In-Round Discussion – GW1

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Discuss your thoughts on the opening weekends play here! With price changes imminent we’ll have to start putting thoughts into our trade plans as well. Personally, I got off to a shocker. The less said the better… Fire away in the comments!

I’m also taking part in Moneyball’s Monday night special. There is a $2 special tonight with a prize pool of $100! Last night Baysie won $90 from from 10, I missed out by 1 spot! We’re definitely going to do well out of this…

We’re not playing for sheep stations, but don’t underestimate the power of bragging rights. Plus you can win some decent cash! I’ve entered my team, it would be awesome if one of us could take it out again!

You can also set-up a private contest and take on your mates. I’ve got a few who struggle to last the first month, let alone keep tabs on their teams for 38 weeks! This could be the perfect way to get them involved, as long as you’ve got top notch banter…

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Be sure to sign-up here and take us on! Sorry if it seems like we’re pushing this hard, but it’s honestly great fun. I wouldn’t support a cause I didn’t think was worthy! We do work hard on the site, and sometimes we’ve gotta try get a little something back. By the way. I’m on 26 in 10 with my captain played. So try and beat that…. Good luck tonight lads 🙂 The articles will be back tomorrow!

*Unfortunately moneyball remains open to AUS and NZ residents only. We’re working on fixing this once possible…

59 comments on “In-Round Discussion – GW1

  1. Dan

    Lovin the Moneyball in DT, will give it a go tonight, should be a bit of fun.

    36 from 6 plus captain played (Rooney). Mahrez the big winner so far.

  2. Ryan

    29 from 6 and captain. That’s after Richards comes from the bench for O’Shea. Richards the only one that has done anything so far for me

  3. nalhcal99

    im quite glad i picked up darmian but unfortunately i captained hazard. how are you doing matt with pantilimon. who you have playing today and tomorrow?

      • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

        Thought Bilic decided to chuck one out on his debut as well, saw Poyet on the bench and paniced! Payet on field though 🙂

  4. MattyZach

    Ok start early on 19 from 4 players including Hazard as my C. Played the All Out Attack card this week too.

  5. James

    Annoyed that Fuchs didn’t start for Leicester last night and Tabanou 0 mins for Swansea?!? Why sign someone if you don’t give him a game? Rooney and Kane up front not bad. HAD IGHALO….on the bench 🙁

    Loving Cedric’s attacking flair, hating his physicality and card-pick-up-ability. Need Wijnaldum and the Ox to lift here…

    Hope Sterling bangs in a hat trick Tuesday morning and Stoke pump Liverpool *close to getting Clyne and Henderson so watch those 2 go bang!

    Transfers already decided: Tabanou and Fuchs out for Darmian and Souare (Palace) now I know Van Gaal will start Darmian and Souare is a Pardew favourite and massive POD.

    Jimmy out.

  6. stevenfsexton

    35 with sterling and tekkers to play. Pelle, Rooney, Lens, Azpilicueta WINNERS
    Hazard C, Walcott, Pants, Targett, Francis LOSERS
    Bassong to Oxford this week and Walcott to Payer next.

  7. Ryan

    Coutinho! Great goal, but he scores them so often he probably scores more from outside the box than inside

  8. viper086

    Tough first round to deal with with none of my guns firing. i think it is too early for wholesale changes, going to back the boys in for 1 more week. Milner, Walcott, Chadli, Mertesacker, Depay, Sakho you are all on notice!!!

    Props to Azpi, Rooney and Deeney who all tried hard though

    • kingcolesy

      1.6mil with 25 but it’s honestly not too far off a good score. If the next two weeks are high scoring we might see real leaderboard movement.

      • James

        37 pts with Sterling to come (hoping for a clean sheet, hat trick, 3pt bonus performance!) and 300k. Pretty good considering I had Fuchs, Fabianski and Hazard (C)

    • bill2k

      40 points and sitting in the top 200,000.
      Still Silva and Myhill to play tonight (as Hennesey didn’t get the nod for Palace)

      Pitty about putting the C on Hazard and should of left it on Rooney and my last second trade was Payet to Walcott which cost me as well.

      Still a decent start

  9. Ryan Crowley

    Some AFLF-FPL parables:

    Aguero = Swan
    Hazard = Pendlebury
    Sanchez = Rockliff
    Walcott = Tom Mitchell
    Ivanovic = Hodge
    Coutinho = Cotchin
    Kane = Stefan Martin
    Lukaku = Nicnat
    Terry = Boyd

  10. Bio Eden Hazard

    Hi guys, 32 for me so far with Sterling still to play. I’m just glad I stuck to my guns and kept rooney as my captain…only satisfaction really.

    Im gonna hold on to Walcott for the next as Giroud looked so terrible but he may have to make way for Sanchez very soon. Btw, what happened to Cedric Soares? why did he get subbed so early?

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

      I thought Giroud did decently, just couldnt finish any of the number of chamces he had. Walcott did a few decent things but nothing special over the 30 minutes he was in play, got in good positions but the delivery wasnt always there.

      Didnt actually watch the Saints game, but I think it was because of his yellow he received, I heard he was playing a bit too dangerous even after it so it was just a precaution.

  11. Kash7

    So guys, any thoughts on Baines possible replacement? Is it going to be Galloway? Also, worth holding onto Arsenal’s defence? Their performance this week leaves me in considerable doubt…

  12. Beerman

    A tough first gameweek for sure 🙂 Reece Oxford who took part in that serious thumping of the Arse, seems to be nailed on by Bilic according to reports and is listed as a defender but plays pretty far forward in the midfield. He looks to be a bargain at 4.0. Leicester’s Mahrez is obviously another player that many are looking at… I’ll see how he pans out in the next few matches.
    Laters !

    • Bio Eden Hazard

      Yup, I remember one of the FPL websites was suggesting Oxford could be a very nice punt but I didn’t have the guts to pull the trigger. Went for Steven Taylor instead 🙁

      • Beerman

        The press is luving it with Oxford (what a debut !!!) but from a FPL pov he’s a godsend at 4.0 as a “defender”. Difficult to ignore really, even for a gooner who doesn’t speak French !

    • theultimateandy

      Yeah same situation. Tempted to avoid Sanchez too now. Possibly bring in Yaya?? Whats the world coming to?

  13. bill2k

    Silva was robbed this morning. Yaya’s first goal came straight off his leg and deflected in.

    Ended with 48, so a fair start but could of been better.

  14. viper086

    I’m thinking about an early WC as my team just looks shit compared to others and I dont want to fall off the pace early. Always hard playing catch up for the rest of the year if you fall behind early doors

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