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I’ve been waiting for an Australian company to provide us FPL nuts with a money competition, and moneyball have finally given us that chance. Is anyone else not really excited for the Saturday afternoon fixtures? A lack of fpl options? This is where it will suddenly make all the difference! Keen to take our writers on where it really matters? Read on!

It’s a daily fantasy competition, meaning you don’t have to wait 9 months for an FPL payout! The idea is to select a line-up that you feel will score best out of the teams playing that day. For example the main competition tonight is to select the best possible scoring team from players in action on Saturday!  There are competitions for every night, whilst you can also join in lobby’s competing over the whole weekend.

It’s a completely different beast to FPL, even though it has the same template (Different prices, same idea). The scoring system is different, here are they key differences:

  • Players get 0.05 for every pass completed, so players that rack up passes are great picks.
  • Keepers get points for every save, hello Pantilimon.
  • Shots on goal are also worth points… Hello Ritchie.

You can check the full scoring system on their website.

You select your squad within the budget constraints, but you don’t have to worry about planning ahead! There’s no season long commitments. It all goes on the line within a few hours, making it a perfect way to spice up the weekends…

I’ve entered my team for tonight and Sunday in our FPLaddicts contests! I’ve also entered the weekend lobby. The more competition you guys give me, the better! Although you’ll all be fighting for second place… 😉

Remember, the deadline for fpl doesn’t affect the moneyball competitions, you have until kick-off to select your team.

So, I feel like I shouldn’t give out too many tips, but just so we can take over the overall leaderboards here are a few guys I like the look of…


Rooney is clearly going to be a popular option, he loves an opening day goal. Smart selection. If you’re a risk taker, Depay will be keen to shine on his Old Trafford debut. For Spurs Kane will surely start up front, whilst Chadli could be a sneaky left field option.

The afternoon fixtures are pretty dead fpl wise, so this what I will be cheering on! Bournemouth host Aston Villa, making Ritchie and Wilson great selections. Everton host Watford, if Lukaku and get up he will be a great option up front. If he doesn’t, Everton will be looking towards Mirallas and Barkley to carry the attacking threat. Everton’s defence isn’t exactly full proof, so Deeney stands out as a good punt.

Leicester host Sunderland, which probably means it will be a 0-0 draw. If Leicester can break down the black cats, Vardy will be a vital cog in the machine. Norwich face Crystal Palace. This is where Redmond could be relevant. Even though he’s a risky option in fpl, as a one off selection I like him! Sako could get a start if Bolasie doesn’t get up, both are risky considering the line-up is still up in the air.

Lastly Chelsea host Swansea, and the likely absence of Costa will spice things up. That could bring Remy and Falcao into the frame. Hazard is clearly your best option here… Ivanovic also loves an opening day goal!

Sunday will be even more interesting, considering you only have 3 games to choose from! Heavy Arsenal coverage will be key to success…

I’ve got my line-ups ready to go, make sure you have yours! You can join the lobby’s here, I look forward to taking you all down! You can also create your own lobby’s to take on your mates, even those AFL fans who can’t stick at FPL for the full 38 gameweeks…

Remember, most importantly… GAMBLE RESPONSIBLY! Bring on the football…

You can sign up here if you’re interested, the competition is open to all residents of Australia and New Zealand. Unfortunately it isn’t open to our overseas readers just yet, but the plan is for that to be a possibility in the future. 

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