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I can confirm that we are going to be running our cash league again this season! It was a huge success last year, and most of those guys are playing again in 2015/16. Rather than just creating a classic league and running it throughout the 38 week season, we’re going to spice things up a bit. Read on if you’re interested in joining!

Last season we ran the comp with a $20 entry fee, resulting in a $250 win for Dean Cox and prizes for the 2 runners up also! We had the idea of splitting the competition up into different leagues based on where people finished, with the hope of having multiple leagues this season.

I think I’ve come up with an even better format. We’ll be accepting entries over the next week, before starting in GW3. The idea will be to gather as many numbers as possible to initially enter a classic league! In most leagues, more people means a lower chance of winning, the plan is to change that.

For the first half of the season everyone will be in the same classic league, trying to score as many points as possible. Depending on the numbers and how many gameweeks are left, we will then split the competition into multiple H2H leagues. For example if we have 30 entries, the top 10 will compete for the Premier League title. Those placed 11-20 will compete for the Championship title, and those in 21-30 will compete for the League 1 title. This can be conducted with or without knockout rounds, something that I will allow everyone to vote on later in the season (Along with other minor details). We run a democracy!

The plan is to have prizes for the top 2 in each league. Obviously those in the Premier League will be competing for the major prizes, but it should maintain the interest of everyone, even those seemingly out of contention midway through the season. If you’re interested, give us an email at [email protected]. Or alternatively, follow us on twitter (@FPLaddicts) and express your interest! We’ll follow you back and DM you more details. Hopefully we can get an awesome competition going each year!!!

The best part? Entries are open to ANYONE around the world, as long as you can transfer funds into an overseas bank account then you’ll be fine! Just remember that it may take a couple of days for the funds to come through, so be sure to make your interest known before mid next week. Get involved! I’ll be looking to make amends for my… Below par effort last season.

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*As always, Moneyball is unfortunately only available to AUS & NZ residents*





As you will have seen, we are playing a competition called Moneyball this season. I had played around with it during the AFL season, but this is the first time I had given it a proper crack. Unfortunately I missed out on the prize pool by 1 place last week, but Baysie managed to collect a lazy $90 for a $10 outlay! We’re pretty much the only contestants they have at the moment, so let’s make it ours!

If you haven’t signed up for Moneyball yet, this is the week that you might as well try. Why? Because if you sign up with them this week, you get a FREE ENTRY into their Sunday Free Ball competition.

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This involves picking a team between the Crystal Palace v Arsenal and Chelsea v Man City games. You can sit back on the couch and watch your free entry have a go at winning $100! If you enjoy the format, feel free to take us on every week. If you don’t, you won’t be judged! The lobby’s range from $2 entries to $50 entries, so there’s something for everyone. It honestly is well worth giving a go, daily fantasy games even make the boring 3pm fixtures suddenly interesting!!! We look forward to taking you on! I look forward to knocking Baysie of his perch…

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Existing customers can also deposit $10 to gain entry into the free ball as well. 

Good luck this weekend lads!!! Let’s hope for a more positive GW2… It can’t be hard to beat GW1, surely.


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  1. greenninja15

    Like the tiered format mate, bring it on.
    You keep mentioning Baysie last week, everytime you do it grates me a bit more….missed out by 1/2 a point to him
    Which is the main comp we are all playing this week….Revenge!

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