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What a great weekend of football action! However unfortunately once again, what an awful weekend of FPL scores. It has left many of us scratching our heads, pondering just how wrong it has gone for us after four weeks of EPL action. West Ham won at Anfield for the first time in 52 years, Crystal Palace beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge for the first time in 33 years. Coutinho, Noble, Mitrovic, Affelay, Adam & Whittaker received red cards. Of all this week’s dream team players, no player is owned by more than 13% of teams!


  • Crystal Palace away

The away fixture kings did it again by winning the eighth of their last 10 away matches since Alan Pardew took over. They now have 25 points on the road so far in 2015, the most of any club. The FPL scoring system does no justice as to how Delaney owned Costa in this match so it’s worth a honourable mention. Sako looks very potent and should be very high on your watchlist after a goal, an assist and three bonus points following up his goal and three bonus points from the previous week. Ward made me eat my words from game week two after his second goal in three weeks. McCarthy pulled off seven saves but Speroni is fit again so he’s likely to be challenged for his spot very soon.

  • West Ham turning the bus around

After all the records and form going against West Ham, they notched their first win at Anfield since 1963. Lanzini worked his arse off after getting his first start with a goal and two bonus points. He also deserves the credit for Noble’s goal. At £5.3m and 0.1% ownership, could he be your POD? Two of last week’s villains in Randolph and Creswell performed very well, especially the latter with an assist and maximum bonus points. Let’s give them a few more weeks to see if they can keep those sorts of scores up. Sakho banged one in putting his off-field woes behind him. With so many injuries he’s their only recognised striker. If you really like the look of West Ham, he could be your cheap striker.

  • The Manchester City juggernaut

4 weeks. 4 clean sheets. Club-record tenth win in a row. 3 points clear. It sucks that we can only choose 3 players from 1 team. I want all of these guys in my team. Over 260,000 teams have traded Sterling OUT of their side. With his goal and bonus point he rewarded the 13% of owners that kept the faith. Sagna has traded an ordinary haircut for FPL points this season. With a fabulous assist for Sterling’s goal and maximum bonus points, he is a good ‘cheap’ option until Zabaleta comes back. He also pulled off one helluva block to help keep that clean sheet for Hart, Kolarov, Mangala & Kompany owners. Any takers on De Bruyne coming into the side? Silva did his thing again with an assist and Toure wasn’t far off a goal or two himself. The only downside was Aguero fluffing an easy (for him) goal chance. I was really counting on him to destroy Watford but it wasn’t his day. As all the other premium strikers are doing stuff all at the moment, what do you do?

  • A Champion Team vs. a Team of Champions

I loved watching Swansea v Man Utd yesterday. I love watching a team that costs 1/10 of the other side, beat them. Shaw and Mata combined very well for the opening goal and Utd continued to look very dangerous, but it was Swansea took their chances through Ayew’s third goal this season after a very nice Siggy cross. Five minutes later an exquisite Ayew through ball had Gomis 1 on 1, who beat Romero at the near post for his fourth goal in four games. From an entertainment perspective, I hope Swansea can keep this form up.

  • Picking your Battles

No one really cares about it unless you win the Europa League. Southampton did the smart thing with an early exit against CanIBuyAVowelPlease or whatever they were called to concentrate on what really matters, Premier League success. Tadic bobbed up for his yearly big score with two goals and maximum bonus points. Pelle scored because it was a home game (12 out his 14 goals have been scored at St. Mary’s) and Mane provided two very useful assists. Let’s see how they go in their tougher fixtures against 11 men but I wish them luck

 Honourable mentions

Krul’s nine saves, Matthew’s POD Scott Sinclair scoring twice, M’Vila’s beautiful free kick, Leicester undefeated, Wilson shaking off his award from last week with a bicycle-kick goal, A Pulis/West Brom clean-sheet (against 9 men).


  • Chelsea

If it wasn’t for the Sunderland vs. Spurs fixture next weekend, Chelsea could theoretically be bottom of the table at the end of next week. Whilst they don’t quite deserve that, they are not in good shape. A slow defence and a lacklustre attack bar Pedro are making them look very ordinary. With an assist and two bonus points, the Hazard to Pedro train will only gather momentum this week. Falcao scored for his new club but there are better options for that sort of money that plays a whole game.

