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*As always, Moneyball is unfortunately only available to AUS & NZ residents*

Would you bloody believe it… Baysie won again last night!!! I think it’s fair to say enough is enough, somebody needs to knock him off his perch. It does prove that we have an edge over the other ‘mortals’ playing though…

As you will have seen, we are playing a competition called Moneyball this season. If you want to know how profitable it can be for very little outlay, just ask Baysie. The prick 😉 We’re pretty much the only contestants they have at the moment, so let’s make it ours!

If you haven’t signed up for Moneyball yet, this is the week that you might as well try. Why? Because if you sign up with them this week, you get a FREE ENTRY into their Sunday Free Ballcompetition.

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This involves picking a team between the Crystal Palace v Arsenal and Chelsea v Man City games. You can sit back on the couch and watch your free entry have a go at winning from a prize pool of $250! If you enjoy the format, feel free to take us on every week. If you don’t, you won’t be judged! The lobby’s range from $2 entries to $50 entries, so there’s something for everyone. It honestly is well worth giving a go, daily fantasy games even make the boring 3pm fixtures suddenly interesting!!! We look forward to taking you on…

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Existing customers can also deposit $10 to gain entry into the free ball as well. 

Good luck this weekend lads!!! Last night didn’t get things off to a great start it must be said… Discuss all the rounds events in the comments, hopefully you didn’t skipper Rooney and didn’t play Sinclair like me!

78 comments on “In-Round Discussion + Moneyball

  1. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Just looking at some highlights from that game, Kone didnt even play too bad… Again. Absolutely unstoppable cross to help Lukaku onto a goal. Is he fo this time?

  2. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    What about Cameron Jerome!???? Norwich with 3 goals and as the central man he is having none of it, no assists or goals. Unlucky not to score last week, abysmal not to score this week? Geezus, horrid cheapie.

  3. Hero

    Made a solid move this week. Gone from 1 mill to 42k in the rankings with a 52. Got Kos sterling and Hazard to play. Captain Gomis at least didn’t blank

  4. greenninja15

    Saved my free transfer from GW1 and doing Rooney > Kun which i saved funds for from intital budget. Luxury trade is Depay > Payet.
    If Hazard blanks likely going to Silva the week after
    Loading up again for Moneyball Sunday night, close but no cigar again Sat night

  5. Punch-on

    tough start. Thank god for Lukaku.

    Would you WC this team? 2FT if not.

    Pant Hennessey
    Kosc Azpi Cedric Morgan Francis
    Haz Ozil Mane Milner Sinclair
    Roon Lukaku Sakho

    no cash

    Want Payet, Mahrez, Aguero, Fabianski and Swansea attacker. Want to shift Rooney, Sakho (maybe), Sinclair, Cedric, Panti and possibly Ozil/Milner. Thoughts? Cheers

    • Hero

      Lol if you want all those trade you will have to wildcard. But if back a few of them in. Mahrez looks the most important for a cheap mid tho to free up some cash

    • greenninja15

      one of your 3 big guns > Mahrez and then Rooney > Kun. too early to Wildcard. Is Mahrez last seasons Naismith?

  6. Ryan

    Ross Barkley going into the team for next week. This is no point chasing but a player that I was so close to starting with and is high up my watchlist. Last year he was injured for most of and now, not only has he got the points on the board but he is playing very well in general

  7. Bio Eden Hazard

    Anybody getting Lukaku now? If he’s in form like the 2013-2014 season he could be a bargain at 8.0! I’m thinking of doing Walcott –> Payet and Sakho –> Lukaku (waiting for GW4 to get Aguero in). Thoughts?

    • Ryan

      Those trades sound good, but have to wait for the other games to be played. For example Walcott could easily start and score a couple

      • Bio Eden Hazard

        For sure mate, I just feel that Walcott doesn’t really deserve a spot now, with the rotation risk and Sanchez’ comeback. However I expect him to start today and wouldn’t be surprised if he scores

        • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

          Palace are quite attacking minded, Im hoping for a high-scoring, entertaining game (with a Palace win of course :)). Im expecting Ozil to play well today, and Sanchez.

