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Another gameweek down, and another shocking score for me. As the transfer market heats up and some new stars come beckoning, the FPL market continues to dictate many transfer plans. Here are the big movers this week!

On The Rise

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 21.59.50

Manchester City’s defence – Another week, another rock solid display by Man City’s back 4. We know that this unit is capable of producing 17+ clean sheets, and they look like doing exactly that this season. It has been the one element of their game under Pellegrini that has let them down, but it looks to be sorted. The arrival of Otamendi can’t hurt! I wouldn’t spend 6.5 on him, but there’s plenty of value elsewhere. Did anyone jump on the Kolarov advice last week? I hope so! He created so many chances over the first 2 weeks that it seemed inevitable a goal or assist would arrive. If you reckon Ivanovic is attacking, wait until you watch Kolarov play for your team! To make things better for him, Clichy wasn’t even picked on the bench. Kolarov clearly looks to be their number one left back option, hopefully Clichy is used in Europe and we can enjoy Kolarov becoming the highest scoring defender! I’d take him over Kompany any day, the only thing capable of changing that is if he’s dropped. I’m willing to accept the odd rotation. Sagna will also start for the next month with Zabaleta out injured. A City defender is a must have n my opinion.

Manchester United’s defence – Manchester has continued their 100% clean sheet record as United also made it 3 from 3. My god they are dull to watch, but I’m ok with that owning Shaw! Him and Darmian look to be the no brainers, at least until the De Gea situation is sorted.

Liverpool’s defence – I wasn’t sure what Liverpool we would get this season, but it looks to be similar to the one that managed 12 clean sheets in 21 games during the middle of last season! Gomez is getting more impressive with every outing at left back, and looks a no brainer at 4.7. There seems to be little gain by selecting Clyne over him, rotation shouldn’t become an issue until December. The international breaks should give Gomez a solid rest (Unless Roy Hodgson pulls a Calum Chambers on him)! Lovren is an option at 5.0, but he has Sakho breathing down his neck. Mignolet has had a great start to the season and remains viable at 5.1.

Pedro – Wow! Talk about a first impression. Pedro was fantastic for Chelsea on his debut, making United ponder what could have been. From an FPL perspective, 9.5 strikes me as a bargain. We shouldn’t get carried away by his goal and assist, he’s not going to become the league’s best scoring midfielder. However in that price bracket he looks by far the best option. He’s definitely capable of 12+ goals and 8+ assists, making him a great alternative if you’re not a Hazard owner. This could go one of 2 ways. He could become an easy replacement for Hazard, however it could also make Hazard more unique. As a non-Hazard owner I’m looking at how to bring Pedro in, but I want to see one more week from him. He won’t rise in price until the 28th!!! Save your trade decisions until then. Let me re-iterate, don’t do anything crazy while chasing Pedro. He will only go up by 0.1 and is unproven compared to the guys I hear are being traded out (Sanchez, Silva etc.)

Redmond – I have to admit I had my doubts about him, but from what I’ve seen Redmond looks to be a completely different player this season. We have to be careful not to get carried away with the promoted sides early season form, for all I know Redmond’s hot streak could be a flash in the pan. However, it was only an incredible couple of saves from Butland that denied him from scoring his third goal in three games, which could’ve made him the second top mid. Many are shopping in the budget mid range and Redmond looks hot at the moment, you could do worse than ride his wave for a few weeks and see how it goes.

Wilson – The Deeney v Wilson battle got a lot of air time in pre-season, and we have an early leader. I backed in Deeney, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. My thoughts were that Deeney’s experience and stronger body would help him over the course of what is such a gruelling season. Let me be clear, West Ham gifted Wilson his second goal. The penalty was also disastrous defending, Bournemouth won’t be banging in 4 every week. Having said that, Wilson has looked good and has some very kind fixtures. At the very least he should make you some coin. I wouldn’t go chasing him if he doesn’t fit your structure though…

Costa – Costa finally stepped up to the plate, scoring 1 and assisting another. This has resulted in more than 50,000 managers making the move to bring him in. I’m still not convinced that he’s fully fit, but there’s one stat I love the most. His goal and assist was only good enough for 1 bonus point! I can’t justify owning a player who isn’t rewarded by the system. FYI, I reckon Gomis could be a budget Costa. His great goal scoring record may not be matched by similar point hauls in the long term… Food for thought.


Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 22.02.40

Chelsea’s defence – Chelsea’s defence was once again all over the shop, thank god I suggested most side with Azpilicueta. His goal and assist are going to be outliers in my opinion, his strength is picking up bonus points when Chelsea keep a clean sheet. I dumped him during my wildcard to get on board the Man City bandwagon, and until Chelsea show signs of improvement (Which they will) I’m happy to move forward without their expensive defensive assets. Azpili remains good value, anyone else I’d be giving the immediate chop. Ivanovic and Terry included.

Fabregas – He just doesn’t look the same midfielder that he was at this time last season. In fact, I’d argue that he has been dreadful ever since that injury mid-last season. Not worth the 9.0 you’re forking out for him… You’d think he’ll pick it up at some point, but for now I’d definitely be trading.

