may put some more effort towards the Champions League which means rotation… Hazard can’t keep playing every game!

      • Bio Eden Hazard

        Very well then mate :)…Gotcha on the defense. Actually it may be safer to get someone from Swansea than trying to find the 5.5 Arsenal defender who will play consistently. Did you not consider Sakho as a striker? He’s cheap, has a good track record and Payet to supply him.

        • louiek78

          Also tempted by Payet, but it’s risky with guys that are new to the EPL. I’m going with Lukaku in GW1 and then he becomes Sahko for me in GW2. Have $2.5 in the bank for a Rooney to Aguero moves as well.

          • kingcolesy

            interesting, my plan for the WHM turn of fixtures on gw2 are holding 1.5m in kitty for Ritchie > Payet. then buy bandwagon player gw3, then WC next GW.

        • baysietoff Post Author

          Did consider Sakho. Little worried about how long it will take for West Ham to adapt to Bilic’s style of play, and how long he’s going to stay fit for!

  2. oak_ac

    rate my team please…

    – plan to use bench boost at gw1
    – 2.0 left in the bank

    Pantilimon – Hennessey
    Mertesacker – Cedric – Targett – Francis – Huth
    Hazard – Walcott – Payet – Mane – Westwood
    Rooney – Kane – Jerome


    • greenninja15

      Double Southampton in def, they were good last year but they have some changes to it (Forster, Clyne) so who knows if they will still be so resiliant

  3. brandonpietie

    Great team mate!!! This is the part I hate, when the “reveals” come around… it starts making you 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th…. guess EVERYTHING!!!!

    I like Hennessey at 4.0, and what are your thoughts on Hooper… He is my POD striker?

    • baysietoff Post Author


      He hasn’t got a great scoring record these past couple of seasons (18 in 64)… It was a bit better prior to that, but it was for Celtic. He’d be a notch below Deeney, Jerome and Wilson I reckon. But, it is called a POD for a reason.

  4. brandonpietie

    I hear you. I’ve gone a slightly different route… Cheaper defenders, and ALL my cash upfront… Just as a foretast.. My mids are:
    Walcott, Oscar, Silva, Depay, Sterling

    • amzereus

      I am going with my favorite 3-5-2.

      Shaw, Bellerin, Clyne
      Hazard, Sterling, Ozil, Mata, Cabaye
      Kane Lukaku

      I have Callum Wilson on bench to sub Cabaye and make it a 3-4-3 if he isnt fit.

      Still i havent decided my captain though.

      • greenninja15

        I like it, Shaw & Lukaku your biggest risks but also could be good POD’s which we all need

    • Bio Eden Hazard

      Mate that’s a hell of a midfield line 🙂 Are you waiting for Hazard to warm up, is that why you didn’t include him?

  5. greenninja15

    You alluded to Gomis yesterday and I like it a lot.
    I’m also hoping Leicester can duplicate their def from last year….Huth for me
    Can’t bring myself to go too cheap on Def as like nailed on players > Koscielny but spending big on mids will prove themselves right or wrong in first couple GW
    Good luck

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Thanks mate! Highly doubt Leicester can with their new gaffer, but I hope they do. Wouldn’t mind fitting in Huth a little later on.

  6. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Not keeping Rooney, interesting but its something I very much wanted to do, 2-3m is loads of cash! In the end, unless Van Gaal makes a last minute signing of a striker than he’s staying… For good.
    Also, you recon Steven Taylor is in the starting squad, cos it feels too risky or weird to have someone not playing a single game.
    2-5-3, sounds too dirty but its gotta be done! Im liking the squad Baysie!

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Don’t get me wrong, if Rooney comes out of the blocks he’s staying and Aguero will have to wait. It’s just the only possible way I can get him.

      Taylor has been playing friendlies… Not able to look in exactly how many right now, but I believe he’s played the last couple.

      Thanks mate!

  7. theultimateandy

    Awesome Baysie, and once again anything I had resembling a plan is shot to shit… Too many decisions!!

    I wish there was just 15 players in the whole league, life would be so much easier!

  8. princesscarlz

    Please rate my team or rip it to shreds. Got 2 different ones. Don’t know which is best!!

    Cech (Rudd)
    O’shea Huth Cedric (S Taylor Baker)
    Richie Sinclair Henderson Hazard (c) (Poyet)
    Costa Rooney Aguero


    Pantilon (Rudd)
    Huth Cedric Jagielka (Francis S.Taylor)
    Mane Depay Firmino Walcott Hazard (c)
    Any and all comments welcome!! I honestly need help!!
    Wilson Costa (Deeney)

  9. ed24f1

    West Brom are looking to get Marshall I think so not sure of Myhill’s job security.

    Gomis is an interesting option will definitely consider that.

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