  • Sky Sports

So I pay £20 per month for Sky Sports in the UK. I thought it would be brilliant that I get to see all the games each week live. Wrong! On Saturday, BT has the rights on the early game and NO 3pm games are played live on TV so the first game I get to see on the weekend is the Saturday evening game. Well screw you Tottenham and Everton for one of the most boring starts to a Saturday evening with my mates on record. We were comatose by the end of the nil all game and barely managed to drag ourselves out of the house and down to the local pub. The only person worth mentioning was Howard, who despite shaving his awesome beard off recently, had six saves and maximum bonus points.

Dishonourable mentions

Arsenal need a new boot sponsor – one who can help them score goals – not near goals, Lovren gifting the ball to the opposition deep in defence then missing a good chance for a goal down the other end.


The Darren Randolph Award. Unfairly, Mignolet gets this award after 3 clean sheets. He deserves to kick Lovren up the backside for one of them.

The Ryan Bennett Award. Cresswell felt so bad about gifting two goals last week he made up for it this week. Which West Ham will we get next week?

The Jonjo Shelvey Award. Sinclair has bundles of talent, it’s just a shame he plays for Villa or he’d get closer to scores like this more often…

The Jamie Vardy Award. Forwards don’t score anymore so no one deserves it this week. Only 7 out of 20+ forwards put one in the back of the net this week. I think it will be a while before I play my all out attack chip.

To say I’ve had a bad start to the season is an understatement. I’ve already played my wildcard and am sitting in 1.2 millionth spot. The guy that is winning my league captained Cech FFS! Last year I finished in the top 7,000 and 100 points easy clear of my nearest league rival. I’m sure many of you are in a similar position and we can sympathise with how Chelsea feel at this point in time. Please don’t rage quit your team. Enjoy next weekend off with the international break and come back to your team with a hope and a smile, knowing you chose your players for very good reasons and next week could be the week you crack it. Good luck!


41 comments on “Full Time – GW4

  1. tomjwatson

    Always a great write up, Cheers bud,

    Have a few enquiries of these players that I currently own and what to do with them. I have 2 free transfers.:

    Sanchez (Arsenal)

    • Ryan

      Sanchez is a certain one to keep, he is getting as close as you can without actually getting the ball in the back of the net. Less sure on the other two, maybe someone else can give you some advice?

    • joelharrison82 Post Author

      Thanks Tom.
      Mignolet was one of the top scorers from last year and he’s kept three clean sheets out of four so far so I’d keep him if you can’t afford Hart.
      Sanchez has looked like he is going to go big but it just hasn’t happened. I personally think he will so I’m going to hold him. I can understand you wanting to trade him because of his high cost and his scores under expectations so far.
      Payet is a great player but has yet to really translate this into FPL points. He could be a POD or a dud and there is a lot of medium pricers with quite high scores so far.

  2. bill2k

    Awesome post.
    2 things, with Kevin signing for city do you think it will start to affect Silvas scoring potential? I think it’s only a matter of time until he is pushed out possibly to the left as De Bruyne does the most damage as a number 10? Although Silva is currently the best player in the epl so maybe De Bruyne will play on the left.

    I finally got to hit my wild card button and I’ve done the Hazard to Pedro move to get some more coin, I’m upgrading Defoe, what are you thoughts on Rondon?

    • Ryan

      I trading him in last week, before he had scored a goal in the bpl and it paid off first week! Good differential at less than 1% ownership

    • joelharrison82 Post Author

      Thanks Bill.
      I’m very interested as to how Man City will settle with De Bruyne on board. In the last game, at half time Navas was taken off and Silva moved over to the right, with Samir Nasri coming on to play on the left and Sterling being pushed up through the middle which resulted in Sterling’s goal. With so much talent and so few spots I’d wait to see how it settles before moving Silva on.
      With Berahino making very bold off the pitch statements recently Rondon could be West Brom’s best avenue to goal. A nice POD.

  3. Jeff

    Which team is better out of…

    A. Romero McCarthy
    Kolarov DARMIAN Williams Gomez Targett
    Sanchez PEDRO YAYA WESTWOOD Mahrez
    Kun Gomis Wilson

    B. Romero McCarthy
    Kolarov FRANCIS Williams Gomez Targett
    Kun Gomis Wilson

    C. Romero McCarthy
    Kolarov DARMIAN Williams Gomez Targett
    Kun Gomis Wilson

    • bill2k

      I think you may want to do something with your keepers as Sparoni is back and De Gea hasn’t left.

      Good chance they may keep their spots but I wouldn’t risk it personally.