Sigurdsson – I made a mistake during my wildcard. I wanted a POD in my side, and I thought Sigurdsson would be a safe selection. Having watched the highlights last week, his shot off the underside of the crossbar reminded me of how good he was last season. The problem? Firstly, it was Bony who he fed the most. He doesn’t seem to have the same understanding with Gomis (yet). Secondly, Ayew is getting a lot of the ball out wide, something they didn’t have last season. Thirdly, Shelvey looks to be the one dominating central midfield at the moment. Perhaps it should come as no surprise that Sigurdsson is having less of an impact, he was rumoured to be dropped in pre-season! Having watched the game on the weekend more closely, I dropped him for Mahrez without blinking. I still have him on my watchlist, but for now he has to go.

Bolasie – Having been struggling to gain full match fitness, sadly Bolasie missed this weekend due to a family matter. Unfortunately for him, his replacement was superb! Having been a Wolves fan (Still following them) I have admired Sako’s abilities for the past 2 seasons. He was always going to be able to make it in the PL, unfortunately he had to get a transfer to do so. He had 5 shots on debut, testing the keeper on multiple occasions before scoring a cracker to win Palace the 3 points. He’s a true goalscorer. At 5.5 Sako has the potential to be an absolute bargain, depending on how Pardew lines up when they are fully fit. Zaha, Bolasie and Sako are fighting it out for 2 spots, Sako’s deadly left foot and Bolasie’s X factor suggests to me that Zaha may be the one who drops out. That won’t be happening in the short-term though, so Yannick has to go if you still own him.

Rooney – It’s true, Rooney has lost his ability to play as a central striker since dropping back into midfield. He may as well have not been at the first 3 games, you’re paying 10.5 for a forward who looks desperate to move in to midfield! To be fair he did have a goal debatably (Incorrectly) ruled offside, but that doesn’t mask how poor he has been. It’s time to go Mr Rooney! See you as a midfielder next season (Hopefully).

Kane – You can’t carry a bloke costing 9.4 who looks a shadow of the player he was last season. Second year blues? It sure looks like it… Spurs seriously can’t afford another flop, but it looks like they have no option but to move for another striker. If Berahino arrives it will be interesting to see how they line up. I’m sure Kane will remain a starter, but I’d be inclined to drop him for someone finding the back of the net in the short term at least.

Zarate – He was never going to end up being an FPL success, unfortunately his run lasted just the one week (He has Cech to thank for that)! Trade.

Player of the Week

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 14.25.19

Mahrez – Sometimes us ‘experts’ are guilty of over complicating things. “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.” Mahrez is definitely a duck. Although in this case, duck stands for a must have (Mind blown).

It’s about time he won this. I’ll be honest, I wildcarded and didn’t keep him… Yep. I didn’t want to feel like I was blindly following bandwagons, but this week made it clear that Mahrez is the real deal and everyone needs to get him, for now at least. The bloke is a superstar. He scored a cracking goal towards the end of the game, but that wasn’t all. He was denied a blatant penalty in the first half, and was so unlucky to hit the upright in the second. He also fizzed in a cross that Morgan somehow contrived to head straight at Lloris. He has 4 goals in 3 games, but from what I’ve seen he could easily have had 5 or 6 with at least a couple of assists. Leicester look the real deal, and Mahrez is pivotal to their attack. Gun.

There you have it my lovely people. No, unfortunately that positivity was not due to my team bouncing back. Prepare yourselves to witness Nightmare on Matt street.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 00.56.15 Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 01.01.37 Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 01.00.53

Kolarov actually managed my first goal for the season… “It’s a long season, it’s a long season, it’s a long season” *Repeat 1000 times*

Cheers guys!

28 comments on “The Stock Market – GW3

  1. ed24f1

    So will the people who trade in Pedro before the 28th will still contribute to his first price rise (i.e. he would be almost certain to rise immediately)? Or will he start on the 28th at ‘zero’ and then trades from then on count to future price rises?

    Hopefully that was clear haha.

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Perfectly clear, that’s exactly what I was wondering… At this stage I’m preparing for him to rise on the 28th (Or the 29th, not sure how it works precisely). Either way I expect him to be 9.6 come deadline

  2. Meredith

    Nice on Matt. Quality stuff as always. Hopefully our next problem will be how to fit Edinson Cavani into our front line.

  3. bill2k

    First doughnut of the year thanks to Wenger the sped!
    My fault really, took a risk on Hendo lining up that didn’t pay off thinking I had the cover in Richards and Oxford.

    Still scored above the average with a 48.
    I’m tempted to play my wc with all the price rises but I’m staying strong haha

    Top article as always!

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  5. 2girls1Schlupp

    What are your thoughts on making more than the customary 1 transfer per week? I’ve read from other sources that early on a tactic can be to make 2 to 3 transfers in a bid to gain early wealth and then cut it down in the back half of the season… thoughts?

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      We posted something on this in pre-season, that’s a better tactic to give yourself a good chance of winning your leagues. Overall you can’t be forfeiting so many points as you wont make them all up

  6. Ross

    What is Matt Targett’s job security like? Is he worth bringing in or will he back starting on the bench in a few weeks?

  7. brandonpietie

    Great stuff.

    Im thinking the points are at the back for now:
    Myhill (McCarthy)
    Dier, Azpilicueta, Kolarov, Naughton, Darmian
    Silva, Marhez, Ozil, Shaqiri (Redmond)
    Aguero (Gomis, Kone)

  8. Hawaiian Robots

    Unlucky Matt! All the best logic in the world… Every year new guys pop up out of nowhere and previously reliable locks falter.

    Although I think this year has been a tougher one for starting teams.

    Right now I am glad I used the wildcard earlier than planned and jumped on a couple of bandwagons.

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