  8. Dan

    well Walcott’s been a big waste of cash…..Id be pissed if I didnt have Mahrez 1st sub on bench 🙂

    2 FTs this week, Walcott>Payet and Lambert>Gomis.

    on 38 with Sterling, Hazard and Azpi to play

  9. theultimateandy

    I’m think Sterling > Montero.

    Seems like a good POD and 3mil cheaper than Sterling.

    Will depend on Sterling’s performance in this match though…

    • Beerman

      Anyone seems like a good replacement for Sterling…. cant see him racking points till mid season. I got rid

  10. Carlos

    Hazard has started poorly 3rd year in a row. In preparation to bring in Aguero: Hazard out, Silva in. Done!
    And of course Ward is gonna score when I leave him deep on the bench…

  11. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Rooneys gotta go now I recon, whether its Samchez or Aguero I bring in first (maybe even Silva!) who knows, looks Im gonna have to go big in the midfield.

  12. Jacob P (@Popey_99)

    I’ve already wild carded. If thats not the definition of rage trading I don’t know what is. Wholesale changes. Even Hazard is on the block just to give him something to think about.

    • bill2k

      Think I’m going to stick it out with him, Jose has to get Chelsea firing ASAP.

      It’s a lot of cash for a 2 though.

    • viper086

      i’m not far behind you. Walcott now joins my never again list. At least when i trade him out this week i have plenty of cash to play with. Walcott will become Mahrez, Payet or Ayew and Sakho will become gomis

  13. bill2k

    So sitting on 44 with Hendo to play tonight and Richards to come off the bench for Walcott the sped!

    Silva is such a gun, so much better then Cesc!

    taking the point hit to get Kun and Payet in this week for Rooney and Walcott, makes my quad a heap Steiger on paper.

  14. Adam

    I had a stinker last week [ 33 points ] and another this week [ 20 points ]. So i made 3 transfers, Aguero in for Rooney, Silva in for Hazard and Albrighton in for Brunt. I decided it was better to not use the wildcard this week and wait until atleast week 6.

  15. brandonpietie

    What a BAD weekend!!! No players left… WC is NOW ACTIVE (before the price changes) !!! Hope this pays off:
    Romero (Myhill)
    Kompany, Cédric, Darmian (Ward, Gomez)
    Hoolahan, Silva, Payet, Lens (Mahrez)
    Agüero, Benteke, Pellè

    Hoolahan and Mahrez will rotate according to fixtures.

    Not 100% on Benteke. Same price is Lukaku who is GREAT.. NOW… but with those fixtures coming up???

    Considering Benteke > Kane, and with that Kompany > Sagna??? Thoughts please… Help REALLY needed

      • brandonpietie

        LOL its time… had a 29 point week 1st round, and a all time record 29 point haul now… (Myhil got me 10 of that) lol. I think its time

          • Beerman

            I’ve also just pulled the trigger on the WC, since all my players were shite this week except Tekkers…had to get rid of the Chelsea and dont particularly rate Spurs or Arsenal at the moment.

            Provisionally I’m going with:-

            Fabianski, Romero
            Gomez, Oxford, Kompany, Darmian, Ward
            Mata, Ayew, Zaha, Yaya, Mahrez
            Benteke, Kun, Gomis

            Any comments on weaknesses….

          • theultimateandy

            Ayew is a good move. I’d go Montero myself. But Swansea and City seem to be good options at the moment.

            I’d definitely go Silva over Yaya in the long run.

            If I dropped the WC right now, my team would look very similar to this.

    • Bio Eden Hazard

      Solid team…but very expensive defense. Sure you wanna keep Cedric mate? Southampton seems so shit at the moment, Europa League is gonna be hard to manage for them as well..
      For what it’s worth, I definitely remember Lukaku scoring against the big teams in 2013-2014 (his last in form season I mean)

  16. templetontherat

    Waiting on the Liverpool-Bournemouth bonus points but my team had a shocker only slightly rescued by Clyne and Benteke (who should’ve had a second grrrrrr). Sitting on 30 right now, hoping for a few bonus points. Left Ward on my bench ;( ;( ;(

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