  4. Liam

    What trades should I make this week.
    I have 2 trades.
    Fabianski (Myhill)
    Shaw, Azpilicueta,Kolarov (Gomez, Richards)
    Silva, Sanchez, Redmond, Mahrez, Chadli
    Aguero, Gomis (Ighalo)
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hawaiian Robots

      Yeah based on Chelsea form possibly move Azpi. I know he has scored ok despite Chelsea’s woes but I am not sure how sustainable it is. Plus you have enough other defenders if you are only playing 3 at the back.

      Not sure I would go chadli to depay, perhaps ayew? He is similar cost to Chadli and he has some pretty good underlying shooting/creation stats to go with his goals/assists so far.

  5. hwhite94

    Just a stat to keep you positive about your teams. from a sample group of 10 managers who have all finished inside 10k for the last 3 years, they’re average rank is just above 1 million. Absolutely no need to panic stick to your guns and advice on this site and things will level out and the best managers rewarded.

  6. Bio Eden Hazard

    I held on to GW4 so I could play my wildcard during the international break and after the end of the transfer window. It’s active now and I have the weird feeling that I made a mistake and should have waited even more, my team wasn’t that bad after all…Anyway I’m struggling to find a 3rd striker to go with Aguero and Wilson, nobody really stands out!

      • Bio Eden Hazard

        I know he’s a popular pick but I’m not completely sold though…I remember him from his ligue 1 days and he wasn’t that impressive. Although its his first season in the EPL, Ayew may make a better impact

        • Hawaiian Robots

          You could go Ayew instead and play 3-5-2 depending on the rest of your mids since mods are out scoring strikers. Then buy a cheapie forward who will still play for the bench.

          • Bio Eden Hazard

            Yup I’m tempted to go Ayew+M’Bokani instead of the more conventional Gomis+Redmond

  7. tomjwatson

    Advice would be greatly welcomed and appreciated. Thank You.

    I have two free trades for the coming game week with nothing left in the bank, but not sure what to do cause everything looks okay.

    Team as stands is:

    Mignolet (MCcarthy)
    Kolarov, Coleman, Williams (Swansea), Shaw (Targett)
    Sanchez, Silva, Payet, Mahrez (Sinclair)
    Aguero, Gomis (Jerome)

    • baysietoff

      Hi Tom! Agree your team looks ok. Maybe use up one trade on McCarthy or Targett to shore up your bench as their replacements are due back soon? Keep 2 up your sleeve 🙂

      • tomjwatson

        Thanks for the help Baysie! Who would you recommend changing them to? Because I can’t really find 4m defenders of goalkeepers that will continue to start. Do you think I could sell payet since has hasn’t been scoring well the last couple weeks?

  8. AP

    Great summary and site! Thoughts on possibly ditching Hazard for Sanchez? Starting to believe that hazard is overvalued, even if Chelsea do eventually find form, and would be hard-pressed to score enough over the rest of the season in order to justify that price tag. Even Pedro price seems a bit lofty, and might only be

  9. Amanda

    Great summary and site! Thoughts on possibly ditching Hazard for Sanchez? Starting to believe that hazard is overvalued, even if Chelsea do eventually find form, and would be hard-pressed to score enough over the rest of the season in order to justify that price tag. Even Pedro’s price seems a bit lofty and might only be rationalized by the need to have some Chelsea coverage. Let me know what you think; thanks in advance!

  10. brandonpietie

    Thinking of downgrading my backline this week and taking a -4 hit, just to boost my 3rd striker in the following week.

    Current Backline:
    Naughton, Darmian, Kolarov, DIER, AZIPILICUETA

    New Backline:
    Naughton, Darmian, Kolarov, GOMEZ, GABRIEL

    Rest of team:
    Redmond, Mahrez, Shaqiri, Ozil, Silva
    Koné, Gomis, Aguero

    Thoughts are welcome

    • Bio Eden Hazard

      How about downgrading one defender only (Azpi) and going Wilson for Kone? You probably considered it already so here’s another punt for you…M’Bokani!!!

      • brandonpietie

        Thanx. I decided to do just the 1 transfer…. Kone > Wilson lol

        Keeping the back line for now… BUT now the dilemma:
        Dier vs Azpilicueta as a 3rd defender.

        Im not sure about United Liverpool. Think its going to be a 1-1

        Which leaves me with:
        Naughton, Kolarov, AND??? (Dier vs Azpilicueta vs [Darmian])

        Only thing pulling me to Dier is that he is play OOP and is playing against Sunderland

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