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*Moneyball is unfortunately only available to AUS & NZ residents*

As always, Moneyball are running their Free Ball again this week. When I say it’s worth giving it a shot, I mean it! I won the free ball last week, pocketing a nice $106 in the process. I’ve come in the top 2 in my past 3 contests, who’s going to take me down?!

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So, I had a fairly successful weekend… Safe to say I’ll be entering this weeks contests! I’ve created our FPLaddicts lobby for the Saturday and Sunday night contests, get joining! We’re still making up the majority of their numbers, so it’s basically a contest between our community!!!

If you haven’t signed up for Moneyball yet, you might as well try. Why? Because if you sign up with them this week, you get a FREE ENTRY into their Sunday Free Ball competition.

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You can sit back on the couch and watch your free entry have a go at winning from a prize pool of $250! If you enjoy the format, feel, free to take us on every week. If you don’t, you won’t be judged! The lobby’s range from $2 entries to $50 entries, so there’s something for everyone. It honestly is well worth giving a go, daily fantasy games even make the boring 3pm fixtures interesting! We look forward to taking you on…

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Existing customers can also deposit $10 to gain entry into the free ball as well. 

Good luck this weekend lads!!! I have almost broken into the 3 million club, it’s time to start turning it around…

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