In-Round Discussion – GW4

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GW4 is upon us! As always, Moneyball are running their daily lobby’s and once again we will be participating! I came 2nd in the Free Ball last week, safe to say it’s been fairly profitable so far. We have an FPLaddicts lobby set up for tonight, be sure to jump in! They are also running a special for the Newcastle Arsenal match, which is perfect for our Australian audience! Add some extra spice to the early game, without having to stay up into the early hours of the morning! Good luck this week everyone, let’s hope for a high scoring one!

33 comments on “In-Round Discussion – GW4

  1. Ryan

    Scott Sinclair on the field with two first half goals and traded in Rondon this week and he has one at ht! 😀
    Meanwhile Liverpool woeful in first half, down 2-0 🙁

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

      I meant 2-1 Palace ;).

      Pedro did absolute jack all except for the first 10 minutes and that cross (which 70% of the credit has to go to Falcao), and Chelsea are also a bunch of moaning, whining, diving pricks, slightest touch and theyd jump into the air and wail like fish outta water to the ref. (Costa couldnt go 2 minutes without giving a glare to the ref for a ‘foul’).

      • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

        I was just saying above, Pedro didnt do much against Palace and was quite unconvincing for most of the game and made some bad challenges and didnt make much happen at all. Although he does have 1 goal and two assists to his name already, theyve been rather fortunate. Atm, Im looking to trade out even Hazard, City players looking too irresistible.

  2. MattyZach

    100% strike rate at picking a blanking captain.Trust Mahrez to spud the first GW I have him too.

    Still managed all green arrows this week somehow!

  3. Liam

    What trades should I make this week.
    I have 2 trades.
    Fabianski (Myhill)
    Shaw, Azpilicueta,Kolarov (Gomez, Richards)
    Silva, Sanchez, Redmond, Mahrez, Chadli
    Aguero, Gomis (Ighalo)
    Thanks in advance.

  4. scscout

    Gomis is the only mid or forward to get an onfield goal for my team this year – also don’t get me started on captaincy picks.

    Ended up with 48 and out of frustration at my season so far have used my wildcard as I’m currently ranked 1.5mil overall.

    Love the work this website does too.

  5. Meredith

    I see Kevin is 10 million Matt, just like you said he would be. Spot on. I knew you was a bit good when you dragged me to 40th in the World Cup after the group stages (out of a million) after reading your article. I never did thank you for my 15 mins of fame. Cheers mate.

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