Full Time – GW7

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Thanks to Harrison White for stepping in!

Hey lads, first time writing for the site, helping fill in for Joel. I’m going to do the article by going through each game, whilst trying to stay pretty true to the original format for the article, with the likes and dislikes feature as well as the weekly awards.

It was raining goals this week and that always makes for an interesting GW from an fpl perspective, so let’s jump straight into it! Continue reading


Studs Up Skippers – GW7

We’ve nearly got a full complement of relevant games to consider here which is great, but it does make the already hard decision that much more difficult! This’ll probably be my last Studs Up for a while… The next couple of months will see me venture into places where electricity hasn’t set up shop yet so having an internet connection might be pushing my luck!

received_10153592750812642 Continue reading

The Stock Market – GW6


*Unfortunately Joel is unable to continue his full time wrap up during the near future. Anyone interested in writing a GW review can email us at fpladdicts@gmail.com. Thanks!

That was another… Interesting gameweek. Our usually reliable premiums are still struggling to make an impact, and as such the midpricers continue to dominate. From my experience, it seems that things are already starting to turn around for those who had a slow start (and those who were quick out of the blocks). It’s time to wrap up the winners and losers from GW6! Continue reading